Is Globalization Really Necessary?

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Ramakulai Papannagari said:   8 years ago
My point of view whether globalization is necessary or not then I would I like to say that -yes it is very necessary. This globalization is a must necessary tool in today's world. For instance, when 2 persons met and exchange an idea, each gained a knowledge which is not known to them. Think this in the case of between countries. When we exchange something it automatically increases the particular thing which we have.

Whatever may be. I would like to say globalization that means exchanging of an idea, thinking, knowledge, advance service, employment, technology, etc, with other countries around the world.

Globalization has the important role for the development of economy like India. As we exchanged our ideas, thoughts with other countries will enhance our development. Since, In past, we did not have tea restaurant, university, advanced technology etc. It can resolve unemployment, lifestyle, skills communication. It is very important to bust up of the economy for developing countries like India. India is lacking in technology when coming across China, Japan etc.
Every country is an expertise in one or the other field. For Example - China is the expertise the technology, USA/Russia is an expert in Arm Services, India in Farming and consultancy. So globalization helps different countries to invest in other countries.
But if we think higher then we find that globalization is one of the strongest steps in bringing peace in this hungry world where everyone is ready to kill others to satisfy their own desires leading to crimes, corruption, terrorism etc. When god created this world then there were no boundaries. It's we who created these boundaries. Now when we are talking about globalization that itself means we are interested in crossing these boundaries and merging up together again like we were in the beginning of the generation where there were only peace and peace.
Since every coin has two faces one is head and another is Tail.

Similarly, globalization has also an advantage as well as disadvantage.


1) Employment improve.
2) Problems like scarcity, poverty decrease.
3) Rate of exchange increase.
4) Development of technologies.
5) Improvement in living standard. It gives us a luxury.


1) Globalization has impacts also due to rising in technology - pollution, cyber crimes.
2) Loss of own nation culture - Culture of India rapidly get extinct day by day, due to adapting western trends this is because of globalization.
3) ON family - Now a day, nobody can live happily in a joint family. All of us want our separate house and that's the reason of increasing old age homes.
4) Marriage - Marriage also has lost their values. Many divorce and marital affairs are seen which comes from ego and that's come due to globalization.

Finally, We should use globalization just for interacting with other countries but not following their culture and traditions.

Divya Kukreti said:   1 decade ago
My dear speakers I would like to correct you and tell you that our topic of discussion is not particularly about India but about the world. According to me Globalization brings the world under 1 umbrella. It helps us to understand different nations and the reason of their progress. It helps us to improve ourselves. It helps us to improve the standard of goods so that we can compete in international markets. It is due to globalization that the world has achieved so much in the field of technology, education, astronomy etc. So keeping all these things in mind I think Globalization is must.

Partha Rudra said:   1 decade ago
Hello everybody,

I am Partha and I would like to put my opinion on the topic globalization.

Well according to me globalization is necessary for all countries to exchange values, technologies, resources etc. It is specially needed in developing countries like INDIA to resolve the unemployment problem, to develop the infrastructure of the country, to increase the GDP and hence to grow the economy. Besides it will also help to improve the life style.

Although it has many advantages, it has some disadvantages too.

Due to globalization, there is a chance of monopoly in the market by the foreigner which will dominate our country products and hence an adverse effect on our country.

But if Govt put some kind of regulation over foreign companies so that there doesn't occur any monopoly in the market, globalization is heartily welcomed.

Anusha said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

Globalization means exchanging our ideas, thoughts & services with other countries so that we can develop our country by new technologies. It doesn't mean that we should not respect our nation. We should follow our culture.

By this we can globalize our products, exchange our ideas globally, improves education and standard of living. It is because only with globalization India has achieved so much in technology & education. Due to this there is no chance of unemployment. But there may be a problem of brain-drain.

We should use globalization just for interacting with other countries but not following their culture and traditions.

As for a developing country we need advanced technology. This can be done by sharing ideas with other countries. Each & every country has some great thoughts we need to take that great ideas so that we can make our country a developed country sooner. So finally according to me globalization is necessary.

Pooja said:   5 years ago
First of all, let me tell you what is globalization, it is the process of interaction & integration among people, companies and governments worldwide. Globalization is very essential for all countries to exchange their ideas, technologies, inventions, goods & services which increase the rate of export & import and by this country economy will increase. So increasing country economy will definitely help a country like India to become developing county to developed country.

Although it has many advantages, it has some disadvantages too.

Due to globalization, there is a chance of monopoly in the market by the foreigner which will dominate our country products and hence an adverse effect on our country.

But if Govt put some kind of regulation over foreign companies so that there doesn't occur any monopoly in the market, globalization is heartily welcomed.

Subhash said:   6 years ago
I think, Globalisation is necessary.

Through globalisation developing countries become developed.

We can share the technologies and invention.

We can sell our products to all over the world.

We can export the product to other countries. India has resources of skilled manpower so through globalisation other countries can invest in India.

Through globalization our economy will increase.

Amit Yadav said:   1 decade ago
Well I think that globalization is must for every country. It helps to combat causes like unemployment, financial problems, education etc. Due to globalization foreign companies spend their capital and opens their firm in other countries which further increases employment level and thus, standard of living of people will be raised automatically.

In the year 1990 globalization was started in India and at that time GDP of India was 97% and now in 2013 it has increased to 8 to 9%.

As some of them spoke that we are forgetting our culture, but I think it not so, we are just mixing our culture with western to make a better culture. Everyone needs change so as to prevent himself dying from bored.

Despite of it's advantages it also has some disadvantages like.

* Sometimes it causes "BRAIN DRAIN".

* Foreign market might dominate over Indian market, but if globalization is allowed under strict rules and regulation of Indian government then it doesn't remains as this advertisement. Anymore.


Aviral Shukla said:   10 years ago
First of all thanks to INDIABIX,

Firstly I would like to say that when the almighty God created the world, there were no boundaries, these are we who created the borders among nations. Now, we want to be globalized. Globalization is very good for developing nations like India. Since, somewhere Indian companies lack in top quality mindset eg. Nobody likes to buy a supriya shampoo, if he has the option to buy Dove. So, due to globalization, there would be a benchmark for companies, they will be dying to compete with foreign companies, all in all, customer benefits from this, It provides advanced health care services, Reduced prices, Better job opportunities, lots of variety of products etc. But, there should also be some set of guidelines and mandatory norms for globalisation set up by Government that globalization should not affect nation's culture, values, class etc. If it is followed, It would be very helpful for every developing country. Thank you!

Chengappa m said:   1 decade ago
Globalization simply means connection between people across the world. Globalization helps the people across the world unite for jobs, for education and for trade. In today's world globalization is required for the development of the human race. Together the people of the world will work together for the betterment of the world. Globalization has helped the developing and the under-developed country a chance to have a better future; it has made communication, exchange of ideas and development across nations an easy task I feel yes globalization is necessary in today's world with the fact that each and every country gets to contribute and monopoly of a single company or a nation is not seen. There should be equal share of commodities and facilities so that no country is left behind.

Sushant said:   6 years ago
According to me, Globalisation is really necessary because it will lead to the maximum development of the country and also many new inventions technologies will come forward, maximum business oppurtunities will appear in front of people.

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