Farmers' Income: Will India be able to double it in next 5 years?

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RND said:   3 years ago
Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. To develop our country we have to double our farmer's income with the following support. Introduce the Direct Farmers Benefit Scheme so that they can get better quality of seed free of cost. Soil testing to be done on a regular basis.

To take the position of Farmers Agriculture Development Officer to visit the field on a daily basis. Our Farmers are sincere and dedicated. Use scientific methods with modern technology. Market and MSP, storage facilities, transportation and reuse of agriculture wastage definitely double our Farmer's income.

Sakshi said:   3 years ago
Prime minister Narendra Modi had said that in 75th Independence day they will promise to double farmers income by 2022 and yes, I also think that income will doubled government and ministers are taking many initiatives for making India developed.

But because of atmosphere environment are not in the favour of agriculture then vegetables and other eatables are getting high prized.

If the farmers will use better technology and use other materials properly then their will no wastage or not even things will get luxurious.

Samiksha kapse said:   3 years ago
Farmers in India are faces so many problems day by day. Most of the farmers are uses fertilized seed, crops and it causes soil to be unfertilized. In this generation, no one is doing natural farming.

The main reason behind the losses of crops is unfertilized soil. Nowadays the market rate is less because the farmer's income will not be double.

Govt should provide the proper cultivation technology, machinery to the farmers. It is one of the ways to improve the farmer's income. And as we say the farmers are the backbone of India then do something for them.

Sayali said:   4 years ago
Farmer's income may double in the next 5 years if, they are provided with proper machinery.

In many parts of India, farmers cultivate crops that require more water but with each year rainfall in that area reduces, then those farmers should be given proper knowledge of the crops that can be grown with less water.

Also, the seeds that are dried naturally and of local tend to be healthy and production of such crops is more than that of the crops that are grown with hybrid seeds.

The demand of such crops is more, so this will help them to earn a better livelihood.

Gopal said:   4 years ago
Farmers in our country are facing more problem in the selling the cultivated products in the markets they are not getting enough support in market to have good Rate and they losing the income instead of gaining.

To achieve the target to double the income in 5 years.

1. They should adopt Good forming technology to get more productivity and same time the good market.

2. They should be subsidized by Govt for the machines, other devices for farming and in the procuring the Fertilizer and pest sides to fulfil their financial assistance.

3. The government should make them aware of their soil characteristics and suitable crops which are to be cultivated irrespective of the seasons.

4. Provide enough market rate for their cultivate products to improve their financial income.

I'm sure that above-mentioned points help them to achieve Income double in 5 years.

Divya Aman said:   4 years ago
I think that the income of farmers can be doubled only if they get the right resources to do farming and in this the primary body responsible is the government. Giving 4000 Rs/yr or redemption of farm loan is not the solution to the problems faced by the farmers. Rather, we should provide them with low interest and easy bank loans, onsite water facilities and cheap pesticides so that they can earn maximum profit. If these practices are followed seriously then yes we can say that the farmers income will be doubled.

THAMARAI SELVAN B said:   4 years ago
Farmers income will increase if they do export of the demand crops of other countries, but now we are not able to do because of the high demand of our country on crops. Demand can be reduced by full filling our needs on crops by ourselves by doing backyard farming. Eventhough, we not able to cultivate all crops some what we able to manage the demand 40 to 50 percent.

Onkar said:   4 years ago
Farmers income will double in the next 5 years. When they start NATURAL FARMING.

Due to chemical fertilizers the soil becoming unfertile. The food which farmers cultivate from chemical farming is similar to poison. It also effects our health.

So, I think if farmers start NATURAL FARMING then and then the income will double because in natural farming as compared to chemical farming the investment is less. Of course, the result of natural farming is positive but it requires time as more than 3 years to become soil fertile.

Ramkush Maurya said:   4 years ago
The way, the situation of farmers are going to treat can not lead the same. We can see the problems of farmers are growing day by day whether it is a shortage of money, water resources, seeds and fertilizers or insecticides.

After these all, the value (coast) of their crops are not as much as they can be get satisfied.

After seeing these situations we can't say that in the next five years the farmer's income could be double.

Divya said:   4 years ago
A farmer who raises only crops will be responsible for preparing land for planting, caring for the crops and harvesting. In India's Agriculture Problem: Lack of Access to Credit is one of the most pressing issues that hinder India's rural population from progress. It means the lack of access to credit by a farmer. Bring life into the world every day. Farmers get the opportunity to watch cows, ewes, and sows give birth on a daily basis. The farmers assist them if they need help with the birth process and love them every day after they are born!Once the crops are mature, the farmer will harvest them. Farmers need resources to grow food. They need many different types of resources. Reasons. Various reasons have been offered to explain why farmers commit suicide in India, including: floods, drought, debt, use of genetically modified seed, public health, use of lower quantity pesticides due to less investments producing a decreased yield. They don't get what they spend for cultivation.

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