Education industry is a business these days.

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Mehul said: (Mar 11, 2020)  
The tragedy is that today there is the mere difference b/w our edu. Industry and business.

Setting up an education institution such as a college, school, or even a coaching center, its all about how to fill their classrooms with students as many as possible until they choke out, or building a state of art infrastructures for their marketing purposes, sometimes it confuses me whether its a learning place or a fancy 5-star hotel.

Today Quantity has become more important than Quality. With the increasing no.of students the quality of education and skills each student is receiving is gradually going down, thus resulting in unemployment as they couldn't meet today's industry skill requirement.

The focus of education Institutions is now diverted towards how to make money, from their high tuition fee, management quota fee, from books, dress codes and so counting doesn't end. Like in businesses they compete with other institutions in the name of, how many students they have, their gigantic buildings, and how much fortune they make.

It's all, left in our Education System.

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Sujata Gaikwad said: (Mar 10, 2020)  
Yes, I completely agreed.
"Education is a business these days".

Nowadays education is commission not a mission for institute.importance of education system decreased day by day because of anyone school, the institute is not teaching for student knowledge but it's based only on marks.
They are only teaching how can score higher marks when compared to another school.
& We see business tricks are applied in the education industry.

Everyone is busy in his life,... some gov schools are not properly working in education only for entertainment. because so much population & fewer of good jobs the competition is very high,& hence the people do not risk for their child & they admit in private institute and coaching that's why coaching institute increase their fees so much.

*Very imp pt.. for poor people are not capable to fill these fees in a coaching institute that's time intelligence child to stop their education that's why some problems create in future like terrorism, corruption & so on.

One thing I share all & mainly government - student is the future of our country if you provide good knowledge, thoughts when they will grow up that's time this thought and knowledge is useful.
Ty so much.

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S.Dharshinipriyasomasundaram said: (Mar 5, 2020)  
Yes, I agree with the above topic. Because of business education, many poor students were unable to achieve their dreams. Many corruption like donations, evening tuition fees. In many schools, their fees structure is lakhs and lakhs in my point view all government staffs in government offices join their children in private schools. So governments want to tell all government workers to join their children in govt schools. If not possible their job will be canceled. No gov job for their children.

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Anshoo said: (Feb 29, 2020)  
Yes, I agree with this sentence. Nowadays people has made education as source of money. This is fact that India has highest number of educational institution, this is why people are getting benefit from this.

But ladies and gentlemen if I talk about quality of education, this is unfortunate for us that single institute of our country does not come in top 100 institute in world.

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Saran said: (Feb 24, 2020)  
I agree with my friend Nowadays Education is like a business. Now parents are expecting their children to get an Oxfordian level of education. They are even ready to spend a lot of money on the education of children. The children are living according to the wishes of parents.

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Srinu said: (Feb 24, 2020)  
I agree with all the above points and my opinion education is one of the major businesses to learn money for corporates rather than deliver good educational life given to the student.

A major contribution is private school they demand lakhs of money from 5th to 12th standard, even spend that much of money students not get that much quality education.

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Haidu said: (Feb 18, 2020)  

According to me Yes, the Education industry has become business these days and I want to clarify it with some points-.

1- The private institutions are increasing their fees day-by-day, whenever they want to upgrade their school in any aspect they increased fees almost double.

2- The teachers force the children to come for tuition.

3- They change their school syllabus every year due to which children purchase books only from school in which the school can gain more profit.

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Hemavarshini Nagaraj said: (Feb 16, 2020)  
According to this topic, yes education industry is a business.

I'll share some examples,

Nowadays, a student wants to clear their arrear papers for each they spent money for them.

Most of the institutions they didn't saw the students' marks and talents. If they want to study in their institution, spent money as a donation for the institution even they got more marks also I don't say all those institutions, some of them are too.

Nowadays, Education industry is a business, institutions are like factories, students operate as a machine by the labours of teachers.

Thank you.

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Ragini said: (Feb 15, 2020)  

According to my opinion, Nowadays the education industry has become a business of various factors Some of them are,

1. In schools, teachers discriminate among the students if they do not take tuition from them. Teachers threatened students that they did not give them marks if they did not come to tuition classes.

2. Most private schools raise their fees so much if they have any extra opportunity then another school belongs to that region.

3. Because of so much population and fewer good jobs, the competition is very much high hence the coaching institutes increase their fees so much.

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Ayush Dashore said: (Feb 4, 2020)  
In my opinion, the education industry is a business nowadays because the coaching institutes are focusing more on collecting money rather than giving valuable education. This leads to lack of interest of students and they do not develop themselves and they are just wasting time so strict rules have to follow by these institutes so this will be helpful in making students more disciplined, informed and dedicated.

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Baldev Krishan said: (Feb 2, 2020)  
According to me, in today's world education has been become the source of earning money besides this I also want to say that our school principle must be richer then ministers even parents are busy so they focused only on the marks of children's not about their knowledge teachers and parents used to pressurise them to get good marks but who cares for children and knowledge Teachers are just explaining the topic but every child has different level of understanding how they can manage it that's with very sadness I have to say that children are just cramming not understanding the concept.

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Renuka said: (Jan 22, 2020)  
Hello everyone, I'd like to share my opinion about the topic.

I think education has became a bussiness the reason is that here faculty and teachers are not making sure about how much students have understood, they're just teaching the concepts and formulas etc.

They are giving more importance to marks.

I think the teachers should give students more practical knowledge than just a theory I mean practical like lab sessions should be more than theory.

But I would not tell that the everywhere education system is like this, in some parts of the country they are even having more practical knowledge.

And I hope everywhere they should give more importance to practical knowledge.

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Vegito said: (Jan 21, 2020)  
Hello Guys,

I would like to share my point of views, I hope you like it,

Education became business in these days, especially Corporate schools and college teaching to become businessmen, and in that students are suffering because they are not getting any proper knowledge on subjects, teachers and lectures are forcing students to get good marks in exams.

Students are trying to get good marks and they rote memorization the subjects. They are not concentrating to get knowledge.

Nowadays education system becoming worse, thats why people are suffering after completion of Graduation. Becuase they don't have enough knowledge to crack the interview, very few people are getting jobs.

In my point of view, Knowledge is more important that marks. So please concentrate on subjects and try to get knowledge as much as possible.


