Cricket as a National Obsession is a Detriment to Other Sports

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Prashanth C said: (Aug 30, 2022)  
After India wining1983 worldcup more audience were attracted towards crickets, from these on cricket become popular sport in India. If other sportsman would have won more international titles in games such as football, tennis and other, those sports would have been popular in India.

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Samiya Islam said: (Mar 4, 2022)  
Cricket is probably the second most popular sport in the world after football. With 2.5 billion fans, cricket is one of the most cherished sports among its many fans. Sport is the easiest and probably the best way to manage that energy. Cricket is played in the open air under the open sky of nature. Cricket is a popular sport, it is a ball game. As a result, blood circulation in the body becomes normal. Your post is very important and informative. I hope you will share more articles with us. Thank you.

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Raselkhan said: (Jan 26, 2022)  
I am reading your full article. Your really very useful. This post is very informative. The article is nicely explained and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

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Aniket Dhole said: (Oct 6, 2021)  
Cricket is a national obsession to other sports because cricket is deeply rooted in family heritage and also there are more role models in cricket compared to other sports. Moreover, the lack of investment in Oympic sports kills the desire in a child to take up that sport. Parents encourage cricket more than other sports.

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Aditya said: (Feb 13, 2021)  
Hey guys!

In my point of view, cricket is widely taking place in India compared to other sports because of facilities and amenities provided by the BCCI. India is one of the countries which has more youths compared to other countries but unfortunately, they have been immersing themselves in the cricket. What I suggest is instead of having too much interest in the cricket they should also support other games equivalently and as a youth, it is our responsibility to give attention to other problems that have been facing in India.

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Anupama R said: (Oct 4, 2020)  
In my point of view, cricket is widely taking place in India compared to other sports because of facilities and amenities provided by the BCCI. India is one of the countries which has more youths compared to other countries but unfortunately, they have been immersing themselves in the cricket. What I suggest is instead of having too much interest in the cricket they should also support other games equivalently and as a youths, it is our responsibility to give attention to other problems that have been facing in India.

Thank you.

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Asmit said: (Aug 28, 2020)  
India has been performing outstandingly well in cricket from the past 20 years or so. It is the most popular sport in India. Children are madly passionate about it, people are deeply involved in the game, there is a cricket critic in every Indian house. The BCCI has been successful in brilliantly marketing and encouraging the game as well. BCCI is the richest cricket board in the world and the richest sports controlling authority in India. No sports authority has managed their game so well in India as compared to BCCI. We have won 3 World Cups, 2 Champion Trophies and many more prestigious tournaments.

Apart from the raw passion, the money and fame that follows are blinding. Unlike other players of other sports, the cricketers even at the junior levels earn handsomely, which is also a motivating factor that this game ensures financial security provided you play well.

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Asmit said: (Aug 26, 2020)  
Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players on a field at the centre of which is a 22-yard (20-metre) pitch with a wicket at each end, each comprising two bails balanced on three stumps. The earliest reference to cricket is in South East England in the mid-16th century. It is a very popular game in the world. In India, whenever a cricket match is there, the people become mad to see that match.

In India, BCCI is the company, which provides Indian players to the matches.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the governing body for cricket in India. The board was formed in December 1928 as a society, registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act. The president of BCCI is Sourav Ganguly.

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Subrat Kumar Barik said: (Jul 23, 2019)  
Hi everyone,

I feel that its a bit of overstatement that, cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports.

We support many other games like tennis, badminton, shooting, etc. These games also have their own sheen and fame. We have sports stars like Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Bopppana, Mahesh Bhupati, Leander Paes, Rajwardhan Singh Rathore, Abhinav Bindra other than our cricketers.

So many sports are also popular in India other than cricket also.

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Shobhna Aggarwal said: (Jul 14, 2018)  
Good morning everyone.

There are different types of sports found in India but as we all know cricket has been the most liked sports for decades. Cricket is deep rooted in Indian hearts and almost more than half the population run after cricket. Cricket is the national obsession in India because the facilities like infrastructure and other amenities provided to cricketers are far more than compared to other sports let it be football kabaddi or even hockey which is our national sport. Cricketers are paid more and are recognized as famous celebrities which is not in the case of other games. I think that the other sports should be equally treated nad respected as every game has its own importance and benefits.


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Akash Singh said: (Jun 5, 2018)  
Hello, friends Good morning to all.

As per my opinion, there are different types of game and accordingly the preference of game totally depends on the person as per their choice it can say that People's attention is more on cricket rather than other sport but with 100 % I will not say that the Cricket as a National Obsession.

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Gunasekhar said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
Cricket is a big part of in India. The other sports, not a competition. Big reason is so many superstars of Indian cricket. Everyone calls for cricket god is Sachin Tendulkar. The richest board is BCCI India. Ipl is the richest league.

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Manisha said: (Jan 26, 2018)  
It's not faring saying that cricket is a detriment to other sports. Each game has its own priority but as of now cricket is having much more craze than any other game due to their achievements during last few decades. Even a small child is interested in cricket as it is a game which can be played even with 2 members, a plank, a paper ball and a small place which is not enough for playing games like football, hockey, basketball etc. So ppl are more attracted to cricket which is much closer and easier to play n have fun. But Indians being good in cricket alone doesn't fetch us more medals in Olympics. The govt should step forward and give more support, funds, infrastructure, encouragement to the other games too. They should plan different types of leagues and telecast in the channels so that many ppl will be aware of different sports. As winning the world cup is a matter of pride winning the gold medal in Olympics also should be. When the members of other sports too bring India huge victories continuously then that particular sport can come into limelight. Parents should let their child know about different sports in school level itself and encourage them in At least, one sport in which they are most interested in.

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Deepak Kumar Bhuyan said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
Hello friends Good afternoon everyone well it's really hard to say that cricket has always been the national obsession for our country even if I am a die hard fan of virat kohli but truth is always bitter and hard to digest. The fact is the infrastructure and other amenities like salary accommodation etc given to cricketers are really lucrative and which is not given to other sports persons in our country be it hockey or Kabadi or be it Football. We should give equal respect and facilities to every game and every sportsperson. That's it.

Thank you.

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Deepak Kumar Bhuyan said: (Sep 12, 2017)  
Hello friends Good afternoon everyone well it's really hard to say that cricket has always been the national obsession for our country even if I am a die hard fan of virat kohli but truth is always bitter and hard to digest. The fact is the infrastructure and other amenities like salary accommodation etc given to cricketers are really lucrative and which is not given to other sports persons in our country be it hockey or Kabadi or be it Football. We should give equal respect and facilities to every game and every sportsperson. That's it.

Thank you.

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Adarsh Verma said: (Sep 11, 2017)  
Well according to me cricket is a national obsession because of the following reasons:.

1) it is promoted more than any other sport in India.

