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Kavya Mantri said:   1 year ago
Hello, everyone!

EQ and IQ both play the dominant role. The IQ depends on the domain knowledge. Whereas EQ is different, it is completely based on the behaviour of the person.

And no two peoples have the same EQ and IQ.

Hence, IQ and EQ vary from person to person.

Leon Pankiras said:   1 year ago
In my opinion, EQ and IQ both ae important for a person. EQ is important in public life where IQ is depending on a person's intellectual derived from his abilities and his career base.

Tanu said:   1 year ago
As both EQ and IQ are important in one's life as IQ helps the person to achieve the desired goal or aim and EQ helps in good leadership as well as provides good mental stability at the workplace.

Abishek said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, IQ and EQ are important in a person's life. Both are like two eyes of a person. One should have an IQ to solve a problem in life and one should have an EQ to handle the result of a problem.

Shyam said:   2 years ago
Good afternoon.

Everyone's EQ and IQ are equally important. The emotional quotient deals with person managing his emotion in such a way that he can communicate with other in effective manner and in the case of the Intelligent quotient deals with the technical knowledge of the person required for solving problems. So, both EQ and IQ are important for a person to have successful life.

John Ladakh said:   3 years ago
We need both of the qualities 100% in ourselves.

IQ and EQ both define the ability to tackle the problem or situation at the front. It depends upon the situation whether we need to think with our Brain or with our Heart. Scientifically speaking, we use our Brain the entire day we stay awake, but, it depends upon how well are we able to take good and effective decisions as per the situation. I believe EQ is a part of IQ, because if we are having an idiotic and chaotic mindset, we cannot take good and intelligent decisions whether it's intellect or emotional.

Hardik said:   3 years ago
Hey there,

Let's straightaway break them to get the literal meaning.

Quotient is the result/reaction of something.
When we appear for competitive exams we are given various formats of tests to assess.
What reaction our brain puts to it, how well it.
Gets you to its solution and henceforth.
This procedure takes time for each individual,
Which is usually judged as a parameter. That's Our IQ.
When we are fallen apart, Broken, Lonely or depressed, our body releases various energies - anger, disappointment, Envy, Self-harm. How well we deal with it and how least it affects our normal routine life has relied upon our EQ.

We all read that we need both in a balanced amount, but I personally wanted to add this up too. Character and Competence are two important aspects. Yet there is no use of competence without a good character. It would gradually lead to Chaos.

Abhishek yadav said:   4 years ago
For a competitive world, a person should have both Iq as well as Eq.

Iq is the ability of a person to think his ideas technically as per Eq is concerned is the ability of a person to communicate and to control his emotion and express a positive vibe in front of the world.

For being a knowledgeable person among all you shod have good Iq and for being a leader among the all you should have good Eq.

Kavya said:   4 years ago
Good morning to all.

EQ &IQ both are important because book without cover is the uncomplete production. That means if you have technically knowledge person but you doesn't respect or response to others. IQ based on how intelligence you are EQ is how responsible person you are so both are important to our lives.

Thank you.

Saraban Tahura said:   4 years ago

Both EQ (Emotional Quotient) and IQ (Intelligence Quotient) are important in our life. EQ is the ability to understand, manage your own emotions in a positive way to relieve stress and communicate efficiently and emphasize with others and overcome challenges and defuse conflict. It also can Manage relationship with other people.

And IQ (intelligence quotient) is the ability to manage your technical knowledge, ideas and thoughts.

You need to have a brilliant IQ to be a gd engineer but to be a leader of engineer your EQ is more important rather than IQ.

It's difficult to go ahead with one. I think They are complementary to each other.

So both EQ & IQ is important for our successful life.

Thank you.

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