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Mohammad Armaan said: (Aug 31, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

According to me, the Censor board is not working truthful work. Because In the past few years, they provide green flag on those movies they affected our Society, I also agree that India is developing very fast, But In my view, India is developing in all of the sector except religious. Because Everywhere rioting In India Because of religion So, If Censor board banned all of the movies those gives the message for hating. When our Society mind developing.

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Satish Kumar said: (Jun 29, 2018)  
In my view, there is no need to censorship in movies & our culture. Present time India is a developing country and Indian cinema is play a very important role in human life and youngest life. There is only need is that movie should be motivated by good story and avoid the religion part of society. Parents impart the good knowledge his children regarding good society and control the children in his childhood. I know that all parent worried about his children about his family but this not the solution to censor the movie. The only solution is know give the good knowledge and tell him about good company. The only thing if required that is the supervision of movie by Indian sensor board before releasing and publics the show. Board should be remove all untrusted (porn) seen and religion violated seen, terrorist support activities, those seen give the bad effect on youngster. These clip should be banned or remove from the movie. Always they show the goodness of society and Show the Indian talent on screen.

But in Last few year, we can see that Indian sensor board give the permission to many religious picture and they cause violation in society because the insulting the religion of society but our sensor board give the green flag. The only thing is required that is our govt take initiative on this topic and guide the Censored board as per democratic nature.

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Supriya said: (Jun 21, 2018)  
Censor board for internet is must. Nowadays both parents are working, so they may not have time to watch their children. "whether what she/he is doing". So their future may be affected if there is no censor board. In these days, there are many children are being affected or addicted due to this.

So, I think it is necessary to have a censor board for internet for a bright future.

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Amit Parida said: (Dec 25, 2017)  
Censorship in movies in India is like a juggler, means they will decide what the movie will depict n what people will see regardless of what the movie tries to portray. Its' too much in India as our country is known as a so-called religious country so people stick to that mindset that this adult or violent type or content should not be on the big screens. But why? everyone infact in this generation know about the adult contents, they have the knowledge about it.

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Uttara said: (Aug 24, 2017)  
Hello, everyone.

I read all your comments and I respect your individual perspectives. So I have few lines to share. Movies are made to reflect the reality though mass media only. Directors and producers make movies yo convey some message. In this process, they have to use few lines or scenes which are need of the cinema. The role of censorship is to filter bad and obscene contents of the movies but by doing so they are hurting the sentiments of the maker. So instead of eliminating contents from the movies. They must certify the movies and leave them to the viewers to decide whether to go and watch the movies or make it a big flop. Thank you.

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Alia said: (Jun 19, 2017)  
Anything which exceeds a certain limit is not good at all. The same applies to censorship in movies. The view about a particular movie is personal and in no way imposable. The Censor board is also made up of a group of human beings given the specific task of approving a movie weighing it in all aspects. These few people cannot decide what the others can see. Views and interests vary from person to person and cannot be thrust upon them. If this happens censorship amounts to dictatorship in the movie industry. Often many producers have to cut various painstakingly shot scenes which may also have cost much. This may also ruin the beauty of the movie and make the audience disinterested to watch it.

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Kareena said: (Feb 19, 2017)  
According to me, censorship should not be out on movies.

1) Firstly it spoils the meaning and lesson given by the movie.

2) Censoring of content hides the reality from people and make them see fiction stuff.

3) Relating to adult scene the movie broadcaster help to rate the movie adult or universal or both.

4) One of the most important things is that parents should talk to their children about sex education. They should not make them fall into the wrong direction by ignoring the topic. Such scene attracts children if they are not told they make go in the wrong directions.

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Raj said: (Feb 15, 2017)  
Hi guys,

I think movies shouldn't be censored because there are some people who enjoy watching such scenes. Some people who don't want to view sex, violence or use of a certain word should not watch at all.

Children should be banned from watching A rated movies, because it will make them feel disturbed and also they might get curious and search up words or porn sites or disturbing pictures on the internet as these days the younger generation is very good at handling electronic gadgets. 18 years and above should be allowed only as the younger people are not completely mature.

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Name said: (Feb 13, 2017)  
Why is censorship wrong?

The arguments I've heard so far would be that it goes against "our" culture, it is too vulgar for "us", and also that it would be bad for the kids. Now, the "our", and "us" is more like your. Okay. Fine. These scenes offend you, don't go see them. We can't call ourselves a democracy if we ban everything that we don't agree with. There is a reason we have PG, or UA, or some other type of ratings with the movies in our theaters. If you don't want nudity, don't watch A rated movies. It's your choice, as it should be for someone who lives in a democracy. What is not okay, however, is to take that choice away from someone else, just because you don't agree with the contents of a cinema, or, completely unrelated, what someone chooses to eat.

Thank you.

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Vishnu said: (Feb 3, 2017)  
Hello everyone.

I am assuming from my point of view that most of these opinions come from middle-aged men and women who are overprotective of their beloved sons and daughters. I m myself in my early 20s right now and I think our censor board is really overdoing it. What I m saying is what is the point of watching a movie in the theater if we are not gonna see half of it. We can wait a few months to get a rip off from the internet. Sometimes the censoring destroys the continuity of the story, destroys the humour and several other things. I really don't believe a person (let it be a late teen) who watch an A rated film gonna have his mind completely altered to negative mentality. There is a thing called porn if you are worried about nudity and a thing called GTA if you're gonna puke on seeing a person head blown off by a shotgun. I just elaborated on the reality of the situation happening around us right now, censoring a few minutes of a film is never gonna change that. Each one of us gets to decide what we should become.