2) the players and paid more and they are quite like superstars while in any other sports this is not the case.

3) there is a well formed network towards cricket and hence it is a prominent sport in India.

Due to these reasons, I believe that other sports are pushed aside.

Thank You.

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Rahul Prasad said: (Jul 12, 2017)  
Hello everyone,

Sports have always been an essential part of human life. The history of Indian sports has been written in golden letters in hockey, chess, marathon and obviously cricket as well.

Cricket is a sport we learnt from the British, and same like the English language it's becoming more popular day by day. Actually, the problem is we have shown more interest in western item than the locals.

Talking about Cricket being an obsession, yes it is an obsession. But even soccer is an obsession in the Western countries But other sports are also going excellent there.

So, we cannot blame Cricket for failure in other sports. We have had Vishwanathan Anand, Milkha Singh, The great Khali, Abhinav Bindra, Mary com and the list goes on.

What is the need of the day is our sports associations and the government needs to encourage other sports and even a parent should encourage its child towards other sports and schools and colleges should motivate and encourage its students participate in other sports.

Finally, I conclude that we need to work at the root level and make other sports flourish too.

Just blaming cricket is not going to work.

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Vikas Yadav said: (Jul 11, 2017)  
As we belong, to country which has million cricket lover, we can't blame cricket blindly for not having enough interest for other support but we should work at grass root level to improve the situation of other sports by either funding or be starting sport club and be creating interest in children from their childhood. We should create a stable environment so that our elders and every person to have some believe that sports is also in one of the things in which a child can flourish whatsoever be the sports. As we are an outcome based nation but we must focus on the journey also which will create an atmosphere for coming generation to enhance participation in sports which are far behind than cricket in terms of amenity and attraction of people.

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Deborah Selvi .D said: (Apr 18, 2017)  
Indians are obsessed by cricket. Many channels are there to telecast cricket but not other sports especially hockey which is our national game. This situation can be changed by proper sponsorship and prize amount for other sports like hockey, football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, kabaddi and so on. The government should provide resources for the sports persons of those games. We can't say cricket is a detriment to other sports. It completely depends on people's interest in that sports. Through the proper delivery of other sports via television, people will get interested on every other sport.

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Raazia Bajwa said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
Yes, Watching too much Cricket is the national obsession, and mostly males are fell into this. They waste a lot of time in watching sports like cricket. They prefer to see matches on their Daily necessary tasks. They left to do work. Students do not go to school, and they do not learn their lesson and atlast, they fail. This is a greet loss for our country's development.

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Koushani Chakraborty said: (Mar 23, 2017)  
Cricket, we all know that it is the heart throb sport of all Indians. The foremost reason for this is cricket was in a vibe since the time of British rule. It was the Britishers who actually brought cricket as a sport in India. In those times cricket was a source of relaxations. On the current scenario of the sporting profession, we observe government and other administrative bodies to give more preference to the sport than other. Hockey, being the national sports of our motherland still couldn't get such huge appreciation. Cricket in true sense has become a national obsession in India. Due to this craziness for the sport in India, other sports like badminton, hockey, archery etc are overshadowed. We cannot blame any media for this high consideration. A person gets obsessed for sports when he/she can relate himself/herself as the part of the sport. It depends on the sportsmen nlt on the sport. We may notice kids of 8-9 years can easily figure famous cricketers but can't name famous person of other sports at this age.

Thus, it's not wrong to say that India gives more importance to cricket but we cannot deny the fact of giving extra vibe to the sport by the governmental bodies as well.

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Jatin said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
Yes, I agree that cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports and according to me, we do not need much proves for this.

I think no one will deny the fact that in a group of 4-5 teens, it's easy and anyone can tell the name of 10 famous cricketers but if the same question is asked for hockey or football instead of cricket, the response rate will automatically prove the statement.

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Samira said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
In my opinion, we CANNOT say whether cricket is superior over other sports or not. Because it depends on one's choice it is not necessary that a cricketer's son will be a cricketer, likewise, it is not compulsory that every person likes cricket. But marginally in India cricket is actually treated more important because it has come at the time of British ruling, cricket gave people sense of freedom and later the other sports emerged gradually. So it is not wrong to say that cricket is a national obsession.

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Gaurav said: (Oct 5, 2016)  
Cricket is a religion and the players are idols for the people of India. If any of their player losses, some people committed suicide and someone's heartbeat stops so do we have the same enthusiasm for other sports also. Cricket has also a very strong supporting board known as BCCI which is financially very strong and pays a very high amount of money to their players if they losses also.

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Shrabani Baksi said: (Aug 24, 2016)  
Cricket is religion in India. Money glamour and then wide coverage by media make it more attractive and lucrative. Introduction of t20 matches also increased interest in this game. It is not detrimental to other sports instead other sports should be given proper coverage and fund.

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Aishwarya Khiani said: (Aug 17, 2016)  
Hello friends,

Cricket is a religion in India. I feel that every country has a few sports which are more popular than the others some have baseball, some have football, while some in athletics likewise in India cricket is more popular than the other sports. But this leads to the negligence of other sports in terms of the resources to be provided which is unfair by all means. If we take an example of the ongoing Rio Olympic a huge buzz is being created on India's performance but nobody sees whether they have been provided with all resources. An equal amount of money should be invested in other sports as well which should be taken care by the Government. And about cricket, I think it's the choice of people what they wish to see and this cannot be a detriment for other sports. If proper resources are being provided to other sports as well I am sure they would also perform well.

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Mugilan said: (Aug 2, 2016)  
There is no exercise in playing cricket. In India cricket is a cheating game and it is a six letter money game. Play other it is good for our health.

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Sai Sunny said: (Jul 23, 2016)  
In India, Cricket is more than just a game. Cricket is a religion and players are idols. The big money rolling on advertisements, the six digit salary and the lucrative offers stand testimony for why youngsters aspire to take Cricket as their career even though it is evident that it is not an easy destination to make it through.

It is obvious that with multifarious editions for the same game, Cricket has set its own trend. The format of this game is too exciting that it has won the hearts of the masses provoking the advertisers to do their part. And with the corporate investments flooding in for sponsors and advertisements, Cricket has widened its margin from rest of the sports by all odds.

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Samara said: (Jun 18, 2016)  
Cricket has a national obsession. That is why other sports don't enjoy equal status in our country as cricket:

> Hockey is our national sport but we hardly know any player of Indian hockey team or rarely follow the matches.

> FIFA is extremely famous. Around 40 teams participated in it. But India lies nowhere in the field of international football.

> China, US, UK bags 50-70 medals in Olympic but our country is hardly able to secure 2-3 medals.

> Kabbadi and Kho Kho are our domestic sports but lie far behind cricket.

> Gymnastics, Water sports are still not there in India.

