Is Globalization Really Necessary?

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Indian said:   10 years ago
Globalization is really important for any country (considering India) in the following aspect.

1). It improves living standards of country people, nowadays we can get any product which is not our country's product even in village for example any shampoo, toothpaste etc.

2). Employment -people are going abroad for job, also companies which came in India for investment in different sector are recruiting mostly Indian people in there company. But the second condition depends on rules of Indian government. In my view Indian government should make a rule like 80% employees should be Indian in that company in Indian centers.

3). It increases competition of the market so that people can choose best product easily. But to encourage our Indian Industry government should make rule that maximum 30% of the products in a shops will be made in India product.

4). It provides us world class education also encourages world tourism, contributes world class technology in every sector but most importantly in health sector. It improves economy etc.

But we should be aware of, how to utilize it, if we ignore this part we can get into trouble like elevation in price of dollar/rs. Or like 1800s, our economy can be crash and we mayn't do any thing that time. We lose our dependency in the terms economy.

Shaikh saddam said:   4 years ago
First and foremost, Globalisation is a inevitable and we can say its a bliss for national economy, try to think if India would not accept globalisation in 1991 then we today would not be 5th highest economy of world. Globalisation opens opportunities and gives excel to employment, after globalisation in the right way the talent being checked else we would have been followed reservation system which gives benifit to only marginalised people and rest of the Peole irrespective of having economical backwardness but due to their caste superiority are deprived from reservation system. Secondly through globalisation in high numbers employemet generates which makes strong to education system. For instance the student who are working in MNC companies are well paid and earning handsome amount of money, apart from these our youth showing talent throughout world in different nation which only happened due to MNC companies who selected that candidates and escalated for foreign countries. Finally, it gives rise to invention as well, government draw a tax from foreigns company which extends our economy.

In sum up, I want to say globlization is a platform for us to extend our self and its totally depend on particular nation and its policies in order to get benifited from this system.

Sefal khan said:   10 years ago
I would like to correct some of my friend. True definition of globalization is nothing but, sharing your knowledge, innovation, thought, process. In a context of india, now a days, many of the foreign company are interested to invest in India through FDI or FII. Are they come over here to revive our nation? or are they willing to do some socio-economic-welfare to our country? Obviously NO. They came here because they find huge potential as well as profit in India. If they can find a huge potential than why can't we do this? Now, we have potential to establish our own economy on our own shoulder. We have to fueled strength to evolve from the grass root level. In case of wal-mart, they will actually transfer employment from mom's and pop's shop owner to the educated people. According to me, right not India would not be able to revive its economy through FDI or globalization.

In the matter of 1990, we survive because of the new IT industry comes into the society. But, in these days, whole world is under the crisis.

Now, in the context of world, we have made the lines among the country. It is always good to share your knowledge.

Subham kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello friends.

I think globalisation is very essential for the development of a country. Globalisation means exchanging ideas, technology, services, information with other countries. So it is going to boost up the economy of a country. Like India which is now lacking in technology when come across countries like china and japan, then it is certainty going to boost up the technology of India.

There are many advantage of globalisation like employment, technology, advance services etc which are certainly going to help in the development of the country.

But if we think higher then we find that globalisation is one of the strongest step in bringing peace in this hungry world where everyone is ready to kill others to satisfy their own desires leading to crimes, corruption, terrorism etc. When god created this world then there were no boundaries. It's we who created these boundaries. Now when we are talking about globalisation that itself means we are interested in crossing these boundaries and merging up together again like we were in the beginning of the generation where there were only peace and peace.

Thank you.

Shebin said:   10 years ago
Globalization is a process of exchange, in which globe acts like a single simple village. The new developments in communication and transport increased its pace. Here cultural, social, economical, political, and environmental aspects are exchanging, and all aspects are competing for betterment.

Cultural aspects include language, religion, dressing, styles are exchanging world widely.

Social effect include migration, social view, eradication of social evils, spreading of social evils like terrorism, women empowerment and etc.

Economical aspects include world wide trade, market competition, . Results in freedom of customer, though economy may not be in favour to small producers.

Political aspects include spreading of political thoughts and ideas, . Even the current example of Arab uprising.

Environmental and science aspects include the transfer of technologies and the uninvited environmental problems.