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Nikhil said: (Jan 8, 2020)  
Good afternoon everyone, our topic for today's discussion is : Education industry is a business for these days.

While we all know that education is something which is every child's basic right and something which everyone needs to learn inorder to survive in this world.

But then too due to increase in competition and greed for money amongst people they have turned these education schools to business schools.

I would like everyone to contribute your view on the same.

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Vishal Patil said: (Dec 29, 2019)  
Education industry is a business these days. I would say YES.

Main thing which makes education a business is that their style of advertisement and comparison between other institution. The school which has more fees richer parents get interested in that school to admit their children. They start comparing with the students who are learning in government schools. They think that I have more expensive car than their neighbors.

If one who says there is no business in education then why there is a difference between government school and private school. Why not the students belong to government school get facilities which are being given to the private schools. I don't want to say that poor students are not good in studies in fact they do well in their future as we have been watching in news or inspirational movies. But they don't get the things which are essential them in their childhood. Why they get ashamed in front of the children who are studying in private and expensive school.

If these things are happening then there is really a business of education. As today's scene we are watching, it's not good for better future of children. We are ruining their childhood. Neither government nor schools responsible for that but we are responsible for that. The comparison of life style among the society is responsible for the business of Education.

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Ravi said: (Dec 1, 2019)  
Greeting friends,

Yes, I agree the term that the "education industry is a business these days. " because, in every coching Institute, school college's aim becomes to earn money. In the many schools for showing their results they don't want to teach 9th and 11th and directly teach for board classes. They don't care for it that it directly affects students when they ready for comparatively exam preparation.

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Vaishali Narula said: (Nov 22, 2019)  
Definitely, the Education industry is a business these days. As the word suggests "Education Industry" i.e. the industry who treats education as the customer and service provider. The changing scenario has really disappointed me the way some colleges and schools are seeking this as a business opportunity to have more money in-spite of focusing on the quality of education they are providing.

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Navika Dhawan said: (Nov 15, 2019)  
Education is a business today because some people are greedy for money and want to earn more and more money. It does not matter how intelligent the child is, but the institution is in need of a child who can afford to pay a high amount of money as fee. In-spite of having extra money in the form of school funds the concerned authorities takes extra money in the form of donations for the events organized in the school premises or by the school.

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Aritra Saha said: (Nov 4, 2019)  
Yeah, it should be a business that we should know how the principal s of schools are becoming rich.

Nowadays we are giving too much fees to the schools if it is a poor person then it would become impossible for that person to give that too much fees.

So from this I had imagined that nowadays industry became a business.

This the views in my my mind which I tell to you about this topic.

If you like this then give this topic by clicking on the like option.

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Soumya said: (Nov 4, 2019)  
Greetings everyone,

When I hear the word BUSINESS the first thing that reflects in my mind is EDUCATION. Yes, everyone, I agree with the topic, maybe we are able to finish our dreams but what about the poor children, they also dream but unfortunately they are not able to complete their dreams because of the greed of the institutions. We should know that we are the future and should be given a chance.

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Anukriti said: (Sep 21, 2019)  
Not really, I feel that education is a business these days because one might find that number of schools are getting opened and the quality of education is degrading but we should compare it with those days when there used to be very limited institutions.

Schools used to be very less in number and Colleges were a dream for particularly those who were marginalised in some way.

But today that is not the case. We have ample amount of schools, colleges with almost every course, coaching centres for almost all the exams and moreover online education has become a very important part of the education sector these days.

All this has made people more literate and aware, and also they are more financially independent now because we have courses in almost every field now that makes one professionally eligible.

Steps are required to make the education system more practical and innovation-based but yes, the government is working towards it.


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Vishnu said: (Sep 14, 2019)  
Yes, it's true education industry is a business these days.

Education is a basic right to all.

But nowadays it became a business the main reason is parents want their children to study in international schools, colleges, universities for his/her bright future.

By taking this as a chance private schools, colleges, universities increasing their campus fees.

Presently the government is paying a part of their fee but still, there is a problem.

The government should design the best infrastructure to eradicate this problem.

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Abhijit Mishra said: (Sep 9, 2019)  
In my opinion, nowadays the education industry is one of the most revenue yielding sectors for many investors. As most of the educational institutions are not thinking about the career of the students the just try to make there point of differentiation by giving a different type of tasks and tests and all. But they are not trying to know that the pedagogy is suitable for all the students in the institution or not.

In many higher education institutions, they are trying hard for the instalments of the payment and also they are pressurising the students mentally. That leads to suicidal death of the students.

By looking for the solutions the government must have to make the rules strictly for the educational institutions.

Thank you.

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Aman Singh said: (Sep 6, 2019)  
Hello everyone !

In my opinion, education industry become a business these days because many private schools have their own rules, their fee structure, their dress code. There is no such law to restrict them. People hire the mens for marketing their schools.

In competive coaching, many coaching organisation charge a great amount of money for teaching.

So, nowadays education industry became a business.

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Shubha said: (Aug 28, 2019)  
In my opinion, yes, education is a business now a days because think the institutions are hiring people for advertising and marketing their institute and they are paying for them means unlike some products they are advertising their brand that too by our money this is because of government negligence towards government institution and we all know education is one of the phase-in everyone's life and parents want to provide good education for their children so they are giving huge money and helps to make the education business more successful.

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Prathyusha said: (Aug 27, 2019)  
Good morning to respected teachers and all my friends.

I agree with this above topic.

Nowadays education has become a business. However, India was in the least position in literacy rate the government is not taking any action regarding this education business. Even an uneducated person also thinks to make his/her child to study and wants to see ina good position but the private institutions make this dream impossible because if they ask huge amount of money for education how can a poor get educated. Even in India, we have government schools the education in that schools is not qualitative therefore everyone wants to make their child go for private schools. Then the private institutions take this as a chance and they started this as a business.

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Harika said: (Aug 26, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

I believe that every parent now know the importance of education and want their children to get successful, for them education is not a business infact it is way to gain success.

But due to the poor maintenance and faculty at the government institutions in all these years, parents are willing to offer good education to their children and are joining them in private schools (who actually treat education as business) taking this as advantage they are charging high fees on children and improving their brands.

