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Kush Barnwal said:   6 years ago
If I Was a Finance Minister, First, I will Audit every ccompany, organisation & Social trust.

Aditya A B said:   6 years ago
Hello friends,

I Respect everyone's opinion, And addition to it, I would like to add two or more opinion which seems to me important factor and if get the chance of being CHIEF MINISTER firstly I would cut down the EDUCATION expenses to much affordable level so that every child may get best possible education at least price without much burden on their parents, Which are nowadays commonly faced, my middle-class family. If education FEE structure will be LESS, then the most deserved person from a poor background can afford education and can fulfil his DREAMS. And make their PARENTS PROUD. SO this is one of my important AIM that I would work on if I become PRIME MINISTER of my respesctive nation.

Jagriti said:   6 years ago
If I was the Prime Minister then take care of everything like foods, homes, etc. As there is lack of food and no homes for people living in remote areas and also in known areas. I would.

Take care for women and men especially women because in India I always see in newspapers that women are getting killed, sometimes they suicide, sometimes strangled. So, by seeing hearing this I always get fed up and as a PM I want so everyone that women are equal to men. Not only men can do job, drive, etc. Women can also do same as men. So, I want to make India a developed country and people employed instead of staying unemployed. Also in India there are lot of corruptions and fake news. So, I want to stand up for these corruptions and fake news. Thank You.

Vineet said:   6 years ago
Hello everyone, In our country there are lots of problems like providing food for everyone, providing jobs, give a good healthcare, providing education and many more things which can't easily arrange. Why these are not arranged easily, why many of peoples not having food for at least once in a day. I think this is because of exhausting of the population, India is the 2nd most populous country in the world and in the few years we are on 1st position. More population always create competition and a large part of this not get anything and face problems. In India, demand is more than the supply because if we reach the highest level of production than after we can't fulfil demands because demand is much higher and at a stage, it cannot be fulfilled, all these problems occurred because of overpopulation. If I'm the PM of our country than first of all find out the solution for controlling over population by this many peoples getting basic things without facing huge competition reach their dreams and live a happy life and as a PM of any country always happy to see that common man fulfill their needs and live a happy life. As a PM of a country there will me many more things and responsibility to maintain in the country and outside the country but first of all providing basic needs to everyone in the country is the priority in my government. Thank you.

Anusha said:   6 years ago
Hi friends I'm Anusha If I become a prime minister of my country (lndia) I will conduct program to poor and I will try to solve their problem and free education for poor people and I will conduct program for girls/women safety those who did rafe or anything I can give them very very very bad punishment.


Lucky said:   7 years ago
If I am a prime minister! First I make the people who are taking corrupted money and working in police department and I will ensure that no theft and robbery should do in my country. I make my India as a "PEACEFUL COUNTRY IN THE WORLD".

Nitesh said:   7 years ago
If I will be PM I would stop child marriage, I will give chance to everybody to talk about their problem. The nation should feel proud of me and I should become a respected PM of India. Thanks.

Anonymous said:   7 years ago
If I will become a PM I will modify the education caste system in which SC & ST is replaced by poor people & Girls (current inequalities are in between poor & rich and men & woman).

Conclave said:   7 years ago
If I am a prime minister I make people to understand the religion and caste system it will solve 5persentage of problems many farmers are dying so I will take a decision for that poor people. I may join all the rivers to all the states so that there it will be useful for future. "ALWAYS INDIA IS MY COUNTRY. JAY HINDH "

Uttara said:   7 years ago
If I were finance minister then I would have lowered the tax burden on the layman. Salaried persons. Would have raised salaries. Levied lower taxes on goods and services. And devised ways and means to make everyone into paying taxes in the country by fighting corruption. If I were a minister I would not have thought of my term. I would not have worried about my position. I would have done something drastic even at the cost of some sufferings cause there will be some initial hiccups as India is consuming while lying. India is at resting position right now. Most of the rural population are unaware of their potential and commit suicide in petty issues. Time never stops for anyone. If there is sorrow it means happiness is somewhere near by. If I were the prime minister I would have tried to change our Constitution. The first thing needs to be changed is the qualification of the ministers. With education, it comes responsibilities and accountabilities. Both is lacking in today's politicians. And a well-educated person thinks twice before taking a bribe so education can eradicate corruption to some extent. Next, I would have taken strong steps against terrorists and criminals. In India, there is a trend to be soft on criminals. They get to appeal several times after committing heinous crimes like rape and murder and our judicial system is faulty. It takes several years to conclude a judgment. So these are few loopholes I would have liked to plug first. Thank you.

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