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Krishanu Paul said: (Mar 31, 2016)  
Sports are judged based on their worldwide popularity and when more than 200 nations are part of FIFA they are not idiots where there are 10 to 12 teams in ICC rankings and most of them are developing countries and even ICC pleads to nations to take part in World Cup that tells the story. While Americans are obsessed with basketball, rugby and baseball Indians are obsessed with cricket but Americans are good at Olympics and take part in football world cup India does nothing. To me Cricket is on the same level as playing with marbles so beating Bangladesh or Sri Lanka in Cricket doesn't hold any importance to the people around the world and you have seen those matches in the USA where the whole stadium was full of Indians but no Americans. The problem is that parents buy a bat and a ball for their kids and not football. My friends used to discuss cricket but I didn't do what many would do they would start watching cricket join their friends' discussion party, actually there is no seriousness about that game as it's not important to hundreds of other countries.

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Paras Barupal said: (Feb 11, 2016)  
Hi friends,

India's peoples like game only for a game cricket not value other games. L play cricket and I am thirteen years old but other game not known any child every child known cricket game. But no knowledge of any games like hockey, tennis, chess, football any other games.

Main reason Indian people crazy on cricket world cup, t20, one day games. The government give spot cricket don't like any other game. Example mc mary kom is won four boxing championship but not give facilities Indian government. Last I say cricket is a game and not waste of time many games are pending in heart of India.

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Hemanth said: (Jan 8, 2016)  
Hi friends,

Very glad to hear all opinions of everyone. Primarily, All sports are equal in their specialty. There is no inferiority or superiority between sports. In India, of course Cricket is the most popular game. But it does not mean that is the only sport that creates obsession among Indians. There were also several excited sports but why cricket as a National obsession that is detriment to other sports?

Sponsorship, prize money are less in other sports when compared to cricket. So persons who are very eager to build their career as sportsman are not in a position to think about other sports.

In addition, Media hype, that leads to more excitement among cricket lovers. Respective Sports Authority should take intensive measures, create opportunities for sportsmen for respective sports. They need to be trained properly to face any type challenges and most important thing that appreciation must be given to sportsmen of other sports.

So now a days, yes. Cricket is National Obsession that is detriment to other sports.

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Sana said: (Jan 4, 2016)  
Hii friends, in my view all sports are same there is no any difference between cricket and other sports and just the people who are thinking that is different. I feel that that every game has there own identity and importance.

So don't hesitate other sports by comparing with cricket. For example take our family members we are giving importance for every person in our home or surroundings like that we want to give importance for other sports also not only for cricket.

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Ronak Agrawal said: (Jul 7, 2015)  
Yes indeed.

I completely agree with this.

I am a big fan of Indian sports & I have followed 2 commonwealth games, two Asian games & the last Olympics very closely. That is, basically I started following other sports after 2009 when I joined the internet because Indian television has only one sport!

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Aman Singhania said: (May 9, 2015)  
Never, it is just a sport. If you like it, enjoy it, else do not watch it but don't say such unfavorable sentences which destroys the spirit of the game. It's just because people like it more than any other sport, the game has gained popularity.

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Niku said: (Mar 19, 2015)  
Yes, cricket as a national obsession is indeed detrimental to other sports. You will hardly find anyone being interested in seeing sports other than cricket. The cricketers are treated as celebrities and the popularity of other sport players is nowhere near them.

A world Kabbadi champion team have to take auto to go their home and nobody even cares about them. While for hitting six sixes in an over, they are paid crores of rupees as prize money.

Some sportsperson even have to sell vegetables for their livelihood. There can be nothing more saddening. Generally the training facilities for other sports are abysmal. Even a kid dreaming of taking some other sports as his career thinks thousand time before taking any decision.

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Sushil said: (Mar 10, 2015)  
Indians are obsessed about cricket superstars only. All they care about is. National cricket team. I have never seen full house in a Ranji trophy match. And cricket is popular in 15-16 countries only.

If we compare cricket in India with football in Brazil. Here Brazil is far superior. Because apart from football they also focus on other sports. Like boxing, skate boarding, x games, Motorsports, volleyball, basketball, they have a good reputation in these sports, despite being a footballing countries.

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Nandini said: (Feb 17, 2015)  
Sports doesn't mean cricket in particular. It is a much broader term and covers several games that are played all over the world. But it seem that it has taken monopoly over cricket and has ignored the rest. Hence india's failure in the olympics, asian and commonwealth games.

Instead of encouraging the national game of hockey and take it as a pride to an international level, it has changed the spirit of sports into an industrial undertaking and tries to seek maximum profit out of it, IPL being the live example. India is losing the essence of sport and it is going to disappear soon.

I think the Government is responsible to some extent to have not been able to promote other games in the same manner as it has with cricket. As winning the ICC World Cup a matter of pride for us, winning the olympics should also be of equal importance to the nation.

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Samrat said: (Feb 2, 2015)  
Why India never do good in Olympics because of almost no sponsorship, corruption & favoritism of sporting bodies, lack of facilities of sports in schools & colleges, poor infrastructure and grass root, no leagues (before 2012 we have no leagues but now we have atleast 4 leagues, some will start recently) , obsession with cricket (not an Olympic Event) , quality (India won 102 medals in Commonwealth Games 2010, 65 medals in Asian Games 2010 but only 6 in 2012 Olympics) etc.

I've never seen any sports channel telecasting India winning 8 Field-Hockey Gold in Olympics but during Cricket World Cup you see those channels telecasting 2 World Cups that India won all day long. Now some NGOs (OGQ, GoSports Mgmt. ) are trying to help these athletes and lets hope Indian contingent will do well in coming Olympics.

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Pranjali said: (Nov 4, 2014)  
Every sports person seeks Opportunities, facilities and recognition. And it is evident that Cricket has more opportunities and training facilities as compared to other sports in India that's why also people turn to this sport.

We need to bring forward other sports also Because only Cricket won't bring Gold in Olympics. Commonwealth and Asian games. !

Better training facilities, opportunities and appreciation for other sports and sportsperson is the need of the day.

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Sha said: (Oct 29, 2014)  
Everything will have an end. So will this craze for Cricket too! India is a country struggling for basic needs. The government doesn't have funds to cater to all the sports and games. A midst all controversies and problems, it is still trying to support and help people who are trying to shine in different games.

You have less funds and only one game to choose. So the best option as of now is Cricket as it has given good ROI in the past decade. Not that India doesn't want to encourage or support any other game. At this point, with the available funds for a developing country, this is the best they can do.

The day Cricket's performance completely drops down and another game keeps ruling with tonnes of victories, that day, funds will be allocated for that game:). We are not a U.S or U.K or some developed country to cater to everything where the basic needs are still not achieved.

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Ima said: (Oct 25, 2014)  
Cricket is the most popular game in INDIA, everybody likes it because we are constantly doing very well in this sport. Beside this a lot of money has been invested for its promotion. Day after day our country's cricket will be developed. But what about other sports? I do believe that no game cannot destroy other games.