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Suraj Anand said: (Dec 6, 2016)  
In present movies, we see more vulgar, nudity and violence. Movies have more such statement that could not see with family, our culture does not allow to do these. These scenes must be censored. Director tells that we put these scenes because people want these. But they cross the limit that should be cut by the censor board. By which a movie can be seen with family and accepted by our society.

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Nptr said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
I definitely agree with you Kiran. As he said the tech now days are far beyond our reach. We are not dumping so that if any violence or any other contents are shown will influence us. As we are living in the largest democratic country in the world with every citizen have the right to speak and express their views the censorship is putting their scissors over our rights hear. So as per my opinion let the people decide what to see or what not to.

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Vishal Sharma said: (Sep 26, 2016)  
Hii Friends !

It's great to hear your valuable opinions on such a controversial topic.

In my opinion, movies are inspired from reality ie they are the replica of our society. Whatever prevails in our society either good or bad gets replicated in the movies ie it makes a direct impact on our culture. I do feel the same that movies should be made taking care of the audience, I mean there are specific scenes which are not fit for certain age group or should be viewed under adult supervision so it is the duty of the censor board to cut off such scenes because it can cause ill effect upon the minds of audience who aren't mature enough. Thus movies play a pivotal role towards shaping the culture of society and interference of censorship is quite evident for the preserving of our culture.

Thank you Guys!

Hope you like it.

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Sourav said: (Sep 18, 2016)  
I think censor board did a great job over the years. A nudity scene, political violence or sex scene has a large effect on people's mind but again I am saying that it depends on our mentality. A scene which creates violence or which creates harmful effects on the children's mind I think that should be banned.

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Kiran Patra said: (Aug 7, 2016)  
We know what we are. Nobody has right to offend when we watch some sort of cinemas that contains violence and some scenes because we know our limits and lines. We know up to which extent we should watch and we are also not dumb that we can't understand what is good and bad for us. So why this word "censorship" comes into our mind. If we talk about the children or students then if we won't allow them for movies then also they will use the internet for watching movies because they are smart enough that we should not have to tell them any thing.

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Garvit Grover said: (Jun 9, 2016)  
According to me, censor board should not be abolished. Some of the scenes in the films are not suitable for our Little ones. I'm not saying only about different adult Scenes but also those which involves violence. It affects the mind of everyone. Especially the mind of little ones is affected the most. So censor board is just providing a protective layer to our Minds. Because films are jobs to actors they have to do what they get even right or wrong. So, censor board is there who picks out some of the things which they thought are not suitable for our society, and remember one thing that they have to think about all ages and not only a particular. So, they are doing a good thing. Rest depends on your thoughts and thinking.

Thanks it's a GARVIT'S view.

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Surya said: (Apr 11, 2016)  
This is not only about sex scenes or nude scenes. What about the violence depicted? After seeing Agneepath, a kid went and shot his teacher. Reason? Revenge. They saying that we are ready for movies that show a lot of violence is not true. My mom cringed at the violence shown in Title, Nh 10 etc. Yes, we have to accept the changes that are going on in our society. But does that mean we have forgotten what we were?

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Satya said: (Apr 11, 2016)  
I have seen some of the some of the discussions mentioning parenting and all those stuff. To all those people who say that parents dont have to take their children to cinemas rated Adult, I want to say I am quite sure parents arent so stupid enough to take their children to those cinemas. Forget about cinema halls, we have something called the t.v and a more dangerous equipment the internet. Does anyone think that not taking children to cinema halls is going to prevent them from watching movies in the internet? If anyone does think like that I am so sorry to say think again. This whole thing about cinema's being an expression of art is also ridiculous. I am not talking about cinema being an expression of art, the excuse of using it like that. Cinema is one of the most imaginative and beautiful methods of expression of art. But please dont misuse that concept. We can express ourselves or art of cinema without sex scenes or nudity. More than censorship, our mindsets need to change.

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Kaamaakshi said: (Apr 8, 2016)  
Come on people, are you living in ancient Indus Valley Civilization? Does some censor board know us better than our own self? Can we not choose what's going to harm us? Do we need any external agency to check what we watch?

My point here is, the sensor can very well warn us about the contents of any movie but has no right to mess around with somebody's hard work. The person is not dumb if he's making a movie or a documentary. He has some sort of practical knowledge and experience.

Secondly, we cannot rule out that the so-called "bad things" shown in the piece are not alien, they exist in our own society.

Thirdly, You can't tell me what to watch until I am not offending someone. The person by making his creation public has given me his consent to view it, so no third person has the right to mess around.

Fourthly, will we ourselves not be a hypocrite if we support these people? On one hand we are ready to beat a person to pulp on roads, but on the other hand, we cannot bear violence on screen. What harm has the poor X-Men done to you?!

Fifthly, our main concern is children. Do you think its hard to find an uncensored clipping on the internet? You get my point!

Ultimately, my point is that we don't need a sensor.

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Ariharan said: (Feb 14, 2016)  
One point being constantly repeated again and again is that if you don't 'censor' film you and and your children might be left in an awkward position, and it would influence badly in your child's psyche.

