Education industry is a business these days.

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Sai Kumar Reddy said: (Dec 1, 2018)  

Nowadays education system becomes a business. The main reason is that the government schools are not up to the standards, so every parent wants to give better education to their children and join their children in corporate schools by paying thousands and lakes of fees. It's not their mistake. But taking this as advantage corporate schools collect Lang of donations and they do not maintain minimum standard in education. They didn't provide a playground, they don't mind of interests of the students. Today's style of these education systems business is that they themselves sell all the things like uniforms, books, school bags for higher cost and make this as mandatory to buy all those things from them only. They provide a luxurious life by making students lazy In spite of not providing quality education.

So, parents must aware of all those things and provide quality education to their children In spite of providing a luxurious life.

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Amit Karanja said: (Nov 24, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I agree with this topic but nowadays in government schools education level is less and in government school student don't know about why we are studying any after-school life they left school and if we ask any government teacher that where you send your child for study you will get answer that in private school this big falt in education system we can not anything our parents because they always want that we be happy always that's why they do everything for us they send us in coaching and other private Institute give money a lot of so I want to tell that government should give special pay attention to primary education because this is base of education every student.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

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Ankit said: (Oct 29, 2018)  
I would say, the education industry is growing in an exponential manner. And only this industry takes on over 40% of the total business.

People will sleep with an empty stomach, but they will send their child for higher education- is the scenario in most of the middle class and rich families. We don't think much, we have only one goal to get an education with certification which will bring jobs. But we never think, what a job is, on which the job is going to work? we don't ask our teachers that when everyone will work in Govt then who will pay taxes. I'm telling you, the industrialists are taking advantage of this kind of mentality while building a brand new institution. We should think twice before being admitted into such an institution where education is available to all who lacks in merit but have a lot of money.

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Deepak Tiwari said: (Oct 22, 2018)  
At this time, teachers are only following the syllabus and they teach to provide bookish information which will not help in making a sense of creativity.

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Mayur said: (Oct 16, 2018)  
Good Evening Friends.

According to my point of View, Education Industry is Not a Business these days.

There are Teachers & Educational institutes who's Motive is to Build Student's Future. There are Teachers who pay attention to their Students and Mentored them until they get succeed.

Well As far as Money is Concerned. So there is some money required for Maintenance. Salary to Faculties, Infrastructure and some other expenses are there.

Thank you.

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.Manik said: (Oct 16, 2018)  
Yes, my view every institute collecting the money, but not providing the equal education.

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Ayush Pal said: (Oct 13, 2018)  
Hello friend,

According to my point of view, really the education system becoming the business-oriented, because in today's trend that everyone wants to show up our status.

The society is also responsible for making this type of situation.

If people are aware they are capable to think our right and wrong.

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Charu said: (Oct 13, 2018)  
The education industry is a business nowadays it is the biggest truth of life.

1. Nowadays college school are only business ideas they doing business only they only receive money.

2. I noticed that college and school are only focused on theoretical knowledge because of this students mind are not develop properly.

3. They hire only those faculties and teachers there are paying less amount. For this best knowledgeable faculties and teachers are going next field and another place.

4. In India, the cultural school and college focus on theory. If they focus on equally both theory and practical knowledge students have gained more knowledge.

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Kiran Khot said: (Oct 12, 2018)  
Good afternoon.

My name is Kiran.

Yes, I appreciate this point, the education industry is business today. Schools and colleges are taking to many donations from parents and they are hiring very fewer teachers and give really fewer facilities. But I think the government must have to do one thing they can make all private school government school and reduce all donations. And they must have to do basic schooling free of cost. That makes education available for any poor people also.

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Nikita said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
The education industry is a business these days.

Education is very important to grow and helps the country. It allows human being to understand and to face off there challenge in there manner. But now a days it's has become a business due to globalization. Education industries main motive is to earn profit. In India, education is becoming business at a vast pace. In India, people believe in grades and certificate, not that how much the child understand by heart. Whereas, In Dubai, primary and secondary education is free and it made compulsory in law. Childrens mostly prefer coaching and institution for getting higher marks, and they achieve it because they clear their concept in them. They can't get atmosphere of learning in school because they have lots of doubt. Teachers only teach what is written in book, he/she can't describe behalf of them and can't clear the concept of child. Teachers only want to complete their syllabus on time while they can't sees that how much the child understand. So according to me, the education system is prevailing into business in these days.