If you say that my heart is destroying my kidney, it sounds ridiculous. But the problem is there is lack of funds, appreciation in other sports. So it is not the time to blame anyone, its time to introspect.

A sportsman can understand well the difficulties. State government & central govt should take some initiatives to promote other games as well. They should form some committees which will headed by sportsmen.

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Bhupendra said: (Oct 16, 2014)  
Yest it is true that we Indian love cricket. It like blood in our body. On the day of important cricket match especially with Pakistan is creating sensation in all over India. But I don't think it is destroying India. Because every sports have their own plus point and it works like as person, like if person is intelligent and creative he get love from everyone.

Same happen in sports like if you very good at something you going to be recognized and India is good in cricket so we loved it. If they start losing and challenges if games is reduced we going to hate cricket.

In other game the same thing is missing. They don't have viewers because they don't provide sensation as cricket. Archery, badminton, swimming etc happen in only Olympics and some other few tournaments which is not enough to provide spotlight to them.

But now if you see after IPL, kabaddi league start which get huge response and now football league started in India which also getting good response. So they prove that we need spotlight and create new challenges to popularize a game. But you also going to feel that the shine of cricket is now decreasing because of lots of tournament and absence of challenge.

So my final stand is that no game is destroying any game it just matter of to be good in something and provide challenge and spotlight it will become famous.

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Clement said: (Aug 25, 2014)  
No game is superior or inferior to other. Each and every game has its own importance and specialty. In case of cricket, I feel it as a gentleman's game compared to other. Because each and every moment there is an excitement, every ball, every over is breathtaking, exciting. But in case of other games for example football excitement is limited whenever a player reaches the goalpost. Likewise, I feel cricket is a exciting game, good entertainment. It does not rule over other games, it is the attitude of the people that makes cricket to rule over other games.

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Saurabh said: (Aug 23, 2014)  
In my point of view, cricket rules over the other games in India. Hockey is a national game but in India many of the people don't the name of hockey players or any other sports person but in cricket a 5 year old child can tell you the name of whole cricket team. I am not saying the cricket is a bad game but you should also respect all the sports and sports person. Even government can not took further steps for improving and leading the other sports.

Cricketers are much wealthier than any of the other sports man. Government should not humiliate the other sportsperson. They should provide the equal respect to other than cricketers.

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Sandeep said: (Aug 16, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I think cricket is not a loss(detriment) to any other sport.

Cricket increased its reach only after 1995-96. That is because after that period players like Sachin, Dravid, Laxman, Kumble played many brilliant innings to help India win against foreign teams on their home grounds. In fact India had defeated the Great Australian team, of 1999-2007, on most occasions.

So, as a citizen when we hear about a sport in which we get wins consistently, we feel proud and automatically follows that sport.

On the other hand, India had last won a gold in hockey in 1980, India last qualified for football world cup in 1950. After Mr. Milkha Singh and Mrs. PT Usha no other athlete has got enough success. Shooting, Boxing, Wrestling, Badminton, Archery became more popular only after 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2012 London Olympics. That is why these sports were not followed by many people before.

So, India have not been able to produce successes consistently in other sports so as to gain enough interests of people in that sport as compared to cricket.

But now things are changing. Many sports are getting noticed. More and more people are watching those sports including Kabaddi.

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Sushil Yadav said: (Aug 6, 2014)  
I don't think cricket is an obsession it's just that 90% of our countries population is crazy behind about this sport. India's love to cricket can be compared to Brazil's love to football, but inspite of variation in sport there's one thing that's in common that is both the countries are quite successful in their respective sports. In case of brazil where it has gone on to win 5 world cup titles India has won 2 world cup 1 T-20 world cup and has won the champions trophy 2 times as well. Who knew the game of cricket before 1983 world cup, India entered in the tournament as an underdog and eventually ended up being the winner of the tournament may be that win roped a seed of the game in the minds of people of India which is now flourishing as a big tree and due to the kind of success it has had maybe that's one reason why the fans love their game over here. Moreover it's not only India who has this impartial love for certain game, there are many countries out there like whole of the europe is crazy for the game of football.

But inspite Indian peoples deep involvement in the game there are various leagues for various other sports that are coming up and kind of response and appreciation all these leagues are getting that surely suggests me one thing that India is on its way to becoming a great sportsnation.

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Lakshay Pawan said: (Jul 24, 2014)  
The people of India likes to play cricket more than hockey. Today in India 90% kids know the names of all Indian team cricketers but no one knows the hockey players. I am not saying that cricket is bad game but it is not that we not take attention in other games like hockey. My request is only that we all should also watch other games and hockey as it is our national game.

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Mohika said: (Jul 22, 2014)  
Hello all!

In my opinion, cricket cannot be declared as a national obsession. This year many of us were more excited about events in Brazil rather than India's tour of Bangladesh for cricket series. We were glued to our sofa sets enjoying the football world cup being televised though our team was not a part of it. This shows the love for the game and same goes for lawn tennis and other sports.

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Manas said: (May 2, 2014)  

In India when we talk about sports first thing which comes in our mind is cricket. Its definitely killing other sports, nobody is interested in sports other than cricket. You ask anyone (in India) in which sport he/she is interested in, the answer is Cricket. Other sports are also flourishing but not with that vigor that it needs. People involved in other sports can be counted on the fingers but people involved in Cricket are uncountable. There are some athletes who are barely able to make their ends meet because there is not enough recognition of that particular sport.

Cricket has been spread only in those countries which were earlier the colonies of the British. Rest of the countries have not even heard about this sport.

We have to admit the fact that people are gradually being attracted towards other sports and I think that day is not far when other sports will also be given the respect they deserve.

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Kalyan Mukherjee said: (Feb 22, 2014)  
Cricket has become the opium of Indian people, and players. Cricket officials have become astute peddlers, too many matches with too little rest will ruin our players in the coming years. They will suffer from "burnt out syndrome" which is quite evident already in the recent series against South Africa and New Zealand. Now even the Bollywood Bandas have entered the arena to double their cash. Days of techniques, and toils are gone, all the roads now lead to the techniques of making money. Biggest jokers in IPL cricket are the coaches. What they teach? How not to play cricket? Too much cricket, and too many crooks will soon kill the duck which is laying the golden eggs. RIP INDIAN CRICKET.

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Pranav said: (Jan 15, 2014)  
The inventors of cricket certainly didn't want it to be this way, but yes, Cricket indeed has posed a threat to the betterment and longevity of other sports. There are various reasons for this to have happened. Firstly, I think we lack the courage to pick up something new and work on it and as our history suggests, we have always been good followers and not good leaders.