But why would you take your 10 year child to an 'A' or 'U/A' rate movie? Some of you might be confused, let me clarify, no one wants to abolish the 'RATING' system, only the 'CENSORING' system you know, the process that determines which parts of the movie {or anything} stays].

Just imagine a handful of people, of whom 50% are mere puppets of the government of the time picking out which and which not to watch for a billion people, you included. Don't you find that enraging? Some idiot decides on what and what not you, an 18 year old adult who can think for yourself and are imbued with the power to elect a representative for the country. Taking you for a fool every step of the way.

Sitting there, condescending on you and your brethren, spouting things like, "This would instigate them", "they are too foolish to not smoke when they see a cigarette "[apparently we are dumb monkeys]"Ah, this scene, this scene would arouse him uncontrollably that he might perform some disgusting act in the cinema".

Tell me people, are we really that mindless? That obnoxious? Censorship may primarily be a jab at the filmmakers' pride but it is ultimately a kick to our intelligence and right to expression. It is a tool with which knowledge, emotion and expression is controlled. So with this final thought I end this note, CERTIFICATION IS MANDATORY I agree but CENSORSHIP IS JUST PURE PROPAGANDA.

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Shubham said: (Jan 11, 2016)  
Now a days, the movies are showing totally wrong face of the society by showing sex and kissing scene. These are the privacy of our society that should be respected. Directors have made a habit of adding some offended (so called hot scene) to earn a lot.

But how these get passed through censor board? It's corruption. Yes corruption! These days We hardly find a movie that we can see with our family. So The censorship should remove the scenes completely not partly. Then I will believe that the board worth existing.

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Nidhi Mishra said: (Oct 24, 2015)  
Hi friends!

We all know about Indian culture. But day by day it is degrading due to the many reason. One main reason behind this is cinema also. For entertainment, money and need of scene some directors of the film are not avoiding to show bad and vulgar scenes.

Its duty of censor board to cut these type of scene. And actually they are not doing their work well, not cutting these type of ghatia scenes which adversely affect our society. Now days very rare films are there which we can watch with our family. So censor board should filter the film very fairly so that it will not affect our society.

That's it.

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Harshal said: (Oct 15, 2015)  
Keeping aside the action and drama, the vulgarity depicted knows no bounds. India has always been known for its culture. However it's rare to find movies based on any culture. Thanks to the media and the hype created of the celebrities personal lives, youngsters get influenced in the wrong way.

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Harshal Vadhavinde said: (Oct 9, 2015)  
Keeping aside the action and drama, the vulgarity depicted knows no bounds. India has always been known for its culture. However it's rare to find movies based on any culture. Thanks to the media and the hype created of the celebrities personal lives, youngsters get influenced in the wrong way.

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Dare said: (Sep 13, 2015)  
If a movie come to society it must take certificate from the censorship board, because some movie 18+ movies spoil the society so it mandatory know a days most of movies abusing words are used it must be cancel in the movie.

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Tsiehta said: (Jul 20, 2015)  
Censor Boards do play an important role in media and vis a vis society, however, there must be a uniformity in the exercise. This uniformity may transcend beyond the Boards capacity. Hundreds of millions of people of India go to temples, being exposed to sex, nudity, Violent pictures and what not, through the carvings, drawings etc, This is acceptable, but the fighting scenes in X-men days of future past were deemed unsuitable? This is just an example. The scene was practically mangled beyond recognition. The Board would be better of Banning some of these movies outright.

How about, public defecation and urination. You mean extended kissing scenes are more vulgar to viewers than that? The whole process of censorship is laughable, until the social behaviors in public arena are cleaned up.

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Vivan Karan Singh said: (Jul 3, 2015)  
Hello Everybody ! I have got few things to say here:

A lot of hard work is involved in making a film. Right from the beginning to the end, the process in itself is very rigorous. What we see on screen is the vision of directors, writers, lyricists, musicians and other artists which is drawn or inspired from their personal experiences. We have to understand that it is because of their direct observation or participation in the events of society, the filmmakers have gained practical knowledge, skill or expertise. Restricting their vision is definitely going to hurt them.

They are trying to depict reality from an artful perspective. We just cannot ignore the fact that murders are taking place, rape is happening, which is very unfortunate. We just cannot ignore the fact that boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife love. We just don't happen to accept the reality because we fear what others have to say, what society has to say. We are shy in the cinemas hall, but most probably an animal inside four walls.

My point Censor Board should keep an eye on the content and restrict releasing which is very derogatory or offensive. But putting a tag in every scene where characters are smoking is not going to change the society. The one who's smoking knows really well the ill effects of it. We are not running out of ads which says "Smoking kills". So why play with the emotions of filmmakers?

Parents understand whether they should take their children to the theater or not. If government is really bothered about society or children getting inspired from a movie, they should better give emphasis to education.

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Sfh said: (Jun 25, 2015)  
According to me censorship in movie is necessary, as the movie maker puts everything in the movie to make it interesting, like vulgar scene, abusing language etc. These types of things are highly responsible in degrading the culture of our society. So the censor board should always take a step in removing these types of things from the movie.