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Prateek Kumar said: (Oct 7, 2018)  
Yes I totally agree with this topic.

Nowadays, this is a trend in a business field. People are building an educational institutes and coaching centers to earn money. They don't care about the quality of education.

Parents are also worried about their children's education, they do everything for this, it has increased the level of corruption in the education industry.

People think of it as a status definition, so they are sending their children into the big budget schools and coaching centers. This is why educational institutes have become a business industry.

My suggestion is to prevent the education system from becoming a business industry, the government should keep an eye on such institutions and lay a set of rules and regulations. So that the school can concentrate more on providing quality of education rather than focus on money.

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Ganesh Naidu said: (Oct 4, 2018)  
Yes, it's a trend nowadays. Those who are planning to start a business their first choice is the education system. There are many educational institutes taking money in the name of education. But demanding money is not a crime because it's not easy to maintain an educational organisation without money. But my point is quality of education should be provided according to money.

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Aniruddh said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
Yes, I completely agree with this topic that our education system is converted from knowledge-based to business oriented industry. I think that both the education provider (organisation, institute school collages etc) and students are responsible for this action because the purpose of getting educated is shifted from gaining knowledge to getting the job and earn money. Thats why students and their parent focus and force to choose science.

And bio as subject and we all know that there are limited government seats are available in that so this leads to the rising of privatisation in the education sector where there is no governing body to set the fee structure and other expenses.

I also agree with this fact that there is tough competition in other stream-like arts, sports, etc but the point is that there is no involvement of private sector to such extent like in science and bio which make it business oriented.

So to change the scenario we have to think open-mindedly and also give importance others streams.

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Naga Sravani Tangirala said: (Oct 2, 2018)  
Even I accept the education industry is a business these days because the main reason for this the parents. There are the one who sends there children to the corporate school which has the high fee structure returning the students with high pressure and strained environment. This in turn in other side this makes money for the business for the institutions.

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Vidyasree said: (Sep 30, 2018)  
Hi, everyone.

I agree that the education industry is a business these days,

Nowadays people are thinking that, if they send their children into corporate schools only, they will get the value and respect in the society and the other side people are making money with the student's career. Even just for play schools, everyone is spending money in lacs for their children's career and for quality education. But this "quality" term disappeared many years ago. People have to realize and should raise the voice for quality education (i.e In terms of practicality and examination pattern) and the fee structure for a better society and for a better India.

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Alok K Panday said: (Sep 30, 2018)  
No doubt, the modern education is a business these days. In modern India, students are dreaming to do best and innovative but some broker misguides them. You very well knew in India there are a lot of private colleges. It takes more money no never provide a good platform where a student can utilize their skills. They only maintain their infrastructure and budget bank. In kota, every student gets admission there to enter the IIT colleges. Each student pays 1 lakh rupees for coaching and pay a lot of money to live there. All the builders build building there and take expensive rent charge. Govt should ensure fees of private institutes.

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Ravindra said: (Sep 28, 2018)  

I'm totally agree with the topic because education is the most important thing for our better future but the people don't care about your future. The schools & colleges are increasing day by day and students take admission by thinking that they will provide better education but things that happens is after taking the admission you will become able to know that they don't have any experienced teacher who can teach you better that's because of they provide less salary to the teacher and take anyone as a teacher so how they can teach you better. Just they are doing their business. They don't have any effect whether you are gaining knowledge or not, they only have mean from their business.

So, for gaining the better knowledge students have to choose some extra sources for that.

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Puskar said: (Sep 24, 2018)  
Education is a most important things in our life because it builds character and character build nation. India is a nation where lot number of Mahatma was birth and present India in front of world with their education and talent. But nowadays education become a business hub in India. Lot of money involved in education. Nowadays the system is which have a lot of income they can provide good schooling for their children only and poor people they have not money they send their children in govt school where teaching is less mid-day meal is the important thing. I do not against the mid day meal but I think that is somehow hamper the education system. That's why when we come to compete with those private student we are little beat behind from them.

