Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

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Meyrkhan said:   2 weeks ago
I agree with you @Pravalika.

The Computer gives you a lot of possibilities. PCs are accessible and fast calculate. Have many websites, that may to search faster the information we need. It makes work, and education easier, than without the Internet.

But we need to remember that a lot of time spent on the computer can harm for health, so we should take a break from the computer.

Beibarys said:   2 weeks ago
Good afternoon.

In my opinion, we need to control our time spent at the computer. Everything has both good and bad sides.

For many people, education has become more accessible, it has become easier to run a business, and there is a lot of entertainment in the form of games. On the other hand, people began to cheat or hack for money and valuables.

But I think this is not a problem for people familiar with it.

Thanks for reading it.

Aktore said:   2 weeks ago
In my opinion, computers have negative and positive sides. We spend a lot of time on the monitor not noticing how time flies by. We have to distribute our time in graphics. As we know in the present scenario excessive use of computers increases unemployment, health problems, memory power loss, and addiction. On the positive side, we can work easier without wasting time on the road and communicate when we need to.

Anshul said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, in spite of the merits and demerits of dependence of computers, work culture has developed more precisely manner than ever before. Consequently, output from many areas has improved a lot. Moreover, corruption rates have got down due to the availability of data online. It is also useful in filing complaints which results in fast redressing of any issue. Additionally, people are getting more facilities than before due to improvements in technologies and new innovations or discoveries by their use.

Pawankumar Shedage said:   1 year ago
Dependence on computers has become a widely debated topic in recent years.
On one hand, computers have made our lives easier and more efficient in various aspects such as communication, work, and education. With the help of computers, we can accomplish tasks faster and store vast amounts of information. Additionally, computers have opened up new possibilities for innovation and discovery.

On the other hand, dependence on computers can also have negative effects, such as decreased critical thinking skills, increased social isolation, and job displacement. Moreover, over-reliance on computers can lead to security and privacy concerns, as well as potential health problems like eye strain and back pain.

Overall, it can be said that while computers have brought many benefits to our lives, it is important to strike a balance and not become overly dependent on them.

Dinesh thakur said:   1 year ago
Good morning, everyone.

As every coin, has two faces so every technology has merit and demerits.

In my point of view,

It plays a very effective role in everyone's life. It depends on us how we use it in a beneficial or bad way.
It plays role in the company when we use it for the salary sheet, attendance sheet in Excel and some other works of the people.
It also plays a communication role we can connect easily with each other threw voice or video in the advanced era we can see this effect in the covid pandemic.
We can explore every type of knowledge in online mode through the computer.
It is good for children because they can search for any material they needed through this device on YouTube there are lots of professors, IITians, UPSC qualified teachers who teach and guide the students.
But if we use it in a long term its effect our eyes and nervous system. Due to recent research, it came to know that long-term use affects the cause of human brain and some other problems.
If we see abusive ideas through this it affect our mentality and brainwashing.
That's it.

Mahak said:   2 years ago

Humans are highly dependent on technology. One of the foundations of technology is computers. By the invention of technology, our work pressure is reduced and time is saved. However, world without computers would be a stone-age. Computers reduce our work.

Computers can serve us in many purposes communication, entertainment, etc.

At the same time, computers is a reason for human laziness. Many kids are addicted to computers and spend their maximum time on computers. Which is not good for health. Children have lost their out door activities and have increased risk for certain diseases.

I hereby conclude that computer and technology must be used on when necessary.

Pravalika said:   3 years ago
Depending on computers have both positive and negative effects.

Computers themselves proved that much more reliable than humans and therefore dependence on them can be considered that they never make mistake, they never take rest, and significantly proved that they are faster than humans.

The main disadvantage is we are taking risks about health. That's why the computer is a boon to us.

Sachin Nehra said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone,

In my point of view, using computers have both positives & negatives.

In the positive side, by using computers we need not go far to do our works. By sitting in the home we can do all our works by online. For eg, banking, food ordering, shopping, bookings, etc. Computers are not only for the purpose of doing works they are also using for studies through learning websites. Computers are also using for online exams which is very helpful for the students who can't go far for every time and it makes the work easy by correcting the answers through online and results are announced at the same time. These are also used for improving technology which makes our work so easily. For entertaining purpose also we are depending on these computers only. We are also using this for video calls for far from the distance. We are making contact with everyone through emails, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. In olden days we don't have technology and phones, people used to post the letters instead of calling. Now it is so easy to contact the others within a sec. Day by day there is an increase of technology is decreasing our work burden. In olden days, teachers used to dictate the notes but now they are sending emails. So, on the positive side, the usage of computers is very helpful for human to survive.

In the negative side, by using computer children spend time playing. They are losing their childhood & they are not participating in ers the lifespan of humans are decreasing day by day. Children are spending their time their outdoor games. By increasing technology, humans are being far from their relations with their families. These are making unemployment. Humans are not using their entire skills and knowledge as they are depending on computers. Computers are letting down humans knowledge and all are depending on computers for every small work.

Finally, my conclusion is using computers are good for improving our technology but every time depending on computers are letting down our knowledge and skills.

Thank you.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Obviously Dependence on computer is developed around the country. Because technology development is increased day by day. So, computers and mobile phones are main role play in our society. Computers are provide good thing in our society. Because except computer we are never able to develop our skills in our society. So computer are good thing as well as it will be also provide bad thing in our health.

Thanking You.

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