We are live in a world where information is superior. So we cannot isolate ourselves from growing world. It will take as to the dark ages. The only option is use it for our betterment and use wisely.

Khushboo said:   9 years ago
According to my self. I believe that globalization should be done. Globalization means to sharing the ideas, technology, products, business and many more. That very important to the developing countries and as we know our India is developing country so its very beneficial to us to enhance our economic condition.

Globalization is a communication with the other countries if we have no communication to the other countries than we can't supposed to grow up because communication is the part to get learn something from the other who have good knowledge and ideas And we should always try to learn new thing whether we have good knowledge or we are capable but still we shouldn't proud on it an always try to learn.

So all of it globalization should be done. And other thing is that for live our life we want friends, relatives so we enjoy with them relish our life with them. Without them we feel aloof. Same as the nation for the nation globalization is the part of their life because of the globalization a country make their friends.

So according to my opinion globalization to be a part of every country.

Ayush Gupta said:   8 years ago
Globalization is the exchange of technology, services, ides with other countries for the development of both the countries. Every country is an expertise in one or the other field. For Example - China is the expertise the technology, USA/Russia is expert in Arm Services, India in Farming and consultancy. So globalization help different countries to invest in other countries.


Globalization has impacts also due to rise in technology - pollution, cyber crimes.

ON Indian culture - Culture of India rapidly get extinct day by day, due to adapting western trends this is because of globalization.

ON family - Now a day, nobody can live happily in a joint family. All of us want our separate house and that's the reason of increasing old age homes.

Marriage - Marriage also have lost their values. Many divorce, and marital affairs are seen which comes from ego and that's come due to globalization.

Employment and Agricultural Sectors,

India is known for its resources and farming, but due to increase in MNC companies India is loosing its prime value in farming too.

Archita dwivedi said:   10 years ago
Good everyone everyone,

I am Archita and I would like to thank IndiaBix for giving me a chance of public group discussion.

Yes I do think that globalization is must for a developing as well as under developing countries. We cannot deny the fact that it is globalization which brings the various countries of the world on a single stage that is 'international market'. It helps us to combat the problem of unemployment which is a biggest challenge that we all are facing today. Moreover it gives us a chance to globalize our products, to compete in the international market, to exchange our ideas globally, improves the quality of education, improves the standard of living. It is just because of globalization that India has achieved so much in the fields technology, education etc,

Despite of advantages it has some advantages too like.

It causes 'BRAIN DRAIN' that is there is a chance of monopoly in the market by foreigners.

If government is putting strict rules and regulations on foreign companies globalisation is heartily welcomed.

H arika Hari said:   10 years ago
Hello my dear friends.

My name is Harika and firstly I want to thank for giving me such an opportunity to speak about Globalization.

In my point of view Globalization is a great thing which some developing countries like INDIA must follow seriously. Globalization is nothing must interaction between the countries all around the world. It can easily resolve terrific problems like economy, fight for education, unemployment etc. The second most thing here is we Indians must feel proud that many foreigners comes to INDIA for their studies etc. This means that there is a thing called CONNECTIVITY is already flowing in INDIA. Not only this, due to globalization we are in a step forward today. If this continues long, there would be a well developed international market that is nothing but globalization occurs.

Sharing ideas, interaction, technology based communication. These are all the signs of development, right.

Who says no if there will be a great connecting world. We heart full welcomes globalization.

Amit Yadav said:   1 decade ago
Well I think that globalization is must for every country. It helps to combat causes like unemployment, financial problems, education etc. Due to globalization foreign companies spend their capital and opens their firm in other countries which further increases employment level and thus, standard of living of people will be raised automatically.

In the year 1990 globalization was started in India and at that time GDP of India was 97% and now in 2013 it has increased to 8 to 9%.

As some of them spoke that we are forgetting our culture, but I think it not so, we are just mixing our culture with western to make a better culture. Everyone needs change so as to prevent himself dying from bored.

Despite of it's advantages it also has some disadvantages like.

* Sometimes it causes "BRAIN DRAIN".

* Foreign market might dominate over Indian market, but if globalization is allowed under strict rules and regulation of Indian government then it doesn't remains as this advertisement. Anymore.


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