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Varun said: (Sep 22, 2018)  
India is known for its culture and the value patterns we have been following. Likewise, education was considered as a service, is said that the entire concept has changed and the service has become pure business.

Rather than delivering the same old book concepts, we should provide a great platform where the students can think wisely and choose whats the best domain for them to do the best.

There are different methods of teaching.

- Disseminating.

- Creative.

Guide the students to think creatively and provide opportunities to get the hands-on real-time based scenarios with which students will no longer prefer the spoon feeding concept. We should look for the quality of education, not quantity.

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Yeshwanth said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
I will agree this one the education is business. They are demanding the money for playschool itself. So damn sure the education is the business to become the rich people.

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Monu said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
Yes, I totally agree with the topic. Nowadays private school demand much amount of fee for a better education, even coaching centre also demand. There soul purpose is earning big amount of money not giving a better education. On the other hand govt teacher in rural areas they are not teaching well to there children so parents have no options that 's why education industries is a business.

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Somun said: (Sep 6, 2018)  
Yes, it's a trend nowadays. Those who are planning to start a business their first choice is the education system. There are many educational institutes taking money in the name of education. But demanding money is not a crime because it's not easy to maintain an educational organisation without money. But my point is quality of education should be provided according to money.

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Anonymous said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Yes. It can clearly be observed that the education system has become a business industry these days. Everyone wants to earn money and our education industry has become one among the great opportunities to extract money from parents. One reason behind this scenario is that the majority of government schools don't have proper education facilities so the parents being worried about their childs future are helpless and have to admit their child in private schools as they claim to give a proper education and facilities. But many private schools take it as an advantage and in exchange of good education they demand a hefty amount of fees and donations in exchange of giving admission to the children in their respective schools.

Along with this sometimes it is seen that the standard of education provided is inadequate as compared to the fees they extracted from the children. Thus the government must keep an eye on such institutions and lay a strong set of rules and regulations to prevent the education system from becoming a business industry so that the school focus more on providing quality education rather than concetrating on the money issue.

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Paras said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
I totally agree with the topic. Nowdays education system become a organisation that collect only fee but not delivered the education that is very much important for our students. Private section of education is doing exactly this. In other hand government teacher try to teach but people did not want to send their child to government school.

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N.Raviteja said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Nowadays, the education system is changing to purchase system everyone is going to the private schools and not joining in the government schools because of their no proper discipline and no proper education sometimes.

Teachers are coming and some time students coming to the schools so without students what would teachers do there in the school so the governament should change the processor of government schools colleges like english learning and like biometric attedence and a proper nice food so these are disadvantages so the middle class pepole also purchasing more money to the private schools and colleges so if the goverment schools facilities increases then all will to goverment schools but the was not botherd about because there is governments hand in the education system of private schools and colleges and there more then 60% Of private schools and only 40% of government schools we have the government Schools are due to lack of teachers and students first of all the government education should change then the private education changes due to lack of improperness in government schools so all are purchasing more money in the private school minimum a 30%-40% salary of middle class are investing in private education system so it should change if they took that much money no proper education in private schools because increseing of students in the schools and colleges there is lack of knwoledge in private enducation what I say now a days the education system is becoming business now Days its true.

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Dinabandhu Nayak said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
Nowadays Education is a Commision not a Mission for Institutions. Value of education system Decreased day by day because of some Unproffessional Owners, they only focous on there Pockets not Students Carriers.

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Payal said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
Completely agreed! It is a business these days as the main motive of most of the institutions is not imparting knowledge rather making profits. Some institutes charge very high fees claiming that they have excellent infrastructure whose cost they have to cover up. Some institutions take donations for giving admissions. Some Government owned institutes charge low fees but the quality of education they provide is also low. Nowadays, private individuals who already have good incomes from their businesses set up educational institutes claiming that they want to serve the society though their main motive is to create an additional source of income.

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Vish said: (Aug 27, 2018)  
I agree with this topic.

As nowadays education has became business rather than learning platform, our parents typical mindsrt has made them to think if it is a convent the quality of education will be high and if it is govt school there is no quality of education and we have to blame the government for not regulating the govt school properly people who study in govt doesn't even get proper classroom these things are not properly concentrated on the govt school on top of that they itself not sending their kid to govt school then think about middle class people what they will do only people who cannot afford more money send their kid to govt.