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Deep said: (Jun 24, 2015)  
Censorship depends from industry to industry and in case of movies, there is censor board of film certification to which all the rights are there to censor the movies and categorize them according to the age of the people of the country and cut short the content which is not to be disclosed on the screens.

India being the number one democratic and demographic country, has a large culture and based on that, censorship move should be established by different industries and nature of work so that it would not affect any part of the country and its culture.

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Priyesh Kumar said: (Jun 19, 2015)  
Well, if we go through the definition it would be very clear that, censorship in case of films is the board of certification rather than censoring and its business is to classify films on the basis of age appropriate level.

Right to freedoms is very important tenet of a democracy, and morality of country should not subjected to the political dispensation.

India, is a democracy where different strata of people are there, something which is sarcastic for one may be downright outrageous and offensive for others. So censoring is sometimes necessary for smooth functioning of the country. But most of the times its completely ridiculous. I, appreciate UN model where it is decided within industry, what they want to cut and what they know.

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Abc said: (Jun 3, 2015)  
Currently censor board is doing a very good job. But it still needs some amelioration. Filtering out the vulgar scenes is not enough.

According to my point of view, the item-songs are equally responsible for deteriorating our Indian culture. These cheap songs decrease the value and dignity of women.

This also has adverse effect on young school girls performing this cheap songs on stage. Seeing our top bollywood actresses performing these songs, they also want to follow them.

So from my point of view, along with the vulgar sex scenes, the item-songs must be banned from movies.

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Shivangi said: (May 28, 2015)  
Yes, I think censorship is a must nowadays. Today we have so many movies displaying nudity, hurling abuses, showcasing violence and sexual violence also. Censorship is vital to protect and safeguarding the young children who are watching these movie at homes if not in theaters. They are young and under impressionable age.

They may develop and carry wrong notions or maybe they may get scared and panic because of the impact that violent scenes may cast on them. It may affect their thinking and ultimately destroy or affect their mentality because their mind is a like a blank slate.

Whatever they see becomes a part of their lives. They learn from TV's and movies. Kids are our future plus scenes of nudity or sex scenes are no pleasure to watch with family. It actually turns embarrassing. So censorship is a must.

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Sneha said: (Feb 13, 2015)  
Read all through the views of my friends. One thing I want to specify to some of my friends, that for every single topic of issue we can't end up at saying that "ALL DEPENDS ON THE MENTALITY OF THE PUBLIC". And all about the topic I would like to say that indeed censorship in movies is a mandate.

We do have examples of movie which has gain much popularity without any inclusion of vulgarity. So why not continue to build movies of those sort. The thirst of huge revenue and popularity and preservation of Indian culture would go hand in hand.


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Harjot said: (Feb 4, 2015)  
Yes censor board is responsible for filtering out contents from our movies. So as to maintain the morals and values in the society. Young generation get influenced by the movies and try to ape them. This affects the young minds. Moreover it becomes embarrassing.

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Shenaz said: (Jan 22, 2015)  
I believe that movies should have some moral values in it. We should be able to watch movies with our family because we all go together to theaters to watch and if its not worth we feel like leaving our seats its very embarrassing specially with our parents. These vulgar scenes is going to destroy our youth.

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Sugarfree said: (Nov 4, 2014)  
Good morning everyone.

Most of your comment support the censorship of media content.

I agree that Censorship would enhance social harmony by filter out contents that go beyond moral standards.

However, I would like to talk about the adverse effect of the censorship.

Firstly, Censorship deteriorate the media freedom. The creativity of Story writer, Scene designers and Director may would be limited when they want to express artistic feeling through topic of sex and violence. In fact, many classical literature unavoidably include the content of sex and violence. And the aims is to accelerate rethinking of human being and philosophy of human emotion.

Secondly, Censorship of media could easily be used for political purpose. The authority may use the censorship to suppress unfavour information such as criticism of policy.

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Prashanth said: (Sep 13, 2014)  
I think that it should be abolish I'm saying this words just because I think that when "A" grade films are also being showing off in the private channels in India, so what is the need of it ? I think censor board has been formed just because of saving our culture from the side effect of the films.

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Ankit Sinha said: (Aug 21, 2014)  
Hello friends,

All of my friends have given very valuable points, according to me even if we establish a censor board in India for monitoring the Indian movies the adverse effect of a class movies will be there. The most common way of watching movies is by downloading it through the internet and enjoying it in your home. If the government is concerned about the Indian culture I would suggest to completely ban those movies which are threat to the Indian culture. It should neither be in cinema halls nor in internet websites. This is all I have to say.

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Shankey Kumar said: (Jul 30, 2014)  
Hello friends, according to my point of view there is a need of censorship board on movies because now a days there are many scenes in the movies which are not good or we can say that that are affected badly on our youth or children. No doubt the Indian film industry gives us large number of good films. It give us motivational movies, comedy movies, family movies, action movies etc. But now we see that there are many movies which include some bad scenes which badly affected the childrens. Also there are some movies which anger the peoples against something as a result of which wrong consequences come out.

So I would like to say that the Indian movies is good mostly in all aspect such that it provide us good knowledge as well as motivate us but also there is a need of censorship board to stop releasing of movies which include bad scenes in the movies and which affect our youth and children.

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Rajesh said: (Jul 11, 2014)  
Good evening friends.

I have read everyone's point. Now I want to put my views in front of you all.

