Do NGOs in India Really Work for Others OR Work for their Own Vested Interests?

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Sukhdev said:   1 decade ago
On many fronts NGOs are doing better than even their official counterparts.Be it a flood relief programmes or poverty alleviating programmes or social awakening programs the NGOs are performing much better comparing the resources at their hand.

Haritha said:   1 decade ago
Now a days NGO are helping poor kids to study and get good clothes and even they are trying to get contribution from many companies for collecting clothes, shoes, books and many more. This way they are awareness about the help which any Indian must do.

Prabha lata said:   1 decade ago
I am really accord with this statement that NGO's work for other's. Many types of people lives in India in which some people acts as candid work and some people only work for their own prestige. I will say that this is only for that people who is honest about their aim.

Santhosh said:   1 decade ago
Some of the NGO mainly focusing on money i.e., they turns black money to white in the name of trust and poor people.

Karthik said:   1 decade ago
Abhijit , what you said is right. May be the people who are working for NGOs are the people with good mindset to work for the poor. But the people who organises such NGOs are considering only their benefit.

Abhijit Dubey said:   1 decade ago
Today the value lies if you have got the power in your hand, whatever may be the power strength either ministry level power or NGO. So in view point no doubt some NGOs gather money for the benefit of their members but mostly the huge lumpsum money which they gather hardly reach to the person concerned .

Avaneesh said:   1 decade ago
I don't think that all NGOs works but some of them are honest to thier aim.

Venu said:   1 decade ago
yes its 98% fact that NGO's are called as boon for the poor

Dheepa said:   1 decade ago
NGOs work for people especially those in rural areas. They are responsible for the major leap in self employment. They are the boon to poor people.

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