Education industry is a business these days.

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Shrishti Trivedi said:   4 months ago
Hello everyone,

In my opinion,

A) Education industry is a business these days because they focus on how much money can we take it from parents for coaching not on the quality content of subjects.

B) As these days mock tests are tested within a fixed range so the student should not leave their coaching and not tell the reality of their level.

C) Toppers are of every coaching there, they focus on them mostly because they want their coaching name should not get down. But what about those students who have equally paid fees and who focus on them no one in coaching?

D) Nowadays coaching teaches students like this that the students get cannot come out from the cycle of coaching classes and do not get time for self-study.

Gayathri R said:   6 months ago
Yes, it's absolutely right, because nowadays education is seen as a business, not as the thought of distributing knowledge. Especially, these days we cannot think on our own we just learn the book, study materials, etc, just copying it and pasting it into exam paper there is no thinking knowledge.

Mostly the grades depend on copying skills not on thinking skills. If you have money you can pass it if you don't have knowledge too.

Hetanshi said:   11 months ago
In my opinion, Education is the most important thing for everyone, but in private universities nowadays, it seems like they are operating more like businesses than educational institutions because they charge far too much in tuition and for supplies like textbooks and uniforms. This time, every parent wants to enrol their children in a reputable private school, but they overlook the fact that there are also public schools available, and that public school teachers are competent and gifted. I believe it is our fault. Because our government spends a lot of money on education in public schools, we need to take this into consideration. You know how competitive it is for a government position these days.

Supriya said:   11 months ago
It's a bitter truth we all have to accept that "Education is business these days. " According to the history, Education is considered as one of the Dhan i.e., Vidyadhan (to offer) which says to share knowledge for free. But today schools, colleges, Institutes are making business out of it by expecting amount that is not affordable by everyone. With the name of great infrastructure and facilities they charge from the students but there is no surity of quality educationAlso the education system says "The more you pay, The more you get. "Due to which there are many poor families who don't think about higher education of their children. If this continues then obviously the rich will be richest but the poor remains the same. In my view, every student should be provided the same kind of education because there are many intelligent students who just step back because of the fee in colleges.

The college management should remember one thing that is Students need education not facilities in the college. Specially engineering colleges afraids the students with the fees but many students remains unemployed at the end of their college. Students feel those 4 years are just useless.

I conclude that Education and quality education costs different these days.

Simran Bishnoi said:   1 year ago
Yes, that is absolutely true, as well all are aware of the private schools and colleges and paying high amount from the students basically from their parents.

It's a harsh truth that in some schools and colleges parents have to pay donations to get their children admission.

Even the quota system should be removed from Indian culture it was for a certain period of time when certain castes of people get neglected but nowadays everyone is equal, why do only General caste people have to suffer from this quota system, as we Indians live in a democratic country where everyone has their rights.

Other than in some colleges and schools, only girls are getting scholarships.

Lastly, I would I like to say that everyone should be treated equally.

Pratiksha sanam said:   1 year ago
Yes, in nowadays Day by day the population is increasing and also education is now day most important part play in this day and also many people are getting a chance for then they are just taking a lot of money From people like our colleges and schools they take lots of fees but not give as much as information provided. So it will affect student's life and also their family's financial issue are facing.

Like a job and courses, they are taking too many fees for any course and didn't take any proper job so it was all business the making money there are lots of consultancy thye are just taking money and don't provide knowledge. So that, I am with this topic now day education system is changing throw only making for money.

Prem medhane said:   1 year ago
Good morning friends my name is Prem Medhane.

I am glad to start the discussion, topic given to us is 'the education industry is a business industry.

In my opinion, it's totally true, The whole education sector is facing criticism and its not a problem of a specific locality buts its spread all over India.

Due to many flaws and corruption in education its obviously going to be difficult to clear it but over a period of time we can get over it. However, I believe that it's personally an individual mistake also.

Some education policies can be revised or reviewed because of the current policies, I don't think they are competent enough to be carried forward, these days many cases can be seen in which after a period we get to know that he was a fake doctor and etc.

I think the government can get into the matter and take decisions accordingly.

That's all for me.


Anonymous said:   1 year ago
Yeah, in my opinion, that's true education industry is a business these days as all the private schools and colleges are just concerned about the money not on the skills or education of a student. Even if you are just failing in any of the tiers, the student pays the price and he/she gets passed in that tier with flying colours. This thing kind of vandalises our education system as the student who is not capable, you are just giving him a good position and that should not be dere.

These things exist everywhere, if you have the money you can have anything.

Ram shinde said:   1 year ago
Yes, I got a lot of experience in the education system. Several institutes are spreading advertisements we will do that we will give you a big opportunity for your children. But I thought There are many types of people living in the community and most of the people's circumstances are very poor Because of the low income of those people, they cannot spend on education.

Prem kamble said:   1 year ago
The most fact tell that today's education industry is a business these days but students learn knowledge best and poor people do not learn this system because is a financial issue this platform is very wrong.

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