According to me cinemas are that mirror which shines and shows the image of the society. Cinemas and television affect all the age group of people whether it is children, youth or the old people. Children and youth learn a lot from the television and cinemas.

My point is if the television and the cinemas affect a lot to children and the youth than we every parent would want good contents to be shown on television and in cinemas as they are the mode of entertainment. So there should be something or some systems which can prevent ill contents to be broadcasted in cinemas.

So I strongly believe that there should be censor board to filter all the ill contents to save the innocence of the child and to stop our youth from being provocated.

Now if I'll contents are shown or allowed to be shown without any restriction it will affect our culture adversely.

So I want to conclude that there should be a censor board to filter the ill contents and to save the innocence of children and youth who are the future of the country.

Thank you.

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Hamri said: (Jul 6, 2014)  
Hi friends,

I am Hamri. According to my point of view, Censorship in Movies Must be strictly follwed by censorship board. In 2013, Indian cinema celebearted it's 100th year. At this Moment we are proud to be an Indian. Since 100 years, Indian cinema Giving a good movies for Society. Watching Movies are the main Entertainment Zoner in India. At every Time they learn Some good habbits from Movies. Some of the movies are showing motivational thoughts to the society. I am sure that all the Movies are giving good thoughts to the society. 50% of the movies have to teach Bad thoughts, Showing vulgar scenes on the screen. It must be censored before it is getting into the theatre.

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Sima said: (Jun 23, 2014)  
I think the creativity of the film director should be considered before censoring the film. It should be certified accordingly to allow the viewers to watch the movie. A film should only be censored when there is a fear of disturbance in social harmony.

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Arvind said: (May 17, 2014)  
I also agree that censorship is allowed in vulgar movies.

Now a days it becomes the tradition for film industry for making profit and for the higher success of there movies. Then the young generation utilize these movies and many people do these things actually.

I think censorship is use where it is required.

Thank you.

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Binu said: (Feb 7, 2014)  
Hi to all.

Censorship in movies is really important nowadays. As because we are indians and we don't want our kids to be indulged in any wrong activity.

Censor board is doing its job very efficiently and is very praise worthy too, as it is doing a lot for the nation.

See these guys are doing a lot to save our child, our culture from being destroyed.

Now a little bit of responsibility on your shoulders. Because they have done their job by providing certificates to movies. And now its our turn to take care of our children.

Rather than just complaining others for unsuitable material in the film.

Take an initiative protect your kids, from following any misdeed.

Check out their internet history.

Don't give below 18 a ticket for any adult film.

And also the directors have to look for it that they don't make irrelevant sex scenes, because a good story really don't need it. And you can not make all your money by showing the vulgar content to any body.

That's all thank you.

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Balwan Singh said: (Jan 7, 2014)  
Yes friend in my points of views censor should be there in movies. Vulgar scene in movies put bad impact on society and young blood tries to do the same thing in real life and it lead to rape and social molestation in society.

India is a county of villages which still have good sense and joint family system. Parents fear to see any kind of movie together with children.

What is the use and duty of sensor board if this is the situation in society.

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Vishakha said: (Oct 24, 2013)  
The coins has to side like that in censor board shoe motivational movie or romantic types movie. Like lagan, tare jamin par, bhag mika bhag that type of movie shown by them but for younger generation they show bad scenes which give bad thoughts, or inspire to do that bad scenes. So in motivational part the censor right vise versa.

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Lakshmi said: (Oct 14, 2013)  
Censor should be done because when we watch a movie as a family we need to eradicate certain scenes.

It makes the film industry to make a better movie and there will be limit for the film makers regarding the vulgar scenes.

The film must have something other than the love and vulgar scenes to entertain the audience.

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Kajal said: (Oct 14, 2013)  
Hello friends.

I have gone through each and every post. Well. Censorship is doing its job well what it is supposed to. But regarding our culture it depends upon our moral values how we take it and are not affected by the content shown in abc movies. Though we can't blame censorship in any aspect because what the children are not supposed to see they can go through it by the common sources of technology i.e. internet, smartphone in a very easy way. So its up to our mentality how we are taking it.

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Akshya said: (Sep 19, 2013)  
I appreciates that censor board is doing there work efficiently regarding grading of A, u/A movies. But my concern lies to what extent it is helping the culture. Let me give you example if tell you that I have a gift for you in that box which you will get after a year, what will be your reaction ? you will be definitely eager to know the secret gift in the box and try to do all the things which prohibits you from getting that gift. The same happens to juvenile. They are more prone to watch that movies that prohibits them from other sources like internet.

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Prak said: (Sep 11, 2013)  
Hello friends,

I totally agree with the point mentioned here about the censorship in movies, I think censorship is the right thing which can be done to make movies better. It restrict the movies in some areas so that the producer can not misuse it.

But I am shocked also after seeing the old movies and new movies. There is a lot difference, like before there used to be no vulgar scenes at all or at very low extent but nowadays its been common. It can be seen in every movie. Our culture is being affected because of these things as the people are getting attracted towards this fake cinematic effects shown in movies. These are mere the attractions and also the producer adds some spices to it by adding adult content to it.

So I think censor board may be blamed for all these things, if they have not allowed a single movie containing such vulgar scenes then it might not have been the choice of the filmmakers. And public also started demanding all these so its totally affecting our culture.

