Foreign aid is a dangerous drug that can stimulate in small doses but become fatally addictive in larger doses.

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Narayan choudhary said:   1 decade ago
Foreign aid is a dangerous drug because India has a much sufficient fund to helps for poor people but corruption is a main problem. Every one wants to earn money nobody thinks about over country. First we have to utilize our resources in right manner than our country does not need foreign aid.

Jyoti said:   1 decade ago
Yea this is true that foreign aid is dangerous. As we know that whenever our country get in trouble we always use to take help from foreign countries. This increases our dependency on foreign countries and reduces the capability of our nation to solve the problems independently.

Soumyamayee mallick said:   1 decade ago
Developing countries must seek help from developed countries at utmost requirement otherwise they would be treated as beggar and in this may loose their identity.

Kits said:   1 decade ago
Ya this can be seen from independance. We got independance 60 years ago foreigners left but their impact on us is still existing.

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