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K Sudarshan said: (Aug 24, 2018)  
Yes, I agree with this subject.

This is real facts of to days educational system many educators are formed collages for only business and provided high-class facilities but not life strategy and on this issue not care about the government they open colleges and this issue is done.

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Shubham said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
Yeah, Completely agree with the topic. I just want to say that schools are becoming education because we are supporting that education. We think that if our child is studying in costly school, he is studying better, this mentality is raising this corruption.

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Monisha said: (Aug 20, 2018)  
As, I agree with all my friends here, I would like to contribute that in today's era, everyone wants to earn money by adopting the right way or corrupted way. Education is the most important perspective in today's world so each and every individual wants to get knowledge but people make this business by opening institutions at small places that so-called branches.

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Afzal said: (Aug 20, 2018)  
Yes, It is a business as data suggested that investment on the return of mostly has been decreased in the last decade.

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Anushka said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
I agree with the topic. Today definition of education is changed by the education industry, it is more like a way of making money not a path of knowledge. Nowadays it is a trend in the business field. People are building education institutes and coaching centres just for the sake of earning and profit. They don't care about the quality of education. Parents are also concern about their child's education, they do everything for it, it has raised the level of corruption in the education industry. Private institutes have increased the bar of fees without raising the quality. People think of it as a status definition to sending the children into big-budget schools and coaching centres.

I think the government needs to take initiative to stop the self-will of education institutes. Government schools are needed to raise their quality otherwise people will kept high prices for education.

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Vivek Garg said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Hello Everyone,

Nowadays, some of the educational institutes have a single motive to earn as much as they can. These type of institutes are not focusing on the learning graph of the student. Even, more than 70% of institutes are business oriented.

Educational institutes are making the castle in the air that we are providing facilities in our classrooms, "But what about the knowledge". Before the Government of India, people should understand the situation how can we provide the better education for the students in affordable prices.

Each and every educational institute should hire better faculty so that student can be productive in their field.

When the institutes are increasing the money for the education than middle class has a single choice about the educational institute called Hobson.

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Payal said: (Aug 13, 2018)  
Yes, It can be said so. The main motive of any business is to earn profits. Same goes for education industry nowadays. They provide education not to make people learn but to make profits. They do so by charging exorbitant fees which makes many students to avail loan. Also, many educational institutions take donations to give admissions. Fees are increased every single year by these institutions in the name of improving the infrastructure of the institute so that they can provide better education but this never happens. That is why, even though Indian students pay high fees but the quality of education doesn't justify with it.

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Lavanya said: (Aug 12, 2018)  
Yes, I also agree this topic because now a days education formed like business in corporate schools and colleges they take more amount for lower classes compared to collages, according to me this is not at all fair because middle-class families can't effort that much of amount that's way they even not allow their children, and that to they encouraged to do work, I think in order to reduce this we think about all type of families in the society.

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Arunima said: (Aug 11, 2018)  
Yes, the education industry is a business these days as the pressure is so much on a child to crack IIT AIMS and score high in board exams and to which people take advantage and providing education becomes their source of income or say business.

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Kami said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

According to the topic, I agree with this, nowadays this type of situation seen in under developmental country.

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Prajakta said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
Regards to all.

I would like to say that yes, education has become a business theses days. This has not only lead to the decrease in quality of education but also lack of interests in learning from the students as well. As teachers hired sometimes aren't fit enough for the job, ultimately result in killing the natural spark of curiosity and learning in the minds of student. Outcome of which can be seen as the unemployment situation in our nation.

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Roshan said: (Aug 8, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I totally agree with this because of privatisation in education sector increase businesses oriented approach more than quality of education.

If we take example of school level we see lots of private school take fees in Lakh. Compulsion to students for things like school books, school dress, other school material student only buy it from school itself these approach is totally business oriented.

If we take example of higher studies like engineering colleges in engineering there are Lots of colleges open now a day's the effect of these is on quality of education and leads to increase unemployment in India they gives adimsission to very low scorer candidate. Because of these 90% percent of engineer remain unemployed.