And now it is a great burden on parents to educate their children and many of the illiterate parents join their children in the institutions by seeing their brand name and many of those institutions do not care whether children are able to cope with the education pattern and due to this pressure many children get mentally disturbed and become abnormal and some even commit suicide.

These schools judge the students based on the marks. They bother least about the students interests.

My opinion is goverment should improve the education quality in their institutions. And take suitable measures on the private institutions who charge beyond their quality and see that everyone encourages and respect students interests.

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Ak said: (Aug 25, 2019)  
Yes, it's true that the education industry is a business nowadays.

All the private schools are demanding a huge amount of fees which the poor and lower-middle-class families are not able to pay. I think that the main reason behind that the education is becoming a business these days is government schools are not providing good education facilities and that's why everyone is preferring private schools and classes and therefore they (private schools) are demanding a huge amount of fees.

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Alok Yadav said: (Aug 16, 2019)  
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to talking on this topic.

Nowadays, Education is big business. In govt Schoool or colleges, teachers are lazy and they don't give attention to Student. You know Student is the future of India if you will provide Good thoughts and good knowledge. When they will growup then they did not face any problem.

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Evan said: (Jul 25, 2019)  
Good morning all.

When we talk about business the only thing which comes to our mind is education, because in these days the high rated business in line is education. Maybe our generation would have completed education and would be in a better position, but what for the upcoming generation. Some kids are interested in going to school and learn things but all of sudden it becomes only a dream because of the high fee structure in private schools. Many of us think that government schools are giving the worst kind of education but the thing is governments are not ready to pay attention to proper education in government schools. If they have a taken a proper step and lead the present and future generation in the best way to the step of education, that is the day where our country INDIA is made a digitized and modernized one.


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Richa said: (Jul 18, 2019)  
Good morning all my friends!

Education is undoubtedly the most important phase of a person's life, which shapes his overall personality along with inculcating a number of desirable traits like punctuality, self discipline, Service before self etc.

But nowadays, it has purely become a business. Private Schools charge huge fees and as a result poor people are left with no choice, but to give up on their dream to have a better life.

Moreover, this is due to the fault on the part of Government Schools to match up to the standards of Private Schools. The environment, the facilities and the ambiance of Govt schools is filthy, embarrassing and moreover teachers are here just for money making. This is due to lack of regulatory mechanisms or Check systems for the same.

As a result, private sector enjoys Monopoly and hence is in a position to exploit the Society.

Moreover, Taking Higher education in India is completely a privilege. Medical colleges demand donations which range upto Crores.

And even Government premier B School like IIMs are no less in competition.

So, yes this strictly needs reform so that education can be accessible to all to ensure development of the Country and Society at large.

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Prince T said: (Jul 15, 2019)  
Hi everyone.

I agree with this topic.

Truly if you want higher education in 21 century you need to pay for this. Now we can compare education with a business. High school and college they directly provide the best answer when you take admission is so what they are doing only making a profit which a business does there are very less college which works on charity. Parents who are employed may pay for this but parents from the rural sector can not pay for such fee. The government should pay special attention on education because no country can grow without student and no student can grow without education.

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Anuhashika said: (Jun 28, 2019)  
Nowadays, parents thinking that the school which has high fees are worth. They compare with the government school they don't have discipline, communication, cleanliness because of government offering a free education if we give the fees our child get a good education and by the school itself they develop extra skills for their child.

By this only education, the industry becomes business. If the government gave the same education as per the private school and the education industry won't change to the business. They marketing their schools that the student of this school got highest marks in state and by watching this add the parents are ready to join it and not thinking about the fees. So in my point, the education industry is the best business these days.

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Mahesh said: (Jun 26, 2019)  
Good evening all,

I want to say something about this topic. Yes the education industry is a business nowadays. If education is not a business then private colleges don't take a donation for admission. If education is not a business then private colleges don't do advertisement and marketing. Is this all because the government colleges are not providing quality of education. No doubt the government appointed teachers are the best but they take more leaves in between the semester, the instrument and the apparatus are not properly working in the government colleges so the students can not get proper knowledge of the particular subject because of the lack of apparatus and the instruments. By considering all these factors the private colleges are providing good facilities and better quality of education by providing PhD holder teachers. So because of this they going to take more fees and making profit from that. But government should take care of this also because any of the colleges can't be increase more fees. And if students is weak in his field of education then they will go to the coaching classes and they will going to take the more fees. Hence education is busy nowadays because lots of money is involved and profit is involved in this. Thank you.

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Zaimon said: (Jun 21, 2019)  
I will take the country position as taken by a few of my colleagues here. Education is certainly not a business but an opportunity for the good development of human capital. With the growing need for technology and changing times, we have cultivated ourselves well within its grasp. And educational institutions and trusts are looking to explore these options to cater and prepare the students for this new economy. For instance, we have educomp in primary and secondary schools, more and more advanced workshops and research labs in universities, which provide avenues for research and development.

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Sruthi said: (Jun 21, 2019)  
Good morning to one & all.

Today's group discussion topic is about "Education industry is a business these days". Absolutely it is a business they were collecting more fee to pay. Even for a normal child who are just joined in a kinder garden should have to pay the fee which is equivalent to the fee paid by the students who are studying higher standards. Of course, they were collecting that much of fee by providing some comforts like AC classrooms, swimming, scatting, yoga, meditation & for higher level classes they were providing IIT foundation from sixth or seventh standards. Among them what is the use of AC rooms & IIT course foundation. In olden days children who are interested to get the education they used to go for the school & studied under the tree, why because in those days they were no classrooms as like now. Even though there are so many people who had become so talented. That's why in these days the level of education is decreasing. There is a principle that if we study well, we can get good marks if we can get good marks we can get a good job then after we can settle in our life with professional & financial comforts. But today this principle is not working for all.

Parents & their children are attracted to join in such reputed schools & colleges, it May be because of prestigious issues or financial strengths. Every parent used to tell to his/her child that if you study well you can enjoy your rest of the life with all comforts & benefits. But nowadays parents are providing all the comforts without showing the meaning of struggle. Children should have to know about their strengths & reality. Finally, I want to conclude the point, there are two reasons to become an educational industry is a business these days. Firstly parents should change their mindsets they should not force their child to study particular thing & they should give priority for best education & not for the silly aspects. The second one is the government should need to make a step forward for the best education in government schools & also try to decrease the fee for corporate schools. There should be at least 10-20% seat reservation for poor students in corporate schools.