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Dharmik Raval said: (Sep 5, 2013)  
Hello everyone.

As per my opinion, censor board is not doing right job nowadays. Useless intimate scenes are shown in the movies just to earn money. It is useless to give A certificate, if you can't watch a movie with your family. Censor board should strictly control these rubbish things called "professionalism".

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Manoj0814 said: (Aug 22, 2013)  
I think the censor board is doing good job to cut those scene which is not required to current generation. If censor board rate a particular film with 'A' then it is duty for govt to regulate norms with strict action. As no cinema hall issue ticket to below 18 years old. And if found then heavy penalty or cancel their licence. And TV media not show A kind of movie, as it is considered that in our home all type of people. Or that vulgar scene cut on that movie.

Films are meant to be for entertainment so its duty for censor board as well as parents. Parents take their children for involving such bad activity.

Actually we have to change our state of mind regarding these issue and take our underage children. As if censor board cut some scene and stop particular film then what is guarantee that they would not see such type of scene, As internet, smartphone etc. Then we can not blame to censor board 100 percent, it our duty as we have to take our children.

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Harshika said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
Censorship in movies and our culture must be diagnose with correct tools so that people can watch these with interest and rate it accordingly. Censor board if censor one part of movie then that is done in terms of protection so that people are not able to make any strike against bad portion of movie that they saw in that movie. Firstly, censorship needs to control the views of the people by adding their protective tools to the movies. Secondly, censorship is an add-on to the movies where people can easily judge these and rate it accordingly.

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Aishwarya said: (Aug 5, 2013)  
THE increased number of crimes are also having a direct relationship with the films as it is already stated by my friends that movies have a very strong potential to influence people's mind and then the youngsters already have a very tender mind which imprints quickly.

So I think censorship should actually be taken very serious issue making up the future. Parents and teachers should provide the teenagers with the necessary information about the basic biological phenomenon so that they do not find unlawful means to gather the information. As said by bala it is the high time to educate! as it is rightly said that" the best way to solve a problem is to face it. ".

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Bala said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Censorship involves both the V's - Vulgar and Violence. Taking violence alone doesn't make sense. Lets not take both or take both. The world is moving much faster that we expect it to. In this fast moving world and Rapid increase in technology banning the V's doesn't seem to be a great idea. Lets face the truth and Parent the future in better ways. The need of the hour is not banning the V's. We need to educate the future wise enough for understanding the truth. Banning is not prevention. We are actually postponing the problem for latter. Educate!

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Hirich said: (Jun 24, 2013)  
Movies are an art form, an expression of one's self. We have choice in the decision to watch, or to allow our children to watch, a certain movie.

Before we view, we as parents decide if appropriate or not.

The statue in public, of David, (Florence, Venice?) was not altered to suit censors, centuries ago.

In cinema, I don't like violence, horror but I do like fantasy, sentiment, sensuality and intellectual erotic film.

My children are, fittingly, at the opposite end of the scale. I raise them well, with high standards, so they avoid the public (internet) movies of filth. Further, they have permission to watch select movies.

First question is- Do we tolerate, or is it legal in society, to change someone's art work?

If yes, then remember, we are all different, so if we censor, who decides what to remove, what to leave, and does this get rid of the root problem?

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Kabir said: (May 29, 2013)  
I don't think so sensor is doing great job if you are seeking to censorship it should be categorize and if we are in democratic country there should be a freedom from all the four corners. If you are talking about sensor violence should be censored. Censoring the eroticism I am having different view either it should be banned from all the internet stuff. Or should be granted and made legalize.

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Kanadante Mayavadenu said: (Mar 14, 2013)  
I think the censor board is actually doing a great job by cutting the scenes which should not be shown to the public. We can't blame the censor board for not cutting certain scenes which you think is vulgar because the censor board tells the film maker to cut only those scenes which are not required for the current generation. We can never compare the type of films which were made earlier and now because of the changing trend and technology.

And considering that the censor board has cut some scenes, or given an A certificate to a particular film, what's the guarantee that the younger generation won't see those scenes? And if they see those and had certain impact on them then who has to be blamed?

Film are meant to be for entertainment. So its the job of both censor board as well as parents. Censor board will do their work as usual but parents should also take care that these films are not to be seen by the youngsters and care should be taken that their minds are not affected by whatever they have shown in the film.

Thank you.

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Divya Kukreti said: (Mar 12, 2013)  
In my opinion, censorship is necessary only if it is being followed wisely. Giving grading to a film does not mean you have surely succeeded in disconnecting those peoples who are not meant to digest that matter. In a country like India where we have a totally different culture and values, imposing censorship means helping our youth choose the correct path. Someone should be there to guide the youth if not lovingly then may be forcefully. After all its the question for the existence of an entire race called "THE UNIQUE INDIAN CULTURE" which is famous all over the world.

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Ymmen Goel said: (Oct 16, 2012)  
Hello friends!

I read everyone's comment and they are really appreciable. What I concluded from these are two points.

1. The role of censor board is just to rate the movie as A, U/A or U. Rest depends upon the people, how do they take the film. Director cannot suffice everyone's needs.

Moreover its the duty of threatres that if a film is rated A, it should not allow the respective underage persons to enter the threatres.

2. Censor board can play its role when there are scenes which can cause riots among the religions. For eg. The current case going on in which a american made a film which has provoked the sentiments of Islamist. Such films should be ban or the scenes should be omitted.

