Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Tisha said:   7 years ago
Yes, we do need education in order to get where we want life to take us as such education is a mind opener, it is the foundation of a bright future I mean you cannot become a chef as per say if you don't know how to mix ingredients.

Satyajit mahakul said:   7 years ago
Without Education, we would like a shot in dark side type, with proper education we change our society to a higher position. So that education is more important.

Ogbaro Elizabeth ayobami said:   6 months ago
Education is not the key to success but your knowledge and skills.

Bible does not say that a man's education makes room for him but that gives us education is not the key to success it doesn't guarantee anything it's your gift that is the key to success.

Tejas said:   7 years ago
Yes, education means your general knowledge we have to understand what it is and then we have to write or tell like in exams, debate, etc. The most important is education we have to achieve in your life or our. Life all is well. Good luck. All the best wishes.

Aditi mac said:   6 years ago
Education is the most important thing in everyone's life but to say education is needed to become successful is totally fallacy. But in my opinion, any kind of success in today's time can be achieved given, you at least have basic knowledge and have the urge to know more.

Success comes to those who use their knowledge in their passion. We must work hard and dedicate our self towards our work. If we are satisfied for what we are doing then we are successful.


Sheryl P said:   6 years ago
Education helps you to gain knowledge and potting it to action gives you understanding of that knowledge. First you should have a goal or target that you are aiming for. When you reach that goal it is the beginning of your success. But you must continue to set new goals until you reach your ultimate idea of success for yourself. It is self preservation. Everyone's opinion of success may differ but no doubt it is based on some level of financial gain and accomplishment. And without an education, regardless of how you obtain it you can rarely attain that success.

Tanishka said:   2 months ago
I think education is not the main key to success. Yes, education is important for the development of the country but what is the use of the degree that we get when we do not even know how to use the skills we have learned? The degree that we get is just a piece of paper if we don't have skills.

Take for example - The Prime Minister of India who is Narendra Damodardas Modi. In earlier he was a tea seller and look now he is a prime minister and he is so successful.

He is a Prime Minister not because of how educated he was, but, because he had the skills for running such a populated country that is India.

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