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Niha said: (Jun 21, 2019)  
Nowadays the education system becomes a business why because there are so many reasons for that in that so many things I will tell you one thing that is especially in corporate colleges they give a lot of importance to money not for talent who pay the amount and buy a seat in his/her college they give importance that person whose are not paying money are all at home even they have also but because of money he or she at home.

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Mohit said: (Jun 18, 2019)  
I am Mohit nowadays education has become a business.

1. They are not providing a good quality of education.
2. They are taking a huge amount of fee and just passing time with the student.
3. Even some time in the class of 100 students they put about 150 students.
4. A student could not clear their doubt because of that.
5. Some schools are taking 1 lakh rupee for just 1 class children.

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Abhilasha Kumari said: (Jun 16, 2019)  
Hi friends this is Abhilasha, well according to my aspect education is a business, I am not against to the education but according to the present condition yes education is a business I have experience. I feel that private school and college used to take the lot of money but they not maintain the quality of professor for the increased the business they put a banner and advertising the organisation.

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Ashutosh said: (Jun 13, 2019)  
Hello friends, it's a very good question for all of you. I think it's right to say the education industry is going on business. Because there are a lot of things related like there is a huge amount of college is open without permission of govt of supposing the govt gives them permission then their quality of education very poor. They are focused on earnings not focused on the quality of education. Education should be quality full, not a quantity full. So govt must take action on these type of institutions which makes education as a business. Thank you.

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Sasikumar said: (Jun 5, 2019)  
Hi, this is Sasikumar.

First of all, we all must know the real world behind education, the important problem is, we increase educational institutes instead of increasing the value of education. Parants also blind in these situations, they only bother about their son life. In my view if institute count will less then the issue will automatically dead, DONT MEMORIZE, DO OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION.

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Dheeraj said: (Jun 4, 2019)  
The topic is quite interesting, well according to my aspect education is a business, I am not against education, but according to present scenario, I feel tht private schools and colleges used to demand a lot of money from parents, but they don't maintain the quality professors, if a single building is available, they used to make it as a school, and put banners and showcase tht their organization is fame from the past few years, but that's not at all sufficient, in order to build a school a large area where playground must be avilable to students so tht they can make their mind fresh, today institutions are like they only focus on marks. Well I appreciate government institutions because they maintain all the necessary eminities and with low pay scale of fee, and maintaining the medium as english, our present cm of ap is jagan, he made an rule tht in all government institutions Saturday was declared as no bag day, it was a great decision, I just want to say tht join your child in a school where all the eminities are available it may be either private or government.

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Rashi said: (Jun 1, 2019)  
Well, it might not be a business to the parents but yeah it's a business to the institutions who are running their schools and colleges by having a weak point of parents that is a better future. But obviously not only private institutions why can't the government put some fund on all the infrastructure, faculty and all the basic needs. Everyone is not affordable to pay. Just because of this difference education there is a lot of difference in every human status whether it is financial or natural. Obviously, it's a business I agree to it, that a pre kg kid could gain knowledge of worth 15000 per annum. Blindly parents are even supporting the system which is so unsure. Everyone needs to know the value of hard work. Simply sitting in ac classes, might help their knowledge but never let them be as a civil person.

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Chandan Chandil said: (May 26, 2019)  
Hello everyone,

I don't agree with this point that education industry is a business these days. According to me, toady's scenarios of every parent is that their child should get the good quality of education so for the good quality education they are paying the fee.

If we talk about government Institution and private institution are taking the more fee in comparison of govt institution but Pvt. Int. Are providing a good quality of education as well as they are giving the good facilities to their students in comparison of govt inst. They are hiring good professors and good teachers to the students and paying them a good salary. They are spending money and providing good quality so that's why they are taking more fee.

So it can't call a business it is the game of quality.

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Alekha Boruah said: (May 21, 2019)  
Education is not a business these days Education is an important part in our life.

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Piyush said: (May 9, 2019)  
I strongly believe in this point. As because I have experienced the same thing in my case. As those the same quality education I could get with less fees. So better before wasting money on any education centres, we should always use our brain and should look in our surroundings.

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Ayush Devda said: (May 3, 2019)  
Good evening all.

I disagree with this topic.

I don't think so education industry is a business because if we want to get a good education than we will have to pay more money because school and college management are giving great infrastructure nowadays management are giving a good teacher. Also, the faculty wants more money because nowadays number of teachers are Ph.D degree holder and also for poor people Indian government started a RTE (Right to education) scheme if any student is good in study but he is not able to pay school and college fee than student can go loan process There are number of education loan are available for student.

If people will not open school and college than student are not able to take an education.

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Pranaya said: (Apr 26, 2019)  
Hello Everyone.

Some examples to prove the above statement is,

1. Institutions providing dual degree. 2 years syllabus is compressed to one and taught without even reducing the fees to some extent.

2. Institutions are giving the first priority to the toppers as they can score more and bring the reputation to their institute whereas rest of the students are left aside.

3. Only the rich people can get the quality education in this current society as the poor people can't afford. Hence we can say that Education Industry is a business these days.

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Krishna-Kumar said: (Apr 21, 2019)  
Besides that, there is also the growth of coaching institutes that sustains this business. Parents have to pay hefty sums to get their children in good schools/colleges and pay again in. Coaching institutes. In such coaching institutes students may or may not fare well but it is always win-win for these institutes. In some institutes, teachers are not respected. Is important to educate students to learn a wide variety of knowledge instead of just focusing on doing exercises and papers. Moreover, a lot of tutorial centres emphasizing "High marks and Good grades" which mislead the students to have a wrong idea that "getting high marks" is essential in the process of learning and education. Worse still, even parents also encourage kids to get high marks but they ignored to inculcate the kids that acquiring new knowledge is important for their life. Parents also tend to encourage the kids to join.

After independence India has started well in the field of education with prominent examples like setting up of IITs, IISC, converting state-run colleges to NITs and many more. As time passed the moto of political parties changed to populist ideas to attract votes. Slowly India's investment in education sector reduced leading to poor performance in providing primary education to children.

