Government should clean its own hands before pointing finger at the private sector for corruption.

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Prasant Tiwary said:   1 decade ago
If we talk about corruption...Then according to me every individuals form lower level to higher level are responsible for this.we can not blame either government or private sector,both are making almost same participation in development of nation.people are involved from both side.So as a individual....we should understand our responsibility towards country.

Gurujyoti said:   1 decade ago
From my understanding neither the government Sector nor the private sector are to clean their hands. But we are people play the supporting role in this corruption. So at 1st we are to be awarded our selves. And ourselves to make us free from corruption in the fields from education to socialization. Thanks.

Akshay said:   1 decade ago
I do agree that government should clean its hands before pointing finger at the private sector.

Although we know that private firms charge high prices as their motive is to earn profit, also we cant blame entirely on the government too.

So both are equally contributing towards the corruption.

Varun said:   1 decade ago
Definitely, we can not blame government totally for the corruption, private sector is also corrupted but still private sector is more clean than public sector every department of public sector is corrupted. In this way corruption is the biggest problem in the development of India.

Yogesh said:   1 decade ago
According to my information Corruption is deep rooted in our country this problem stand in way our economical growth you know that our country well perform various sector including business eduction science but this progress limited to administration building.

Ponkavin said:   7 years ago
The government should clean its own hands before pointing the finger at the private sector for corruption. Government companies are more corrupted than private companies as we see from the example of 2G scam.

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