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Prasad said:   1 year ago
A finance minister is a responsible person. It is the post got by humans with experience. If I was finance minister I will give attention towards the establishment of small projects. So, that youngsters get the working environment they want. Small projects include a railway reservation system, flight ticket booking, banking system etc.

Rakesh PM said:   3 years ago
Good evening to all of you and I am so glad to talk regarding this topic if I will become the move to any position, first of all, I just want to know the mission behind this position this mission is not for me this is for people my works are always specific to a single thing that this work is always provide advantages to people of my country, so I can sacrifice my life for my country and I will never be sell my country to another one, after I joined in pm post then I will explain it to my people this is my all secret mission. Thanks.

Jmx said:   3 years ago
Not if,when I become the Prime Minister, I'll listen. Like now when I read all your opinion. I'll make sure words like poverty, reservation system and education won't be misused for another election campaign. I'll figure out a way for people to communicate and give direct opinion instead of losing hope and misplacing it to oppositions. I'll find a way for citizens to ask the party leader to change local candidate in case of worthy problems. I'll take effective steps against the misuse of my country's land and currency. Invest and take my national airline to global standards. Make a new effective waste management system. In short, I'll do my best, leave a mark and raise the minimum standards of Indian Prime Minister.

I know I can do this. Because I believe in myself. And I want my country to grow. But for me, it's a lot harder not born into a political family and parents who lost hope in this system. But I'll make my way through it all & one day you'll hear my name, Jyothis Maria Xavier, once again. Then you'll feel the change coming and ex-pats would find pride and yell out India.

Pranathi said:   3 years ago
If I was the Prime Minister-.

The first and foremost thing that I would do is to bring strict laws against the RAPE in India. Rape has been the most common thing that is taking place almost very day in our country. In India whatever the punishment for the culprits in rape cases depends on the density of rape. Rape is Rape and no matter whatever or whoever it is, I would rather pass a law that people who rape girls must be killed at any cost within no time.

Sumit chourey said:   4 years ago
If I were the PM of India I would change many things. Which are the following:-

1) I would pass strongly against corrupt people.

2) There will be no caste system in Hinduism and reservation system will be removed.

3) Stop the foreign company to come in India and taking away money from our country.

4) I would provide the education of new technologies and new innovations and change the all old old things related to our education because they was very old system.

5) Youth are the backbone of our country compulsory free education after graduation and master degree to all youth.

6) More than 100% job guarantee if which people are able to get a job from his knowledge.

7) Remove poverty from our country by giving some job to him who are very poor.

8) Every child has right to take education. If they are not able to get an education because of financial condition so I provide the education him free.

9) In our society every state in society will have CCTV surveillance so that even big or small crimes will not taken much time to resolve or also increase the rate of crimes in our society.

10) I will also protect the forest area in our country because the forest is the main part of our country in the future.

11) I would pass the strong rules for illegal news and messages which is forwarded in Facebook WhatsApp etc don't forward them. Because they are not good for all.

12) Also build friendly relationship with other country for education is called technology and many more things. And the last I protect our nature.

Jai hind.

Dhiraj said:   4 years ago
"With power comes responsibility. " Youths are the backbone of any country. Compulsory free education up-to Graduation or masters. More than 100 percent job guarantee. Also new scholarship schemes for higher education India or abroad. More than 100 percent initiative for girls and women education, safety and empowerment and Encourage youths for engagement and put their contribution to Research and Development labs for new innovation.

Also build a friendly relationship with other countries for Education, sports,

Entertainment, empowerment and security initiatives.

Bring FDI for a new source of economy and infrastructures. Also, give Each family Especially. Rs 20000 for each family for financial support and encouragement.

Also give Compulsory Housing, pension and encouragement Indian Armed Forces.

They are the pride of the nation.

If I'm missing anything then please do contribute your valuable suggestion.

Jai Hind.

Salute to all Nation.

** My thoughts are to bring equality and upbringing to the quality of life.

Deepak Singh said:   4 years ago
If I was the PM, I would have tried to do these things.

1. A law to not have more than two childs in each family because no matter how much we do improvements in society, laws and order as educational fields. Nothing will work until we will control the populations.

2. Allowed girl children all facilities free of cost till the age of 18. Be it educational, medical, transportation costs all would have been done free of cost till they becomes 18. More on also provide monthly cost to that family which ever has girl child till child turns 18.

3. Would have made a rule of compulsory army training for every youngsters after they turn18. For girls 2 years and for boy 3 years as it is the most critical age of youngsters to inculcate patriotism which will automatically bring prosperity in the country.

4. An extremely tight border security so than no one from outside can come inside our country without our permission.

5. Making most of the things indigenous. Like fighter aircraft's, jets, all electronics parts and gadgets everything etc.

6. Spending hight amount of GDP on Science and Technologies field and boarder security.

And more on. So and so.

Jey said:   5 years ago
If I were a prime minister. I would give my first preference to education and agriculture. Nowadays we are poor in the agriculture field. It's a very essential thing to improve our country and our people. Improvement of the greeny world will lead to improving our country. It can also improve our basic essential things. We can use all the things naturally. My second preference to ban corruption in all areas. Due to this all the people were affecting.

I will provide simple jobs to all the people. At the same time, each one family have to do agriculture. This will leads to use of all the things by natural and everyone become a legend.

Preethi@@@ said:   5 years ago
If l was the PM, firstly I remove the names of all castes and make everyone unite as a family of Indians. I will provide small jobs to everyone instead of providing pensions.

Mayank said:   6 years ago
I would like to do something good for the people.

I'll try to solve problems which are currently present in our country by making some new laws (act to the constitution of India) so that problem can be solved.

The area where I would like to work majorly.

1. education.
2. Defence.

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