There was a time when by self-study students clear the toughest exam like civil services, IIT, AIEEE, Engineering services, CAT etc but the ignorance of government in education sector lead the poor education level for students. With this scenario increasing population and job scarcity lead private players to convert education into a business.

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Aryan Rabha said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
Education nowadays is truly business with lots of mushrooming engineering/degree colleges in every cities. Besides that, there is also growth of coaching institutes that sustains this business. Parents have to pay hefty sums to get their children in good schools/colleges and pay again in coaching institutes. In such coaching institutes students may or may not fare well but it is always win-win for these institutes. In some institutes teachers are not respected. They have strict rules and regulations and made to work like factory workers. Overall one can safely say that education nowadays is really business.

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Binod Kumar Pradhan said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
Hi. Everyone.

I agree the education industry is a business these days. The word "industry" saying itself is for business. There are many schools and colleges provide education at a high cost.

Due to this, many people who are financially no effort, they can't get an education.

Nowadays we also get poor skill and knowledgeable teacher for which students are not get the proper education.

So, For me nowadays Education industry is a business.

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Pradeep Kuntal said: (Apr 4, 2019)  
Yes, I have seen that in these days the most exciting topic is "EDUCATION INDUSTRY IS A BUSINESS " firstly I can say that in cities the school fee of children is very high; a poor person cannot able to join their child in a good school.

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Hung Hung said: (Mar 28, 2019)  
I totally agree that Education industry is a business these days. In the past decades, It is important to educate students to learn a wide variety of knowledge instead of just focusing on doing exercises and papers. Moreover, a lot of tutorial centres emphasizing "High marks and Good grades" which mislead the students to have a wrong idea that "getting high marks" is essential in the process of learning and education. Worse still, even parents also encourage kids to get high marks but they ignored to inculcate the kids that acquiring new knowledge is important for their life. Parents also tend to encourage the kids to join as many tutorial classes as they could. Therefore, Education industry is a business these days.

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Naveena D said: (Mar 21, 2019)  
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, Education industry is business in this days. Because the education system is not provide good skills for students. It is only provide good marks and scores but not knowledge. In this generation education system is all about the business. So, it makes changes to the education industry.

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Anjali Mathe said: (Mar 19, 2019)  
I would like to start with the quote of Jawahar Lal Nehru-To be successful in life what you need is education.

Ironically today this quote proved to be right for the education business, all you need is to get one qualified teacher to attack 1000s of needy and grow the business.

After independence India has started well in the field of education with prominent examples like setting up of IITs, IISC, converting state-run colleges to NITs and many more. As time passed the moto of political parties changed to populist ideas to attract votes. Slowly India's investment in education sector reduced leading to poor performance in providing primary education to children.

There was a time when by self-study students clear the toughest exam like civil services, IIT, AIEEE, Engineering services, CAT etc but the ignorance of government in education sector lead the poor education level for students. With this scenario increasing population and job scarcity lead private players to convert education into a business.

With the ignorance of government toward education, private schools proved to provide a better quality of education and had successfully attacked students but at the cost of unregularised fee structure, soon these unregularised fees become a major source of income for the private school.

Growing competition with population helped the coaching centre to develop their roots with false promises of 100% selection and job guaranty which lured the needy.

Its after few of the government professors and politician pointed out making money intention of private institutes on the name of education and the declining standard of Indian education system, government has taken up few steps to curb this growing business of coaching center to ease the financial burden of parents, like grading system instead of % for10th class so the student doesn't get demotivated and continue with self-belief of doing better, the inclusion of school percentage in competitive exams so students focus more in school and don't move to coach centres, lowering the toughness of question paper so a student even can prepare by self-study.

But education business has developed its root to a great depth that any effort won't bear fruits up to a decade, Like after the inclusion of 12 class percentage in IIT exam, even after that I came to know about a coaching institute that has contracted a private school and now both school and the coaching institute are making money out of their ill policy.

So, yes education has become a business, which is not easy to stop at this phase of India where still after 70 years of independence we are enabled to provide primary education to children, jobs to youth and skills to graduates.

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Sanaya said: (Mar 4, 2019)  
Yes, of course. Nowadays education industries are not providing proper and needed education.

Yes I think many education departments are just running out because of good business, I'm not pointing here every other education industries but few are just for the business purpose, no one is thinking of quality education which is much needed, all parents are running after reputed names. People who are rich and able to afford high feeses is the only support and backbone of these education industries.

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M.Srihari said: (Feb 28, 2019)  
Hi everyone, according to my view.

* Nowadays education is becoming one of the business in all the stages either it is a school or a college or else in any private institutions.

*The government schools are also now providing good education in their schools but the private organisations are people are manipulating the people and telling them their institutions are good and if the students study in their institutions they will get good marks and jobs like that and make them join in their institutions.

*But in some institutions according to their fee, they are providing good resources to the students and make them learn in a better way.

*In some places some private institutions are unnecessarily charging more fee even for primary education and they are telling unrelated reasons like activities etc.

Finally, I conclude that the government should have to implement the strict rules in controlling the fee structures of private organisations.

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Prasanna M said: (Feb 24, 2019)  

Thanks for giving an opportunity to share my knowledge about this topic.

Really education industry is business industry because all parents dream is to join their children in reputed private schools because these days private school students are very smart they know all future technology comparing to government school students because government can't provide training in government schools because government can't bear all expenses incurred for development of students because of this reasons private schools owners can make profit by providing various skills and required knowledge for student to face competition in future and present it helps to increase demand for admissions in private school on that time they increase fees according to their needs and nowadays it is like a business parents ready to pay and schools ready to give quality education according to parents requirements.

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Amit Yadav said: (Feb 19, 2019)  
According to my view, education industries totally converted into business industries the main reason is that in government college there is no standard of education he does not take class properly the know govt is providing me salary if I teach or govt will pay my salary on time and another reason is that technology increasing but our education syllabus are past 15 years I don't no why they are not update the syllabus. And private sector are taking the advantage of that things they do so off and they said we are providing lots of facilities which is useful of student and every parent want my children get better education. They pay a lots of money but in reality college dose not provides any facilities but some govt college are very good to get admission in such college good marks and good rank their entrance exam student can not do hard work. Private college take the advantage of that and they takes lot of donation to take admission in our college.