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Sanket said: (Aug 26, 2012)  
Hello friends, I think censorship is really required for movies.Because without censorship there is no control or restriction on movies.Any director can release any movie that would affect our culture.our country's culture is different than other country so our country's culture should not affect by bad movies so censorship is required for movies to decide culture of movies.

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Navneet said: (Aug 22, 2012)  
I totaly agree with the point that censorship plays an important role but it also depends on the perception of the viewer that how he or she watches the movie. The Indian cinema, our culture, our youth are adversely being affected by this. Indeed some good and educational programmes must be broadcasted on tv in order to provide a good message to the students, teenagers and youngsters.

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K.Kumar said: (Jul 30, 2012)  
I am of the opinion that today's cinemas as well as serials in T. V are mainly concentrating on the duels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, father-in-law and son- in-law, dowry related threats and molestation, suicides followed by this by the bride, and modern ways of murder and thefts and of course 'Holier than thou' attitude by all. These are either copied down by the new generation or they are becoming mentally become a slave to such ideas and emotions that are shown in these movies and serials. The result is that the family loses the peaceful atmosphere in which it was moving and on a fine morning the relations, love affection etc withers away. Who is responsible for that? Who becomes a prey to these inhuman life style? And who earns out of it? Who loses everything in life? PEACE shatters into PIECES in every house.

Certain social immoral guys with the help of certain powerful authorities in the private and government sector amass wealth and fame out of these poor incidences. We, peace loving people, wants to restore a calm, lovable, friendly and sincere life in future. Life is for enjoyment in the natural way and not in a barbaric style. I request Censor board to censor all such misleading and dreadful scenes from films and serials. Remember, that a guy who works the whole day for his bread and when here turns home to enjoy a leisurely hours, he is been welcomed by these types of nasty vulgar dreadful cinemas and serials.

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Sushant Burde said: (Jul 29, 2012)  
From my opinions, it is better that the parents should not take there children away for these because in today's generation, kids gets smart enough, they find any ways to reach these and knows about it. 18 declares the age of maturity but it seems in today's generation 13-14 years kids empower them-self as mature and do the vulgar thing and it is the fact.

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Priya said: (Jul 5, 2012)  
The people above 18 are mature enough to understand the censored stuff and all but with the fast forward generation the kids are also taking interest in all of this. The more we want them away from it, the more they are getting attracted towards it. There is no way to hide it from them because there are many other sources like internet to go through all this even if a movie is banned for below 18 children. The increasing western culture is affecting the brains.

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Yeanot said: (May 3, 2012)  
Censor board plays a pivotal role in the outcome of a cinema in a good way.In olden days there rarely used to be vulgar scenes in a cinema. But things have drastically changed now. More time has been allocated for the scenes which effect human sentiments and which effect our culture. More number of vulgar scenes have been put up by the directors so as to collect high revenues for the movie.

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Gangadhar said: (Apr 26, 2012)  
Good morning friends,

We are all know about our Indian culture. In olden days everyone should followed our culture very perfectly. But now a days our culture go to changing. This is occur in some movies. The censor board refuse vulgar words and censes which are not suitable our culture. So censor board is try to rescue our Indian culture.

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Richa said: (Apr 20, 2012)  
Censor boards duty is not to edit films but to classify the movie according to content, so that people make an informed choice whether to watch the movie or not, films should reflect our society so there is no point in editing the content.

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Dipesh Mahra said: (Apr 2, 2012)  
Hello friends.

I agree with the point that censor plays a vital role in cinema. But if the movie has been rated A then it becomes our responsibility that below 18 must not watch it. Why to blame the censor board. And regarding the sentiments of the people, the filmmaker can not respect everyone's sentiments, as the population of this country is very large in numbers. It is we that how we take the movie.

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Tanutanu said: (Mar 18, 2012)  
India is a religious country and indians are quite sensitive on certain issues and becasue of which censorship plays an important role in our country. It helps in drawing the line and makes sure that we films are not something which could hurt the sentiments of any section of the population. India is a house to so many cultures, religions etc and hence it is our duty to care for everybody's sentiments.

Also, with time, our people's perceptions, attitudes change and censor board should adapt itslef accordingly and deliver an effective censorship.

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Niharika Drolia said: (Feb 7, 2012)  
There is huge diversity in the opinions of people here, and it gives me a great insight to the topic. I personally would like to add on to certain things.

1. The question on censor board is primarily on what and how are they censoring? Sadly there is a hypocracy prevalent on the concept of censoring. As someone already gave examples, there seems to be no clarity on the aims and ideas of the censor board.

2. What are the guidelines on rating movies as A and still censoring portions from it? Then the purpose of rating is not catered to at a large extent.

3. Talking about religion and culture, Indian culture thankfully is the most adaptable culture. It has persisted through all these decades only because of its flexibility. It automatically out throws the bad through its values. Are our values dependants on censorboards of any kind? Or are capable making the choice by themselves?

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Astha Srivastava said: (Jan 30, 2012)  
Actually it depends on us what we makes our perception at the time of seeing movie. We should not blame on censorship board. According to me its important for entertainment. The main task of censorship is bring right thing for the world. For example most of the people saw the dirty picture for the song oh la la and all. But how many people observe the reality of an actress. I think it depend how me make our perception towards the particular movie.

