Is Dependence on Computers a Good Thing?

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Sriram iyer said:   1 decade ago
As far as I am concerned depending on computers is absolutely a good thing. We could access more information regarding different fields from the computer. Its making our job much more easier. Its reduces time consumption. Once upon a time email made us wonder of sending information in no time rather than sending letters through post.

Its obviously known for its versatility. In this modern era it is connecting us through social networking. The main one is storage capacity it could store more information what a man cannot store in his brain. In the field of communication, space tech, information technology playing an important role and many more pros to say. While reviewing cons I would say some bad things even present in computer now. Some adults would get addicted to bad habits and spoiling their entire life.

Sriram iyer said:   1 decade ago
In offices computers are playing an important role for storing data and to retrieve it later. Even in ready made showrooms and departmental stores computers are used for billing section. Even to speak with my relatives abroad its possible face to face talk through yahoo messenger etc. We can even send letters through email in no time. We can access search engines like Google to get more information from all over the world. Even we can do shopping in online and we can make payments in online itself. We can book railway tickets online 120 days prior thus helping us like a friend and the teacher. There are some negative effects which is present even now like porn etc. Thus please access the computer for good things.

ALISHA JOSEPH said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends! computers have made our lives much easier than before. It just because in early life people used used to write letters instead of e-mails& SMS. It consumes less time also.

Thank You!

KAVYA said:   1 decade ago
Well I don't think that dependence on computers is a good thing.

First of all it has made people lethargic. Other factors include that if you sit in front of PCs for too long it affects your eyesight. Also, each work comes to a halt if light goes off or there is some defect with the machine. It can also cause some serious problems if it is malfunctioning.

I can't deny the positive effects of computer but everything in this world needs a limit & in present scenario people are so much addicted to it that they can't live a day without it, which is really dangerous. So in the end I would like to conclude by saying that too much dependence on anything is dangerous & must be resolved as soon as possible.

John said:   1 decade ago
Having read the immense and elaborate views of my friends who have shared their points in the discussion forum, I dare say that we cannot get rid of the computer use. This has become part and parcel of every man's life, I mean the educated one. As I foresee, a day will come, we will become handicap, we perhaps would not be able to do anything without it. If by chance something happens in the atmosphere or some unknown natural calamity occurs, this, then will affect the entire system of wireless communication like the Net. My question is that what will we do or the whole world do at that time if all the computers fail functioning. Has man ever thought of it, Yes, of course our progress will be 'stand still'. It is better, we start thinking for the future, to solve the enigmatic problem.

Chsanthosh said:   1 decade ago

In my thoughts computer is becoming a necessity to human beings. Now a days in all areas like industrial, banks, communications etc. It is very useful to become innovative, passiveness & risk free work to human beings (to make works easier & faster to complete on time).

But in this view we should remember one thing computer has invented by a man.

Computer is only one need to fulfill our things easy not the computer is life.

Thank you.

Aligi puppy said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends,

Today era is a electronic era. Everything in our life in one way or the other is depend upon machines. We don't have another option. Today banking, railway, hospitals & many other areas are using computers. We can take lot of advantage with the just click & do lot of work in minutes. So, dependence in someway is beneficial for us.

So, keep smiling & keep using the computers.

Rhythm said:   1 decade ago
There is nothing in this world today which comes with all its qualities. Every aspect of life offers it to you its best and its worst. Sea is common for all but some takes pearls out of it and some just get out with wet legs.

Similarly internet is offering us the world, which is beyond any one's reach without the possible use of it. I agree few of its consequences mentioned above cannot be ignored. But we cannot even miss out on it's advantages which are fortunately more in number and uses. We all are rational human beings and take our decisions wisely. This there is a need that we keep our actions under check and avoid negative consequences of the technology and makes the best possible use of it for society's betterment.

Thank you :).

Ankit said:   1 decade ago
I also think that computer is necessity more than a luxury because now days we are not able to take a huge workload and computer and other gadget make our work easier and they also save paper. So it is a great invention.

Anand said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

I am agree with all above things. Now a days whatever it is like public, private and all industries depend upon the computer. And doing their work easily and store their required file like audio, video etc.

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