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Simran Kubitkar said: (Feb 18, 2019)  
This topic is very interesting and Yes, nowadays the education system becomes business. It is one of the sources of earning many people's opening institute and start classes. In one area there are more than 5 to 6 tuition classes. Everyone trying to compit one another. Parents taking educational loans and paying fees in such an institution for making their children future bright and they join their children in a big institution for getting good marks and become an engineer or doctor. But really they wasted their money because in a big institution no one asks students are they really understand topics or not and students have no habit to ask mam or sir. So, in the end, they get a bad result. It is happening in real. In my opinion, education is going bad in day by day. Everyone want admission in private school and after school, everyone wants government college that strategy should be changed. Our education system is very bad because the syllabus is not updated and we get only theory knowledge from college and industry want practical knowledge that's why also unemployment increases day by day, therefore, everyone thought that engineers have no job they are jobless but they have no fault.

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Prakash said: (Feb 9, 2019)  
In this world, nothing is for free. Something that is for free, losses its importance very fast. So education and in fact best education must be costly.

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Prakash said: (Feb 9, 2019)  
Yes it is and it must be, I never support these management and engineering colleges as they are the one who is obviously involved in making it a business. But what we fail to realize is that every business has a willing customer who is ready to pay. Yes, we are those customers who pay. Every Indian kid and their parents should realize that it is completely their decision to make their kids an engineer. If a teacher is teaching well outside the campus everyone tries to lower his/her fees. If an institute charges 10lacs for giving nothing, students and parents ready to pay. So, it is a business and will remain a business until and unless people start changing their attitude towards the education system.

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Srikanth Chiruvella said: (Feb 4, 2019)  
In my point of view, most of the parents decided our children's studied only in corporate schools. They paid thousands and lakhs. Parents expected quality of education in corporate schools. There is no chance, why because many government schools are not quality of education, no communication skills. So, there is no options to the parents.

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Kavipriya said: (Feb 1, 2019)  
Good morning friends.

Now, my topic is Education industry is a business these days. In my point of you The private education sector wants to show our institution name in famously. So we followed only a magaping concept. Their don't consider students knowledge level and there excepting lot fees like thousands & lakhs. So their parents also want to show our financial status in their friends circle so we buying a things high cost. Like uniforms. Pencil box, lunchbox, school bags. Now a days a teacher also followed only bookish syllabus it's not helps to students own creativity.

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Maheshvaran said: (Jan 27, 2019)  
Hi I am Maheshvaran.

Today education becomes a business and people are taking a loan from the banks because their income is very low. For rural people, it is very difficult to study in private schools and private colleges. All people are not having the mindset and on the whole, education becomes completely a business-oriented programme. Many colleges are getting a donation amount and it is difficult to study there. Many students are getting placements after getting the degree which is held in India. It is better to change this system.

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Pritam said: (Jan 24, 2019)  
Education is a small word. But describe a lot. It is no doubt education play a pivotal role in our society. Nowadays, education has turned into a business-oriented programme. In this technological era, there are umpteen graduate and post graduate students in our country. What is the use of a degree? If the education is not job-centric. Our education does not care every individual student. It only focuses on marks oriented student. The aftermath of this, remaining parts of the student are suffering due to poor marks in their academic career and they are not sufficient enough to get a job for a living.

Thank you.

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Asif Hashmi said: (Jan 20, 2019)  
Topic: education industry business these days.

First of all, business is not a bad thing. Point in perspective of education industry now days is all about fraud business and the education industry ruin because of the unhealthy competition. I am slightly agree that the education industry is business these days. But the problem is in stereotype society thinking degree education is everything and administration who compromising the quality education on mass level. The literal meaning of business is on positive sense providing and acceptance.

A scientist needs a lot of experimentation, the social scientist needs a lot of resource and these all happen on expenditure.

The solution should be primary education in every section without compromising quality.

The meritorious student should be given incentive by private education bodies.

A special consumer court should be for fraud business in the education industry.

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$Ubra@T said: (Jan 16, 2019)  
Hi! my name is Subrat. Now I am going to write my overall point of view regarding the current topic.

I totally agree that nowadays Education industry is taken as a business as I have said business, that term is all about profit and loss. Teacher has the right to take money from there students because teacher also doing their work I mean they also do hard work to satisfy their students but due to the numerous of students are now coming to study so education industries play a business game among themselves, I am trying to say that industries are always trying to attract students by providing additional features. It proves that today's education industry is a business where students act as customers (obvious).

At last, I want to say that every education industry"s aim is how to get more students than others instead of giving proper teaching to their students.

I must tell to every education institutes that if we give proper teaching to your students then there is no need to show any AD, Students automatically come to your institutions. Because "Students is your real advertiser", so please keep that in your mind. "NO ADVERTISEMENT ONLY PROPER STUDY".

THANK you.

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Bhargav Sai said: (Jan 10, 2019)  
I agree that education became a perfect platform to earn money. But in some government schools the education system is good they too conducting digital classes without any fee. The problem is our parents not only them we too believe that education in government school are not upto the standards. If our government take some care then there is no need join atleast our children in private schools.

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Anji Reddy said: (Jan 5, 2019)  
Nowadays the Education system is completely changed as a business organization. Especially in India education is most cost. If in case one poor boy wants study in corporate school or college he can't affordable on education because they management was thinking on money purpose only. You have money then you can study in corporate education sources. Government provides Scholorship for poor people but it is accept for some colleges only. Nowadays the education system completely depends on marks not encourage the talent because who get the highest marks in class he is the talent but they do not encourage talented peoples.

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Naveena D said: (Dec 24, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends,

Obviously, the education system logically acts as a business environment. Because of anyone schools are not teaching for student knowledge. It is based only on the marks. They are only teaching how can we score higher marks when compared to the other schools.

So business tricks are used in the education industry. The government offers many things to education. But teachers are not using this facility and also not providing good skills for students.

Village side schools are not properly working. 25 per cent of schools is only for entertainment. It does not provide the education for poor peoples. Corruption is also coming to the education system. Thank You So Much.

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Sai Kumar Reddy said: (Dec 1, 2018)  

Nowadays education system becomes a business. The main reason is that the government schools are not up to the standards, so every parent wants to give better education to their children and join their children in corporate schools by paying thousands and lakes of fees. It's not their mistake. But taking this as advantage corporate schools collect Lang of donations and they do not maintain minimum standard in education. They didn't provide a playground, they don't mind of interests of the students. Today's style of these education systems business is that they themselves sell all the things like uniforms, books, school bags for higher cost and make this as mandatory to buy all those things from them only. They provide a luxurious life by making students lazy In spite of not providing quality education.