If there is one term that we are immensely familiar with would certainly be "jumping on the bandwagon". Secondly, it is our tendency to infatuate over certain individuals to the point like its crazy. Hate to bring this up, but the entire extravaganza of Sachin's farewell summed it up about the state of sports in our country. It was like everything was served on the plate for him. Home ground, the weakest opposition possible, crazy media hype. True that he will always be one of the best batsmen ever but no individual is bigger than the sport.

The same year, there was not a single individual present to greet the victorious Women's archery team that returned home after beating giants South Korea in the finals. The cricketers are not at fault, nor is any other sports person. It is us. Ironically, most of cricket's ardent followers in the subcontinent are those who have never played even a 30 over match at the University or even at the School level.

Cricket is one the very few games which has gone through so many changes over time that it has become clear now that there is not much patriotism left in it. It is nothing but a commercial gimmick. But then again, this would not have had happened if we had not fallen prey to it.

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Vikas said: (Jan 12, 2014)  

I would like to say something about this topic. First of all we should respect all the various sports in the existence and no sport govern the other sport. But if we search the history of cricket in India, it was spread here by British empire first of all and this game is in only those countries where they ruled. Eg- India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, west indies, Australia, Newzeland and others. So this can be say that this game is symbol of our slavery. And in hockey India have won 8 golds in Olympic. We should improve our thinking in order to think about other games.

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Larson Cyril said: (Jan 3, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

Cricket should be considered as our national game because we had really capitalize our strengths in cricket for the past 4 years by the efforts of playing many games like ranji trophy, ipl and clt20 where our youngsters and key batsmans used to play with foreigners and actually we play better cricket compared to them for the past 4 years.

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Yasharth said: (Dec 26, 2013)  
Cricket in India have made us more united as we take example of Sachin he is loved by all but the problem is that the board of other sports like hockey have not done hard work for making it popular among youngsters.

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Shashank said: (Dec 10, 2013)  
Sport in any country reflects the culture, environment, people and economy as well.

Humans developed sports as part of interest, entertainment and physical education.

In India, Cricket introduced by British and now it is much far loved sport than the rest by distance. It rapidly became popular by adaptability, love, passion and area of interest by Indian citizens.

However other sports like Hockey, Football and other Gymnasium were shadowed behind it.

Hence Corporate and government bodies, media communications liquefied the emergence of people's interest much higher. So we can see lot of money going for cricket than other sports.

Now other sports lovers put finger on cricket for demolishing their game.

In democracy, no one can put regulation and force peoples to love any specific sport beyond their likelihood, which is pretty unnatural as well.

Best thing happen to any sport is that it played with natural interest and equally loved by others.

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Bhavesh Rana said: (Nov 28, 2013)  
Hi everyone,

I think that it is fair enough to think about the same progress in other sports as in cricket country is achieving. But it is wrong to blame only CRICKET as its hardwork and determination that has brought all success in this game. Now Indian cricket is at its peak and receiving great support from fans, we must not blame it rather appreciate it. Today India is no.1 in world in ODI.

So there must be something in this particular game that we have achieved so much. So we should look further to strengthen other game but also letting cricket go where it wants. Moreover India has produced some of the fine players in other sports and hopefully will keep doing it. IN A NUTSHELL CRICKET IS THE BEST PLAYED SPORT IN OUR COUNTRY AND WITHOUT SUPPRESSING IT SUPPORT IT BECAUSE IT WILL BOOST CONFIDENCE OF OUR COUNTRY IN FUTURE and we will progress in other games too.

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Adithya said: (Nov 8, 2013)  

In India today other sports are flourishing slowly. But there is a severe lack of funds for both private as well as national teams of all sports but cricket. This problem is also preceded by the very notion that every single Indian must have an interest or liking towards cricket. Its really sad to see parents place their children in cricket coaching camps without any thought as to whether the child likes the sport or not.

This has to change. All sports have to be given equal importance. Yes, its true that there have been individual stars in certain sports and have achieved on the basis of their accomplishments than hype as mentioned somewhere in this discussion page. But in a country of 1.28 billion people, producing a good set of players for every sport should be possible. If we can scout for cricket players so can we for other sports. This is also one of the major reasons as to why football players have never been scouted by teams in the English Premier League. If countries such as Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Korea can produce world class players that currently play in the EPL so can INDIA.

But its all a matter of change.

The question is are we willing to take that step towards a different and more prosperous india?

That waits to be seen.

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Darshan said: (Oct 3, 2013)  
Ya I would partially agree on this statement.

Cricket being the most followed game in India pulls a curtain on other sports. If we look at today's data cricket is followed in every corner of India and is the obvious answer for aliens to guess it as our national game. I am not condemning it rather I would say we are passionate about this sport since we been playing it since childhood and the whole country follows it. Some follow it as it is their passion, some dream to be cricketers and etc. We choose only this because it has been the most attractive game without any doubt for Indians though it is not an National game.

This obsession of people has affected us in many ways, either it could be parents choosing their children to enroll them for a training camp or to watch it LIVE.

Even the govt makes us feel sometimes that cricket is the only game in India buy not supporting any other games. This scenarios make people lose their interest in other sports literally as there is NO support from people, govt.

But in between all these there are a few people who do follow some other sports passionately and have had success.

Finally concluding I would say YES Cricket is an obsessed game for Indians, Detrimenting other sports to maximum extent but not completely.

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Supvss said: (Aug 18, 2013)  
I think that playing cricket should be banned, and try develope our country in its own national game which is hockey. Media and government play a very important role in popularising sports, and cricket have established such an international fame that it is just an wrong impact on people believing cricket as the best and other sports to be just wastage of time.

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Priyanshi said: (Jul 29, 2013)  
Cricket cricket cricket ! It has become the religion of India and national anthem of our country so much so that the word itself creates a wave of excitement in the people. Cricket runs as the life flowing blood through the veins of multitudes. Yes cricket is the god of sports in India I'm not even being the least sardonic when I says this but in other ways we can say that it is the occasion of horrible condition of other sports in India. There was a time when India did win the hockey world cup but now nobody remember this.

Many of us eagerly waits for the indo-pak match to boost the morale of their country but where did this morale boosting brigade go when sportsmen other than the cricketers need them. At last I would say I'm not a cricket hater neither I'm against any sort of privileges given to this game but I'm worried little against the less attention given to other games at the cost of cricket.

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Chinmoy Nagarkar said: (Jul 25, 2013)  
Hello everyone,

I would like to pose a question to everyone, When does something become an obsession? I guess when people attach or associate themselves with a thing which he/she feels covetous about. Now talking about cricket, I agree that its presence has overshadowed many sports in India, but you can't simply blame media hype for everything. Before 1984 when India won its first world cup cricket wasn't that famous as compared to hockey. After the world cup victory cricket received a tremendous impetus and later on giving rise to many legendary figures who carried that momentum on, thus gradually becoming lucrative source of sponsorship for the sponsors and business magnates.