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Shivam Kumar Saha said: (Aug 7, 2018)  
Nowadays the Education system in our country is like a business. What the quality of education before and now is different because now the institution open for the money purpose not for education purpose. In every engineering college, the education system is nill and only fine for something they are taking. I will suggest the government To modify the syllabus according to the industry standard and see the corruption in the education field and take action. So the education system can increase and the development of our nation can also grow to the level.

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Rahul said: (Aug 7, 2018)  

Education sector is become one of the legal industry for earning money now a day's because all the private institute only gives emphasize on earning money instead of quality education. If we take example of engineering colleges there are Lots of engineering colleges running in India they give admissions to any student impact of these on the quality of engineer and increase large unemployment in India.

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Avinash said: (Aug 5, 2018)  
Yeah, totally agree with this topic.

As we know the condition of the government School. Sometimes students is not present or sometime teacher. So the condition is very poor in government School (cheapest school). We forcely have to send our students to the private schools. Nowadays, 30-40% of the income of the middle-class family has spent in the schools. Schools are charging really a huge amount at the time of admission. Not only this, they are also linked with the shops like garments, book stall etc. And they are forcing parents to buy the stuff from that shop. So, they get benefited like 10-20%. That's how the today's education system works. Everything is a business nowadays.

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Abhijit said: (Aug 4, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

Education has become business due to an increase in more schools and institutes which are opened. The privatization of educational institutes also helped it to become from educational institutes to a business. The standard and quality of the education decreased due to more institutes and a lack of quality teachers. Teachers started concentrating only on those who understand things by themselves and others are left alone as in this fast moving and competing world.

Nowadays educational institutions are more for making profits than to a provide quality education. They try to take fees as much as possible and hire the teachers for as less as possible. Education has not only become costly but also a hot business. The most paid are the chances for most rewarded in terms of money and power. It has become the main goal for power holders to start colleges simply because of the reason it gives high returns.

But one question in my mind is that, Why are students opting out of India's government schools, which educate the poorest and most vulnerable students until the age of 14 for free, and migrating to fee-charging private institutions in such large numbers.

According to the Unified district information system for education (U-DISE) data, the belief among parents that private schools offer better value for money and better teaching than government schools.

Another fact shows that the Govt teachers earn more salaries than a private school teacher, but don't perform as well.

Government expenditure on education, as a percentage of the GDP, has been decreasing consistently. In 2016-2017, education expenditure was 2.6% of the GDP.

A common suggestion is increasing India's spending on education. Indian central government spending on school and higher education were less than other BRICS countries. However, increased government spending on education is not enough to improve educational outcomes.

India's education policy must be thoroughly revised to put in place better accountability and monitoring mechanisms to exploit the gains of increase in fiscal outlays on education.

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Xiyoz said: (Aug 4, 2018)  
Yes! But why not, Education industry is a business as everyone on this planet here has come to earn money, & to gain knowledge or anything, you have to invest so, it is right to take money but without compromising on education quality, But education also means teachers should give equal opportunity by providing them scholarship for those students who cannot afford their fees and help them to make their future bright.

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Surender Pal said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Yes, some of the education institute made this industry a business but yet there are many institutions which providing education as a service so that student can receive best education.

But somewhere we are also involved in it to making education Industry a business.

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Rockey said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
In my opinion, education is going bad in day by day. Some middle-class family suffer a lot of problem with paying money to the school. So according to me, education is a business corporation still now.

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Shanmu said: (Aug 1, 2018)  

Thanks for giving the opportunity to share my thoughts on this topic.

Nowadays educational institutions making profits than to a provide quality education. Education today is over 85 percent business oriented. They try to take fees as much as possible and hire the teachers for as less as possible. Because of this, there is lakh of students are without knowledge, job as of their qualification. So, according to me, the government should take a step to overcome this and to make an order to provide the best education, knowledge-based practical classes with free of cost.

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Atom said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
Good morning everybody.

Regarding the topics, I would like to say that yeah it's true that education is nothing more than a business nowadays. Parents are so blind and over possessive with their children's future that they would pay any price. How many educational institutions did you see that provides the best education with a lower fee? There are government schools but nobody wants to go there because off the quality of education. If you want quality in education, pay. That's the drive of today's education system.

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Education industry is a business these days.

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