So, parents must aware of all those things and provide quality education to their children In spite of providing a luxurious life.

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Amit Karanja said: (Nov 24, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I agree with this topic but nowadays in government schools education level is less and in government school student don't know about why we are studying any after-school life they left school and if we ask any government teacher that where you send your child for study you will get answer that in private school this big falt in education system we can not anything our parents because they always want that we be happy always that's why they do everything for us they send us in coaching and other private Institute give money a lot of so I want to tell that government should give special pay attention to primary education because this is base of education every student.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

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Ankit said: (Oct 29, 2018)  
I would say, the education industry is growing in an exponential manner. And only this industry takes on over 40% of the total business.

People will sleep with an empty stomach, but they will send their child for higher education- is the scenario in most of the middle class and rich families. We don't think much, we have only one goal to get an education with certification which will bring jobs. But we never think, what a job is, on which the job is going to work? we don't ask our teachers that when everyone will work in Govt then who will pay taxes. I'm telling you, the industrialists are taking advantage of this kind of mentality while building a brand new institution. We should think twice before being admitted into such an institution where education is available to all who lacks in merit but have a lot of money.

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Deepak Tiwari said: (Oct 22, 2018)  
At this time, teachers are only following the syllabus and they teach to provide bookish information which will not help in making a sense of creativity.

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Mayur said: (Oct 16, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends.

According to my point of View, Education Industry is Not a Business these days.

There are Teachers & Educational institutes who's Motive is to Build Student's Future. There are Teachers who pay attention to their Students and Mentored them until they get succeed.

Well As far as Money is Concerned. So there is some money required for Maintenance. Salary to Faculties, Infrastructure and some other expenses are there.

Thank you.

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.Manik said: (Oct 16, 2018)  
Yes, my view every institute collecting the money, but not providing the equal education.

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Ayush Pal said: (Oct 13, 2018)  
Hello friend,

According to my point of view, really the education system becoming the business-oriented, because in today's trend that everyone wants to show up our status.

The society is also responsible for making this type of situation.

If people are aware they are capable to think our right and wrong.

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Charu said: (Oct 13, 2018)  
The education industry is a business nowadays it is the biggest truth of life.

1. Nowadays college school are only business ideas they doing business only they only receive money.

2. I noticed that college and school are only focused on theoretical knowledge because of this students mind are not develop properly.

3. They hire only those faculties and teachers there are paying less amount. For this best knowledgeable faculties and teachers are going next field and another place.

4. In India, the cultural school and college focus on theory. If they focus on equally both theory and practical knowledge students have gained more knowledge.

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Kiran Khot said: (Oct 12, 2018)  
Good afternoon.

My name is Kiran.

Yes, I appreciate this point, the education industry is business today. Schools and colleges are taking to many donations from parents and they are hiring very fewer teachers and give really fewer facilities. But I think the government must have to do one thing they can make all private school government school and reduce all donations. And they must have to do basic schooling free of cost. That makes education available for any poor people also.

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Nikita said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
The education industry is a business these days.

Education is very important to grow and helps the country. It allows human being to understand and to face off there challenge in there manner. But now a days it's has become a business due to globalization. Education industries main motive is to earn profit. In India, education is becoming business at a vast pace. In India, people believe in grades and certificate, not that how much the child understand by heart. Whereas, In Dubai, primary and secondary education is free and it made compulsory in law. Childrens mostly prefer coaching and institution for getting higher marks, and they achieve it because they clear their concept in them. They can't get atmosphere of learning in school because they have lots of doubt. Teachers only teach what is written in book, he/she can't describe behalf of them and can't clear the concept of child. Teachers only want to complete their syllabus on time while they can't sees that how much the child understand. So according to me, the education system is prevailing into business in these days.

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Prateek Kumar said: (Oct 7, 2018)  
Yes I totally agree with this topic.

Nowadays, this is a trend in a business field. People are building an educational institutes and coaching centers to earn money. They don't care about the quality of education.

Parents are also worried about their children's education, they do everything for this, it has increased the level of corruption in the education industry.

People think of it as a status definition, so they are sending their children into the big budget schools and coaching centers. This is why educational institutes have become a business industry.

My suggestion is to prevent the education system from becoming a business industry, the government should keep an eye on such institutions and lay a set of rules and regulations. So that the school can concentrate more on providing quality of education rather than focus on money.

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Ganesh Naidu said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
Yes, it's a trend nowadays. Those who are planning to start a business their first choice is the education system. There are many educational institutes taking money in the name of education. But demanding money is not a crime because it's not easy to maintain an educational organisation without money. But my point is quality of education should be provided according to money.

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Aniruddh said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
Yes, I completely agree with this topic that our education system is converted from knowledge-based to business oriented industry. I think that both the education provider (organisation, institute school collages etc) and students are responsible for this action because the purpose of getting educated is shifted from gaining knowledge to getting the job and earn money. Thats why students and their parent focus and force to choose science.

And bio as subject and we all know that there are limited government seats are available in that so this leads to the rising of privatisation in the education sector where there is no governing body to set the fee structure and other expenses.

I also agree with this fact that there is tough competition in other stream-like arts, sports, etc but the point is that there is no involvement of private sector to such extent like in science and bio which make it business oriented.

So to change the scenario we have to think open-mindedly and also give importance others streams.

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Naga Sravani Tangirala said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
Even I accept the education industry is a business these days because the main reason for this the parents. There are the one who sends there children to the corporate school which has the high fee structure returning the students with high pressure and strained environment. This in turn in other side this makes money for the business for the institutions.

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Vidyasree said: (Sep 30, 2018)  
Hi, everyone.

I agree that the education industry is a business these days,

Nowadays people are thinking that, if they send their children into corporate schools only, they will get the value and respect in the society and the other side people are making money with the student's career. Even just for play schools, everyone is spending money in lacs for their children's career and for quality education. But this "quality" term disappeared many years ago. People have to realize and should raise the voice for quality education (i.e In terms of practicality and examination pattern) and the fee structure for a better society and for a better India.