Unfortunately in other sports we have not been able to bring international glory of cricket's repute but we have seen many sporting figures like Saina Nehwal, Bopppana, Rajwardhan Singh Rathore, Abhinav Bindra, Vijender Singh, Gopichand becoming cynosures for their glory in Olympics and many other major international tournaments. This recognition has been possible only on the basis of their merit not because of the hype. Thus popularity of sport depends upon the achievement of team or individual in that sport. We now have many leagues coming up for sports like hockey, badminton & boxing. I would corroborate my point by citing example of Australia who are or have been world champions in many sports like rugby, cricket, swimming etc. Thus have immense obsession for all sports.

In the end I would like to conclude that there is no doubt cricket is a very popular sport in India but its unfair to call it as a detriment to other sports because popularity or success of a sport in India depends upon our sports player's or team's performance at global level because we never know few good tournaments can change a course of sport's future. At the same time onus also lies on the government to promote and provide adequate sporting environment for other sports as well.

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John said: (Jun 17, 2013)  

I would say that the fame to the game cricket has made a bad impact on other sports. Too much attention and money is spent on this sport that the players engage in spot fixing. If too much attention was given to the sport then such embarrassing things wouldn't have happened.

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Govind said: (Apr 29, 2013)  
Hello Friends,

I have some views on this topic " Cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports".

I support to topic as publicity of cricket increasing simultaneously it is creating bad impact on other other sports like Hockey our nation game, Volleyball, Kho-Kho and lot of other games, reason is that people sees and hear every where about cricket because our media has been made them more and more popular by live broadcasting on DD national from a decade ago. Human psychology is that what they see they do same.

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Jeet said: (Mar 31, 2013)  
I think in cricket fan following is so much than other sports. If media and government both encourage other games and give more facilities then people obviously think about those sports. Now-a-days these IPL, t-20 attract everyone. They know that from these they will get more money and fame. That's why people interested about cricket.

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James Bond said: (Mar 20, 2013)  
Hi Everyone,

I feel we all are interested in cricket rather than other sports. We all known the rule of cricket, how to play. We all knows hockey is our national sports but we don't follow this game because govt, media and our neighbor environmental support cricket rather than other game. So we all follow cricket.

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Soni11111 said: (Nov 15, 2012)  
Hello everyone,

From my point of view, cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to others sports.

The reason behind this is our gov and media focusing more on cricket while our national game is hockey, we should be more focused on hockey rather than cricket as our national game is hockey, as we can see that in India even in small villages the people are more interested in playing cricket because they are not aware of all other sports as gov and media are showing more and more about cricket that is why the game which we are not seen are getting disappear. So this is fault of our gov and media that they are not making people aware of all other game, of course I am agree with this topic 100%.

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Ayush said: (Oct 25, 2012)  
Hello everybody.

As you all said cricket is creating obsession to other sports. I also think that you are right. Our national game is HOCKEY but It is being ignored by government. It is also not provided with appropriate sports facilities.

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Deepanshu Gupta said: (Sep 23, 2012)  
India can think of winning gold medals in Olymics only if cricket is knocked out of our minds. We hardly remembers who were Vijay Hazare and other greats. It's only after 70ies and the invention of television make this game popular & reached to the masses. The other reason is thec efforts put by the cricketers of that time like Sunil Gavaskar who gave some of the memorable moments of glory to the country.

Now that boxing is getting popular because Akhil Kumar & Vijendra Singh are winning honours for the country. Sushil Kumar has made grappling popular whereas sania Nehwal has coxed many girls to weild racquet. Everyone wants yo be a part of winning team.

Hence the onus is on government to encourage other sports too & it's also the role of Media to bring the stories of struggle & success of other sportsmen too.

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Raj said: (Sep 1, 2012)  
Cricket is a game played only between 7-1/2 nations and yet it gets the attention from Indian Media as if it was a world level sports and all the news related to cricket is hyped like anything. I personally feel that BCCI is bribing the entire top media (times of india, hindu, etc) to hype the news about cricket. The recent example is in which Times of India is hyping the news about Unmukt chnd not getting pass due to the lack of attendance which was an internal issue of the college but it was blown out of proportion by the media and got all the unwanted attention.

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Chandra Sekhar Das said: (Aug 30, 2012)  
Why all people are shouting against cricket.can't u all shout at the door of government to provide adequate facilities to other sports to groom them.bcci is not responsible for the corruption going on in other sports respective boards.if this can be minimized and performance of other sports will surely inspire youngesters.we indians are passionate about cricket due to our team's competitiveness unlike other next time don't do this childish comparison when one sport is flourishing in our country.first sport has to caught the thoughts of the people then it will automatically become can feel and see it by recent example.

Rate this: +34 -22

Rajeshwar said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
I think cricket has been hyped by media, business corporates, politicians so much, that Indian public getting fooled. I think if you observe closely there are so many sports whih are very intereting to watch and play like wrestling, boxing, weightlifting, swimming, running, shooting, archery, cycling, rowing, fencing, gymnastics, equistrian, martial arts like judo, taekwondo, etc. But these sports don't get proper attention from the Govt. Its actually these sports which gives the country fame on international level. Today India has become a laughing stock in the world, how money is being wasted on cricket which is played by only few countries.

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Biplob Hazra said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
Cricket is a filthy rich sports and the involvement of filthy rich people are responsible for the hype of this game. I am sure out of 121 billion, 50 billion have nither time nor means to watch or play cricket. If a country like Ethopia can produce long distance runners who is running bare foot to bring lorrals for the country then I am sure it is possible in our country too. Where How and When is the concern. Hats off to those individuals who are trying their best inspite of all odds to perform in individual events. Lets see when media and states will shift their focus to promote these individuals for the sake of sports and for the sake of the country.

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Balasubramani said: (Aug 12, 2012)  
Hi friends, in India there is four channels allocated for cricket but not for hockey, chess or athletics. But in foreign countries there is a separate channel for each and every game, this makes the people to participate and to concentrate on every games unlike India. In our country no coaches are selected from India, every one has been imported from other countries. Still there is no team formation for football, gymnastics in Olympics but in other countries these games plays a major role. The top winning medalists in Olympics like america and china are thus because they not yet formed a cricket team. As there is no cricket, they are giving importance to each and every game and getting fame to their countries. So from my point of view, the government And media Should encourage every game and the sportsmen too.

Rate this: +44 -11

Subramaniam said: (Aug 6, 2012)  
India can think of winning gold medals in Olympics only if cricket is knocked out of our minds. Its a dull game and a very slow one too and not a scientific as well. If a batsman gets out, he can never be back in the game which makes it very unscientific. Stupid game followed by stupid people. It is played in just 7 or 8 countries It is affecting other sports very much. This game should be banned.

