Do we really Need Education to be Successful?

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Mahi baisoya said:   2 years ago
According to me, we can be successful without any education. If we have an aim and dream (goal) to achieve anything so we can't need education you only need your hard work and success. We have a lot of examples of being a successful person without education for ex- Sachin Tendulkar is not good in study but he is good at cricket. And he is a hard worker and achieved success in cricket and now he is a good cricketer.

Sudhakar chauhan said:   10 months ago
According to me, there is no requirement of education to become successful, we know that by education we become mentally strong and we have more opportunities for success but we can also become successful in a stream like sport, acting, singing, dancing and all.

We take the example of NEERAJ CHOPRA who recently become a gold medalist in the Tokyo Olympic 2021 by his hardworking, not by education. Thank you.

Sammi said:   9 months ago
Education has its own benefits it makes us mentally strong but it doesn't mean that education need to be successful. For success one should have their goal and focused to that goal.

We can take example of ms dhoni. He is not good in studies but changes the cricket World.

So, in my point of view, education is important but do not need to be successful.

Rinchen Dorji said:   9 months ago
From my side, Education is a technique to train your mind and to find the solution but every problem doesn't have the same solution, in that case, skills, method, attitude, and your experience matters education doesn't though with education many got success to be there are some who didn't.

For example in business, it doesn't require a degree it requires a technique to make the investors trust the company, to get the company no1. So, lastly, most of people say education is important to be well settled but it's not true, so do choose the correct path.

Divya said:   6 months ago
Hi everyone. I would like to share my point of view as well.

Education is the root of any success. And I believe education has played a major role since ancient times. For some people, education is just a form of getting a degree but here we all get wrong because education makes you stand in society, make a difference in what is wrong and write, and make a value judgment as well. Education has a wider scope where you learn about history, science, general knowledge, etc. It gives us to view the world from a different perspective too.

Ogbaro Elizabeth ayobami said:   2 months ago
Education is not the key to success but your knowledge and skills.

Bible does not say that a man's education makes room for him but that gives us education is not the key to success it doesn't guarantee anything it's your gift that is the key to success.

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