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Alok K Panday said: (Sep 30, 2018)  
No doubt, the modern education is a business these days. In modern India, students are dreaming to do best and innovative but some broker misguides them. You very well knew in India there are a lot of private colleges. It takes more money no never provide a good platform where a student can utilize their skills. They only maintain their infrastructure and budget bank. In kota, every student gets admission there to enter the IIT colleges. Each student pays 1 lakh rupees for coaching and pay a lot of money to live there. All the builders build building there and take expensive rent charge. Govt should ensure fees of private institutes.

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Ravindra said: (Sep 28, 2018)  

I'm totally agree with the topic because education is the most important thing for our better future but the people don't care about your future. The schools & colleges are increasing day by day and students take admission by thinking that they will provide better education but things that happens is after taking the admission you will become able to know that they don't have any experienced teacher who can teach you better that's because of they provide less salary to the teacher and take anyone as a teacher so how they can teach you better. Just they are doing their business. They don't have any effect whether you are gaining knowledge or not, they only have mean from their business.

So, for gaining the better knowledge students have to choose some extra sources for that.

Rate this: +22 -5

Puskar said: (Sep 24, 2018)  
Education is a most important things in our life because it builds character and character build nation. India is a nation where lot number of Mahatma was birth and present India in front of world with their education and talent. But nowadays education become a business hub in India. Lot of money involved in education. Nowadays the system is which have a lot of income they can provide good schooling for their children only and poor people they have not money they send their children in govt school where teaching is less mid-day meal is the important thing. I do not against the mid day meal but I think that is somehow hamper the education system. That's why when we come to compete with those private student we are little beat behind from them.

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Varun said: (Sep 22, 2018)  
India is known for its culture and the value patterns we have been following. Likewise, education was considered as a service, is said that the entire concept has changed and the service has become pure business.

Rather than delivering the same old book concepts, we should provide a great platform where the students can think wisely and choose whats the best domain for them to do the best.

There are different methods of teaching.

- Disseminating.

- Creative.

Guide the students to think creatively and provide opportunities to get the hands-on real-time based scenarios with which students will no longer prefer the spoon feeding concept. We should look for the quality of education, not quantity.

Rate this: +14 -4

Yeshwanth said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
I will agree this one the education is business. They are demanding the money for playschool itself. So damn sure the education is the business to become the rich people.

Rate this: +3 -12

Monu said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
Yes, I totally agree with the topic. Nowadays private school demand much amount of fee for a better education, even coaching centre also demand. There soul purpose is earning big amount of money not giving a better education. On the other hand govt teacher in rural areas they are not teaching well to there children so parents have no options that 's why education industries is a business.

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Somun said: (Sep 6, 2018)  
Yes, it's a trend nowadays. Those who are planning to start a business their first choice is the education system. There are many educational institutes taking money in the name of education. But demanding money is not a crime because it's not easy to maintain an educational organisation without money. But my point is quality of education should be provided according to money.

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Anonymous said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Yes. It can clearly be observed that the education system has become a business industry these days. Everyone wants to earn money and our education industry has become one among the great opportunities to extract money from parents. One reason behind this scenario is that the majority of government schools don't have proper education facilities so the parents being worried about their childs future are helpless and have to admit their child in private schools as they claim to give a proper education and facilities. But many private schools take it as an advantage and in exchange of good education they demand a hefty amount of fees and donations in exchange of giving admission to the children in their respective schools.

Along with this sometimes it is seen that the standard of education provided is inadequate as compared to the fees they extracted from the children. Thus the government must keep an eye on such institutions and lay a strong set of rules and regulations to prevent the education system from becoming a business industry so that the school focus more on providing quality education rather than concetrating on the money issue.

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Paras said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
I totally agree with the topic. Nowdays education system become a organisation that collect only fee but not delivered the education that is very much important for our students. Private section of education is doing exactly this. In other hand government teacher try to teach but people did not want to send their child to government school.

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N.Raviteja said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Nowadays, the education system is changing to purchase system everyone is going to the private schools and not joining in the government schools because of their no proper discipline and no proper education sometimes.

Teachers are coming and some time students coming to the schools so without students what would teachers do there in the school so the governament should change the processor of government schools colleges like english learning and like biometric attedence and a proper nice food so these are disadvantages so the middle class pepole also purchasing more money to the private schools and colleges so if the goverment schools facilities increases then all will to goverment schools but the was not botherd about because there is governments hand in the education system of private schools and colleges and there more then 60% Of private schools and only 40% of government schools we have the government Schools are due to lack of teachers and students first of all the government education should change then the private education changes due to lack of improperness in government schools so all are purchasing more money in the private school minimum a 30%-40% salary of middle class are investing in private education system so it should change if they took that much money no proper education in private schools because increseing of students in the schools and colleges there is lack of knwoledge in private enducation what I say now a days the education system is becoming business now Days its true.

Rate this: +8 -8

Dinabandhu Nayak said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
Nowadays Education is a Commision not a Mission for Institutions. Value of education system Decreased day by day because of some Unproffessional Owners, they only focous on there Pockets not Students Carriers.

Rate this: +19 -4

Payal said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
Completely agreed! It is a business these days as the main motive of most of the institutions is not imparting knowledge rather making profits. Some institutes charge very high fees claiming that they have excellent infrastructure whose cost they have to cover up. Some institutions take donations for giving admissions. Some Government owned institutes charge low fees but the quality of education they provide is also low. Nowadays, private individuals who already have good incomes from their businesses set up educational institutes claiming that they want to serve the society though their main motive is to create an additional source of income.

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Vish said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
I agree with this topic.

As nowadays education has became business rather than learning platform, our parents typical mindsrt has made them to think if it is a convent the quality of education will be high and if it is govt school there is no quality of education and we have to blame the government for not regulating the govt school properly people who study in govt doesn't even get proper classroom these things are not properly concentrated on the govt school on top of that they itself not sending their kid to govt school then think about middle class people what they will do only people who cannot afford more money send their kid to govt.

Rate this: +2 -3

K Sudarshan said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
Yes, I agree with this subject.

This is real facts of to days educational system many educators are formed collages for only business and provided high-class facilities but not life strategy and on this issue not care about the government they open colleges and this issue is done.

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Education industry is a business these days.

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