In Today's World, Everything is Uncertain except Death & Taxes

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Aravind k said:   8 months ago
Death is an inevitable and universal experience that affects everyone.
Like, Taxes are an unavoidable responsibility, regardless of one's financial situation or location.
The saying emphasizes that death and taxes are two of the few certainties in life.
The unpredictability of events and circumstances in life is contrasted with the unchanging nature of death and taxes.

Akansha Nigam said:   4 years ago
Hi Friends,

Death and Taxes are certain things. I would say that everything is planned in this whole world; not by a human being but by God. It's just unpredictable.


Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

Yeah, Obviously, In today's world everything is uncertain. Everything will happen anytime. We cannot expect anything. But death and taxes are certain things. Today's technology will develop our future. It going to be a unthinkable environment. It will helpful for people.

But also it will lose our confidence, discipline, time, self-motivation. Everything is a magical process in our life. So it will not clear about what is going to happen. Every day creates new technology and new things and also new problems.

So we can overcome the problems and new things onwards. We are going towards success.

Uday said:   5 years ago
Yes, I agree.

Death is certain, If you have born in this world certainly you will die one day. Tax is also certain, Government will certainly take tax. But except these two things, nothing is certain in this world whether it is your job, your friends, love, success, failure nothing is certain.

But I want to talk also form Vedas and Sastra. According to that what is happing with you is pre-decided by God. We are only the toy of god and playing our role in this stage of the world that's it. It is written in Bhagvat Gita itself.

Balaji said:   6 years ago
Everyone wants to live, And to live in a good place sufficient tax is to be paid, And no man can live without paying taxes or it would be a crime, And paying tax is surely certain.

The man has ended when he is dead and it is for sure certain but until the man dies he tries to make it through and tries to overcome.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Death is certain no one can avoid it. If we are born on this planet we have to get perish with time that is inevitable. Like wise when we are born in a country we are the citizens of that country and we need to contribute something from our earnings to the govt for the development of our own nation. So paying taxes is also certain. So the matter in question that in today's world everything is uncertain except death and taxes is a true one and I agree with it. Thank you.

Niraj kumar said:   7 years ago
First one is the rule of nature, in which every creature of world abides/bind to follow the rule. No one can escape from this rule. It means it is certain, at some point of your life, you must have to die but it is uncertain that when it come, and where?

In second case tax.

An amount we pay to government, as per the rule,

Here we also abide to follow this rule, but the diff is that we can escape from this situation by doing fraud by going against the rule. But in case of death, there is no escape plane. Tax is also uncertain with time (it may increase or decrease in sense of pay scale).

Rajat Kumar said:   7 years ago
Death, This is the only thing one can't escape from. Whether it is a person sleeping on the footpath or even president Obama. Everyone will die one day.

Life is fake but Death is the Ultimate Truth.

Neeraj said:   8 years ago
I am Neeraj.

As per my thought!

It is fixed law of nature, that death is sure who takes born once and taxation is a another fixed law of our government who earns more than a particular amount of money.

So purpose of both same, to live in the life cycle.

Happy goyal said:   8 years ago
Hi friends.

I am happy goyal. As we know that nothing is not stable in this world. But we can't look only one side of the world. Suppose if we have not any aim our life would be a waste. Without aim &any job everything useless. We should not think about this everything Is unstable. We should do work with full zeal&enthusiasm.

Because we have to do something for yourself & create a name for our services just like APJ Abdul Kalam and Steve Jobs.

Because these names are suitable for their services which cannot forget. According to me, we shouldn't think about stability. Because, this thinking kill the hope & confidence.

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