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Pankaj D Sailor said: (Jul 15, 2012)  
During 60es an 70es cricket wasn't known to interior of India, We hardly remember who were vijay Hazare and other greats. Its only after 70ies and the invent of television this game became popular and reached to the masses. The other reason is the efforts put by the cricketers of that time like Sunil Gavaskar who gave some of the memorable moments of glory to the country. We started to beat the Europeans at their own game. This was a great morale booster for country which has grown up believing the superiority of White Race. Also it is money spinning machine for many others.

Now that boxing is getting popular because Akhil Kumar and Vijendra Singh are winning honours for the country. Sushil Kumar has made grappling popular whereas Saina Nehwal has coxed many girls to wield racquet. Everyone wants to be a part of winning team. Indian Sports in a unique Catch-22 situation where there can't be talent and victory without money and there can't be money (Sponsorship) without victories.

Hence the onus is on government to encourage other sports too and its also the role of Media to bring the stories of struggle and success of other sportsmen too.

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Rashi said: (Jul 9, 2012)  
I personally feel that though cricket is very entertaining at the same time it is very tedious too. People consider it to be their religion. This damn affects the intensity & popularity of the other games in India.

The thick cloud of intense cricket is overshadowing the future of other games hue overshadowing the development of other games recognized at the national level.

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Fan Of Sports said: (May 14, 2012)  
Cricket is not detrimental to other sports its just that we have good batsmen in India who hits big shots no one cares for bowlers in other sports its not big & lengthy as cricket. So other sports should have famous recognized players to make it famous.

Rate this: +11 -24

Nirmal Das said: (May 9, 2012)  
Hi everyone.
I feel that cricket is overshadowing other sports in India. The encouragement, sponsorship & promotion given to cricket in our country is very high comparing to other nations. We can see cricketers in maximum advertisement, we can rarely see other sport person. Main reason is bcci, bcci is independent organisation and bcci is the richest cricket board in the world. Others sport is undertaken by government and we all know how government works. Media is also responsible for this. In news papers cricket takes more place overshadowing others.

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Anupam said: (Apr 24, 2012)  
Hello friends,

I feel that cricket is not completely an obstacle for the development of other sports. The encouragement given for the up lift of cricket in our nation is very high when compared to other nations. In fact bcci is the richest cricket board in the world. The sponsorship given to the game of cricket is also high. Even the government is not giving adequate facilities for the players of other sports. The media has been also focusing more on cricket. The money earned from cricket is very high through commercials. So the government must take steps to develop other games. It is also necessary to evolve more stars in other games like sachin, dravid, lara, dhoni in cricket.

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Sudeep Panja said: (Mar 13, 2012)  
Hello everyone,

As per cricket concern, I think it provided a platform for upliftment and generation of revenue for the other sports. After IPL the commercialization take place in respect to every sports in the form of NSW hocky leauge, new series of football in bengal, and recetly the mixed wrestling.

And heavy weight boxing in India.

Secondly, If we look from the aspect of sports culture every country then we can formulate a trend and culture, like in europian country soccer and ice sports, in african nation athletics, in american country american football (rugby) , in Australia cricket and rugbey and in India cricket. All these major sports provide momentum to flourish other sports of that perticular country.

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Rahul Singh said: (Feb 27, 2012)  
Hello ladies and gentlemen,
the very first thing should be mentioned here that, what is the actual role of sports in any country-
1. It shows efficiency of a country in sports worldwide.
2. It gives name, fame.
3. As a profession.
Here no. 2 affects strongly no.1&3,
so,as far as name nd fame is concerned cricket is everywhere. Handsome money given to them and a seperate board(bcci) alloted, makes it more difficult to other sports.
For encouraging other games the only way is to make them popular through advertisement,promising excitement,benifits of not watching cricket i.e. Saving of lots of time etc. A sport is always made to entertain ,it is the way we look at them makes it boring.
I think media is a little bit responsible
only when advertisement is concerned otherwise they show whatever people want to see. They just increase the publicity,they don't create it. If tommorrow we will get into olympic finals in hockey, virendra lakra and sandeep singh will be on every tv channel.
So,i think its enough of cricket,lets promote other sports because cricket can promote itself for next 8-10 yrs. Thank you.

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Nivedhitha said: (Feb 9, 2012)  

The people of India basically are addicted to cricket. No doubt, it has the most fame than any other sports in INDIA. New formats and adjustments has been brought to this game to attract the people, which the other sports lack. Obviously, from the kids to elderly are interested in it. The parents of this generation are also fond of leading their children towards cricket, as their kid can also become fame easily and earn quickley. Many are not aware about the prestigeous given to other sports world wide. So CRICKET has automatically has been considered to be the reason for this.

I feel that the common unsupport given by the government to most of the sportsperson & lack of guidelines to other sports is the cause for the above mentioned.

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Amey said: (Dec 31, 2011)  
Yeah cricket is an obstacle for other games in India. If you ask me the reason than all the company are advertising thier product using cricketer, not other sports person, & one of the big reason is bcci is independent organisation, whereas other sports organisation are undertaken by govt. Of India. We all know how government organisation work.

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Rahul Reddy said: (Nov 8, 2011)  
Haa it is quite stupid to think cricket as national obsession. It is the one game through which we are able to hold our heads high. We won 2 world cups and beeen on top in tests for odd 2 years. What has other sports have brought to India. Whatever is brought is quite appreciated. Abhinav bindra winning gold medal in olympics. Indian hockey team won 8 gold medals in past but that happened when tv's and internet. But 1983 wc was won by India when the tv's are just becoming popular. That made it more popular than any other sport. Every Indian wants to play cricket in streets. It is in to Indian blood and no media is required for cricket. Cricket is and will be the most popular sport in India and I hope other sports also will develop.

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Smriti Nigam said: (Sep 4, 2011)  
Well. I don't think that cricket have hurt any other sports. If cricket is more interesting, full of excitement, creates a nation loving feeling then its not the "SPORT'S" fault. I think its just because cricket has a very interesting format that's why it has become so popular and loved by all. Followed as a religion and the cricketers worshiped as God. The fame that cricket has given to India can not be ignored. As far as other sports are concerned, they have not lost their importance. Whether it is tennis, badminton or hockey they are still very popular. But yes, it is a fact that cricket is more popular and followed by more people.

Rate this: +33 -27

Himanshu said: (Aug 25, 2011)  
Hi everybody,

I don't think cricket as a national obsession is a deterrent to other sports, cricket has got popularity because of the legends cricket has given to us like sunil gavaskar, kapil dev, sachin tendulkar, just because of the achievement these peoples have made, cricket is so much appreciated game in India. Recently if we take an example when rajyawardhan singh rathore won silver in Olympics, just after that we won lot of medals in shooting. So, if we want others game to be equally appreciated as like cricket then, we need some great legends in other games too.

And I believe that if other sports will also produce great players then definitely they will get the appreciation as cricket in this country gets.

