Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility of an Indian Citizen

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Shabbar said:   9 years ago
It's a good habit. And all should clean their area, houses, and own soul to fit good habit in them.

Nandini said:   9 years ago
"Cleanliness is next to godliness" is a very apt statement. India needs toilets more than temples. Cleanliness is not just disposing of human waste but it is a comprehensive word which includes seven components including safe disposal of liquid waste, safe disposal of solid waste, environment cleanliness, personal hygiene, food and water hygiene so on and so forth. If every Indian takes it as a responsibility to keep his/her surroundings clean the dream of seeing our country open defection free will be soon realized.

Nancy said:   9 years ago
Hello I am Nancy.

I think that in future when our city or our country is not clean then the foreign country people they coming to see our country on different places and when that particular place is not clean than they go to their country and talk about us and make fun. It our habit to throw dirt on roads so we forgive it that our nearby there is a dirt so I am requesting you to keep our city, schools, home clean.

Jane said:   9 years ago
Hi It's Jane,

Well clean India movement will bring a great change if its taken seriously as it is said "The worthy aims are actually met with equally worthy practice" so every individual should participate and make a difference even a bit to this beautiful India, nothing is impossible and with proper attitude, effort, awareness and a civic sense of the people of India.

I am 100 percent guarantee that India will be brought to spotlight of being the "Cleanest city in the world" no doubt but India must play it's part for it requires a sustained effort and not just by few individuals. There has to be an effective monitoring mechanism.

Martha pfeifer said:   9 years ago
Hello people of India.

Some very insightful ideas have already been written and it sounds like you have a big task ahead of you. I admire the pride you want to have in your communities.

Try not to blame older citizens who may not conform right away. They have lived in these conditions their whole life, and the older people get, the harder it is to change, but they will conform.

It may take them a little longer to adjust to these changes. Gently encourage and praise their efforts.

Lead by example. This is very important because others will learn from you simply by observation. Especially those who are not able to read or write.

It is my opinion that it would be unfair to make unemployed citizens clean up liter, unless they were paid and doing it voluntarily. This would be very degrading. Prisoners could be made to do this as away of paying back their debt to society. If you wanted to implement such a program it would need to include all physically capable citizens including the wealthy. If I was running this program I would not allow wealthy people to buy their way out of their civic duties. I feel it would be good for moral and it would motivate your cause. If it was decided they are able to buy themselves out citizens most vote and majority would need to agree. The fee could not be nominal It would need to be at least 30% or more of their annual income and go up with the increase of wealth they hold.

I am from America. Most people will not liter. This was not the case 30 years ago. A recycling program started only 20 years ago, and it was slow to start. People wasted water, but we try to conserve it now.

Shane said:   9 years ago
According to me, before we certify that swatch Bharat campaign will succeed or not. We have to many factors on which success of any campaign depends. Many factor affecting any successful campaign is human attitude towards that campaign.

In INDIA people are sadist for any government leading campaign in which support of people needed. If all 125 crore people decided that it is our responsibility to clean our near, then no doubt India will be cleaned in just 24 hours.

No one government Can clean such a big country itself which population is more than 125 crores. So, in the last I want to say INDIA can clean/make swatch by the participation of all not by just one or few hundreds.


Manju said:   9 years ago
Hi I am Manju,

I want to share my views about this topic good everyone should be clean from their hearts and mind. First clean your mind by saying that I should hurt others by words nest by action you should not hurt others this way if we motivate others we won't cut trees which will save us from pollution.

First clean yourself, your home, your street, your neighborhood, and each one should tell next three members how should we keep our motherland clean. Next three it will go on like that. One day I am sure we see our Mother India clean. Today take a pledge we will clean ourselves and tell others how to be clean.

Nishant saxena said:   9 years ago
Hello friends.

I'm Nishant saxena. I want deliver some speech or opinion on this topic cleanliness is the fundamental responsibility of are life because without cleanliness we can't do anything clearly we can't be concentrating on our work. So we should always be neat and clean.

Poorvi said:   9 years ago
I think cleanliness is a good theme and I believe it if all 1.2 billion people think about it I think India could be the cleanest country.

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