Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

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ALISHA JOSEPH said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends! computers have made our lives much easier than before. It just because in early life people used used to write letters instead of e-mails& SMS. It consumes less time also.

Thank You!

Sriram iyer said:   1 decade ago
In offices computers are playing an important role for storing data and to retrieve it later. Even in ready made showrooms and departmental stores computers are used for billing section. Even to speak with my relatives abroad its possible face to face talk through yahoo messenger etc. We can even send letters through email in no time. We can access search engines like Google to get more information from all over the world. Even we can do shopping in online and we can make payments in online itself. We can book railway tickets online 120 days prior thus helping us like a friend and the teacher. There are some negative effects which is present even now like porn etc. Thus please access the computer for good things.

Sriram iyer said:   1 decade ago
As far as I am concerned depending on computers is absolutely a good thing. We could access more information regarding different fields from the computer. Its making our job much more easier. Its reduces time consumption. Once upon a time email made us wonder of sending information in no time rather than sending letters through post.

Its obviously known for its versatility. In this modern era it is connecting us through social networking. The main one is storage capacity it could store more information what a man cannot store in his brain. In the field of communication, space tech, information technology playing an important role and many more pros to say. While reviewing cons I would say some bad things even present in computer now. Some adults would get addicted to bad habits and spoiling their entire life.

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