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Mayank Aggarwal said: (Aug 6, 2011)  
As everybody mentioned that cricket is detriment to other sports. I quite agree with it. It is because:.

1) way of advertisement the cricket game is promoted.

2) Cricket sportstars are bein seen in most of the advertisements related to cricket or promotion of any other product likr dish TV ads, Mc dowells ads.

3) one of the main reason cricket is preferred when there is match between India and Pakistan. And the way it is advertised on the news make cricket to detriment other sports.

4) In newspapers, most of the sports page is filled with cricket news, whereever it have held.

So along with us, its media too playing the role of detriment to other sports of India.

Media has the highest power today in our country. If it wishes, it can change the shape of sports too.

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Abin Thomas said: (Jul 23, 2011)  
Hey everyone,

I don't at all think that cricket is a detriment to other sports it is the Indian people's supportive spirit of cricket that is destructing other sports. Most people do not even know that India has teams in Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Basketball, etc. Its feels ashamed extremely to know that India a huge nation does not support their athletes.

I hope that India recognizes their athletes of all sports and supports them in their respective sports.

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Saurabh Akshant Shukla said: (Jul 8, 2011)  
In my opinion , cricket is not detrimenting any other sports , it is supressed by ourselves we ,the people are totally responsible for that .
well i think that there is no comparison between 2 sports everything has its own existence so how can cricket suppress the other sports .
its just the matter of fact that indian people are crazy about the cricket .so the comparison lies not in sports but in our thinking only .
last-a-days the economic times conducted a survey to find out who inspires the people in the field of sports and the results was as under :-
43% people inspires with S R Tendulkar
35% people inspires with M S Dhoni
11% people inspires with S Nehwal
04% people inspires with Vijendra singh
04% people inspires with A bindra

from the above figure it is observe that a total of 78% people inspired by the cricketers ....that shows the craziness of the people towards cricket ..............

Rate this: +29 -15

Oshu said: (May 17, 2011)  
Well, I personally feel that obsession with cricket is a detriment to other sports. It is all because of the way it is promoted. It is just like in the case of a movie,if a movie is hyped about all of us go to watch it but some epic movie just gets neglected because of poor advertisement and there is less talent in other sports because of improper training because of lack of finances.

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@Khiesh said: (May 9, 2011)  
Hello everyone.

I strongly feel that cricket has come to a point from where it is detrimenting other sports.

You can see among yourself that how many of us watches other sports played by Indian sportsmen. Ofcourse a handful. Why is it so?

One definite reason could be the hype that cricket gets through the media. People not only watch the match with shear attention but also the pre and post-match shows. Having build a huge sponsorship can also be contributed for cricket to flourish.

One main reason also is the investment of money by either government and now as we can see the business individuals, which lures young minds to have a great profession in cricket.

Lastly, I would say goverment should definitely see to this and take necessary measures to allow other sports perpetuate.

Rate this: +12 -5

Namita Kalra said: (May 8, 2011)  
Well I think there can be no comparison between any two sports. (infact nothing can be compared. Everything has its own existence). How can cricket suppress other sports. Its just a matter of fact that Indian people are crazy about cricket. So the comparison lies not in the sports but in our thinking only. Let us make ourselves think more equally and we will surely make the difference grow lesser and lesser.

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Badminton Fan Club said: (Apr 24, 2011)  
I hate cricket...i don't know why everybody is crazy over it.

In the newspaper, Sports Star it was written that the prize money for India Open(Badminton) was only Rs. 5 lakh whereas in the Cricket world Cup, the prize money was more than a hundred crores of rupees

Rate this: +28 -25

Shruti said: (Apr 10, 2011)  
Ofcourse, 1.21 billion people of India have an obession towards the cricket and this has led to the detrimention of other sports in india.all are interested in cricket only.In recent cricket world cup match the viewership was 100%, while in commonwealth games it was only 30%. this alone shows the pathetic situation of other sports in India.

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Sushant said: (Mar 31, 2011)  
Hello everyone,

Parents I India don't allow their kids to join sport academies because they think that there is no career in sports so after completing school they are sent them to persue medial or engeneering or any other course other than sports, against his or her inclination towards sport.

Another reason is that sports other than cricket don't get sponsorships due to inappropiate performance which in turn is due to the lack of entire setup and proper talent nurturing. Therefore there is much less scope for other games. Also it doesnot give any return to private players, stadiums go empty during the entire league.

Another thing is media hype that is the most important reason for the popularity of cricket.

For cricket we just need a ball and a bat, start playing on road, street. But for other sports we need proper training and a complete setup.

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Kaushik Kumar Ghosh said: (Mar 17, 2011)  
It is indeed an overstatement that, cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports. Indian Sportsman playing other Sports are also doing well and they are getting accolades from our country men. I really feel my self proud when our tri colours flutters and National Anthem sung, be it be any Sports event or occassion. Sports binds people with each other it never can be a detriment.

Rate this: +8 -8

Rupal said: (Feb 18, 2011)  
I totally in favour of this topic. In my point of view India is consistent in the cricketing world as one of the formidable opponents ever since India started taking part in the sport. The 1983 world cup win changed the history of cricket in India and unlike other sports, the different formats -Test, ODIS, T20, have been able to pull audience to the game. But in other sports like football, hockey we have never yet achieved these kinds of popularity.

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Anubhav Sharma said: (Feb 11, 2011)  
Yes cricket detriment the other sports in India cricket is not treated as a game its treated as a religion, which is good but only upto some extent. Suppose if there is a cricket match between India and some other country then every person is affected by the result of that match but in case of other sports nothing like that is happen who won or lose its doesn't matter for us. This is totally partiality with other sports. Everybody in India knows about Sachin Tendulkar but how many amongst us know Saina Nehwal the great badminton champion.

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Amarnath 925 said: (Feb 8, 2011)  
Hi friends,

In my point of view, Cricket is not harming any other Game.
In fact, the divelopment of any sport is not the matter of money its a matter of Governance structure.

Lets take a comparision between the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games and the forthcoming
Cricket world Cup 2011 makes clear differences in the GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE of cricket and other sports in India.

The best way to drum up interest before a mega event is through the sale of Merchandise. But for Commenwealth Games, a full scale merchandise program was never launched. Which results---We lost the huge revenue earning opportunity.

In contrast, world cup merchandise is already on sale in India and elsewhere in the subcontinent.

Unfortunately for the Delhi Commonwealth Games, ticket sales and distribution were complete mess.

It is the professionalism associated with Gentelman Game called 'Cricket', evident also from the way the Eden Gardens unpreparedness issues have been handled and hard measures taken, that explans the tremendous interest in the event across sector of the Indian Economy and Society.

Comming to IPL-- There is nothing worng to put more money On the Event Where people showing more Interest.

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Cricket as a National Obsession is a Detriment to Other Sports

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