Dot com or doubt com?

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Naveena D said:   4 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, There are many peoples using the internet nowadays. There are much technological development will be growth in future life. So there are many websites and platform independent applications and sites are in mobile and web browsers. So those sites are useful for users but some sites only getting user details about the persons. So those sites are doubt com. So the main thing is, how to decide peoples are which sites are getting these details and which is used to searching for our news. So that is a very important thing for peoples.

Thanking You.

Aayush Patniya said:   4 years ago
It depends on the use, how do you use the internet. If you are using the internet just for taking some information, then it is not at all harmful and insecure and if you use sensitive information in the site like bank accounts, password during bank transactions, then it can be regarded as doubtful because if that site is not secure then you can get in great trouble. Also, it happens usually that when we are trying to get information about a particular topic then we get different results on different sites and we can't decide which one to be true.

ANITA said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, Dot com is not creating any problems or confusion. It totally depends on us that how we are taking that information and some valuable site are there, if we follow these trust worthy sites we can get correct information. If we talk about secured sites while making any bank transaction then we have to notice that https not HTTP is an indication for safe payment site.

To conclude I would like to say that Dot com is everything and we do not have to take it as doubt com as it will be our mistake if we consider these valuable sites Doubt com because of our lack of knowledge.

Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
In today's scenario internet has become a doubt com instead of dot com. Any content we see on the internet we are doubtful of its authenticity. These days there is an abundance of information and which one is authentic and which one not that creates doubt for the user. The doubt is more prevalent in cases of financial transactions. Whether the site is secured or mere an imitation of the original site. So the user should be more pragmatic of the source of the information that one seeks and filter before trusting blindly any site.

RAHUL SAINI said:   6 years ago
Dot com and doubt com is interesting topic and I believe all know that dot com is domain which provided information for certain or particular things which we want. But sometime dot com become doubt com because when we search and get information about anything from dot com than we also try to cross check with other resources as well as doubt com become dot com when we have doubt for information than we suddenly try to search it through dot com. So dot com sometime become doubt com and vice versa according to our need and our thinking.

Narmu said:   7 years ago
Good day, all of you.

First of all, I would like to bring a notice to you that all people forgot that google is a search engine. We all use googling instead of searching. That much impact google has made in us. We are all confused with this itself. Doubt com arises when there is a When there is two or more dot. Com we don't know what information to follow exactly.

Rajambal said:   7 years ago
In my opinion, both and are unseperable and like day-night cycle, because if any doubt arises ( we go for, when we use it produces 'n' number of and further leading to and cycling repeats.

Nil said:   7 years ago
Dot com or doubt com is a good topic and it's pleasant to have the discussion on this topic. As many negative points for dot come we have as after getting different data from different site we get doubt which information is exact.

For this, we can create an organisation who look after which domain to allow upload information and on the regular basis checkpoints should be taken so that proper functioning can be done and thus leading a dot to doubt com can practically make it as null.

Vivek said:   7 years ago
According to me this very interesting topic. When any dot com becomes totally confusing or chaos then a new term is automatically invented i.e. is doubt com. Dot com means work or doubt com means confusion.

Our mind is very confusing I observed it many times we always think about result or good or bad thing before doing any work it creates fear or confusion in our mind and stop us to doing work. So if we will use our dot com very wisely it won't be become doubt com.

Priya Agrawal said:   8 years ago
Bot everything lead to good one. We surf on internet, we transact the money, and we connect with people. These are the benefits which comes with the dot com. But it is also two sided. You can never judge that dot com will never harm your sensitive information or maybe your account be hacked.

So if anyone wants to enjoy the benefits of dot com, we have to consider the doubts com as negligible.

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