Developing Countries need Trade, not Aid

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Rahul Dey said:   6 months ago
According to me, trading is the oldest tradition of all the countries of the world to become a developed country. Every developing country should start trading as per their capabilities. In today's world, if developing countries start thinking that they don't need to trade, they will become developed countries only by getting aid from developed countries, that will be the worst thought ever. There is also a dark side to getting aid from developed countries, in today's selfish world, no developed country will help others without looking forward to their own profit, and in some cases, this selfishness gets worse and the developing countries get into the trap and face the worst problems. Besides, trading makes a country self-dependent and all the residents get the confidence to do something new, and do some experiments that will be able to make some positive changes in the world. So, according to me, that is why developing countries need trade, not aid.

Ashok said:   4 years ago
According to me developing countries need trade, not aid because aid is a short term solution of problem, and trade is a long term solution for developing countries.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

According to me, developing countries mainly need their trading system in the country. Sometimes we can need aid from the others. Developing and developed countries only focus their trading system. Trading system will change our country for growing level. This is important thing for developing countries.

Thank You.

Ariyan Nazrul Islam said:   5 years ago
Developing countries need increase their trade system much more than aid. Whether countries receive aid, their people can lead their life without doing work. Then they will be dependent on others as well as lazy. When the relationship will be poor of the helper countries, they can't do anything because they are lazy as well as they arev not productive.

If the country increase trading system, they will be skilled as well as productive. Productive and skilled people acceptable everywhere. So trade is better than aid.

Nishant Singh said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, developing nation needs more of trades from their neighbours and other trading partners in order to make the economy of the country Strong. Once the economy of the country gets strong then the country can afford aid.

For example: India is a developing nation and keeps on focusing on making its trade relation with other developed nation. In order to make its economy strong.

Nnnn said:   7 years ago
Developing countries need trade, not aid because trade is better than aid. Trade is a platform in which countries run their economy and support many other fields of life.

CH.Farhan said:   7 years ago
Oh yes! Dears by my point of view developing countries need AID upto some extent. Trade is usual but sometimes it leads to some downsizing because of uncertain Exchange rates and that time we have no any voice to that challenge. Hence at that time AID is too much better than trade because at that time unfortunately, trade is dependent upon aid.

Mayur bhor said:   7 years ago
As we are developing countries we have to need of trade.

Nayana Kharatmal said:   7 years ago
Hi friends,

I think that Developing countries need trade not Aid. When the developing countries use trade then, they are making their growth self dependantly. Taking Aid from develpoed countries means taking short cut to became the develpoed country. Always shout cut is not the apropriate way. Because of that we became dependant on other country countries. That make the country growth Lazy.

Sanju said:   7 years ago
Hi, friends.

In my opinion, trade is needed for developing countries, not aid, because getting aid from developed countries make the developing performance lazy and reduce self-confidence level, so the trade is important than aid.

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