Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

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Sonu said:   5 years ago
Yes, It is a benefit for the growth of Indian economy.

Abhilasha sisodia said:   5 years ago
Well as we all know that digital India is an initiative taken by our government to connect people to government and world digitally. This campaing was launched on July 1 2015. After its launch, our country has witnessed a revolution. Now, at present time we can do our jobs just in a single click like few years back if we want to transfer money to someone we need to go the bank and then deposit the money and it really takes time but now just in a single click using BHIM app or any other payment app we can transfer the money.

There are many more advantages like now people can directly connect to the government as recently Cvigil has been launched by election commision of India to report any violation of model code of conduct during elections. So, in my opinion, this digital India has helped the working class people and the government itself.

Munna said:   5 years ago
Yes, It is very useful to our India.

Gourabh said:   5 years ago
Well in my opinion,

Digital India is a very good and very much needed initiative of the Indian government at this point of time where corruption is pervasive everywhere in India Digital is a medium where India should focus on to eradicate the root of the corruption as well it's a very convenient also it will help businesses to grow as it's very easy to accept at the same time it bring the transparency in the system in the support of digital India and government should give more emphasis on it but at the same time it is important the ways government promoting it by giving incentives to bring people on the system how long government can give incentives that's also a major question government should communicate the benefit of using digital not just giving offers of 18 thank you.

Ashutosh said:   5 years ago
Digital India is a good step toward the developing of India.

Priya said:   5 years ago
Digitalization is one of the big transformation in the technology. It enables people to get their work done easily and quickly, which ultimately means it benefits the customers. But on the other hand, the businessmen are enabled with less-expensive way of promotion of their products and also get a very good reach through the digital market. It is cost saving in both the ways. But when the question arises as to who is benefited the most, I would say the businessmen. Digital market lies as a big platform for their growth.

Gogul said:   5 years ago
It only benefits for business tycoons because those are the only person can able to bring things these kinds of things might be implemented in a developed country but it doesn't suit for our country.

Zende said:   5 years ago
I think it's helpful to each & every person in India.

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