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Asghar Ali said: (Jan 25, 2012)  
In my opnion todays movie makers are showing vulger stuff in movies because youth are attracting towards these stuff. So we can not blame on any one we are responsible for these vulger scene in movies. When see movie and if there is any vulger content or scene then we say to our friends vow kia scene tha why we don't say that this scene was bad should be band. So stop barking on censor board avoid by your self to watch such movies.

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Yashaswini said: (Jan 22, 2012)  
The deletion of vulgarity is NOT the sole purpose of the censor board. Rather it is to supervise cinema content as being appropriate to its viewing population. Therefore instead of focusing on vulgarity (whose degrees are highly subjective, we should focus on the segregation of publics viewing cinema content and enforce rules which set a clear distinction between the publics and accordingly allow content to be viewed, advertisements to be published and followed in all viewing halls.

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Satyendra Sungh Rathore said: (Nov 27, 2011)  
Hello friends...
I appricate your thoughts and addition to this yes cencer should be allowed,because from the aspect of a film maker every scene is gud whether this a velgur or bad scene,but it might give bad immpression to childern & youth .

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Amit said: (Nov 3, 2011)  
I strongly agree with Anchal. I think after globalisation, things have changed including the perception of people across the country. I believe we are now smart enough in distinguishing between right and wrong. Apart from this, for example if you see from a moviemaker's point of view, then you can easily feel that, change is vital in order to survive and compete in the global market. So finally I would like to conclude here by saying that, the role of censor board & other concerned authorities should be reduced at some extent.

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Anchal said: (Oct 9, 2011)  
I think censorship should be allowed but in a limited way. The censor board should not. Interfere in the thoughts & ideas of film maker by forcing him to sound the " galiyan " as beep. If in a movie, there is a stunt scene, it should be censored. But the national television if showing a serial every weekend of an hour of life threatening stunts, then there is no issue.

I think with the changing time, we should be ready enough to accept the changes. If censor board is giving a movie, a title of A. I Think movie is a complete package of emotions like love, stunts (action) , sad, joy, sacrifice, victory. The thoughts of film maker should not be crushed.

In the end I would like to say that cenorship should be there, when required. In a movie if there is unrequired pornographic material, it should be censored.

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Kajal said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
From last 5 or 6 years we can notice that our bollywood industry is very much influenced by hollywood. Showing vulgur scenes is very common in hollywood. But I think that the censor board has forgoten that we are living in India which is a religious country. We do have a unique culture which do not permit us for such kind of stuff. So the censor board must band on producing such kind of movies.

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Austin said: (Dec 8, 2010)  
I've read all of these and the two common things I see are these: 1- There are a lot of bad movies and they can/will/are affecting our youth! 2- The censorship board is not doing anything about it.

Yes, there are A LOT of movies out there that are vulgar, profane and just inappropriate for children. But you know what? You're "small children" are NOT BEING FORCED TO WATCH THESE! How about we stop blaming our problems on other people? Hitler's idea didn't end well for anyone.

If you want my opinion into the "final solution to 'cleaning up our youth'" then here it is:.

It's a simple thing called PARENTING!.

Maybe you have 2 to 10 or more jobs and have no time, well who's fault is that? Maybe it's time to stop watching your children from the side lines and take a more active role in their lives. But then again, we are all lazy one way or another, so do what you want. You can keep barking at other people to fix your problems, or you can do something that matters and actually care for your child/children.

Just so you know, I'm a seventeen year old guy who goes to high school. When I was about 6, my mother was a terrible alcoholic and my father died before I could even remember anything. She would let my brother and I watch are rated movies all the time. All through my life I have been exposed to violence, profanity and vulgarity and believe it or not, I'm not some rotten evil teenager who just loves to bully other kids and take advantage of women. I work hard daily to keep up with band, choir, an honors senior English class, a government class, National History Day, Adventures in Supercomputing, a college music class, Harding University Admission applications to the university as well as into an online Bible class with Harding. So you can either continue to be as ignorant as you are and blame everyone else, or you can take some advice from somebody who knows and either make time for your children or take a break from commenting on discussions about how everyone else is the reason your youth is going bad and get involved in your child's life.

P. S. I happened across this discussion while searching for examples of censorship for a satirical speech that I am to do this Monday in my English class and let me just take the time to say thank you very much, this was just what I needed.

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Vipul Vaibhav said: (Oct 10, 2010)  
According to me vulgar scenes are very very common in Hollywood and Bollywood these days. And the censorship is just allowing for it. This will affect the small kids.

Why so vulgar scenes not blocked by sensor board?.


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Karnveer said: (Sep 23, 2010)  
In my opinion, the movies are only for our entertainment and whatever scene we see in the movie can be not suitable for society. We should try to avoid these kind of scenes in the movies.

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Shreyansh said: (Jul 1, 2010)  
I don't want that our sensor board should restrict to only cutting vulgar scenes, but it should be something more beyond that.

Because we, all most all, like to watch movies. It is true that it really affects on our thoughts and behavior.

Our culture has given ethics and basics to be followed to become a good person and if a movie is providing something against those ethics then that should get banned. Because it's something by which you can pass on the message or affect large amounts of lives.

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Shiny said: (Jun 26, 2010)  
Censor Board plays an important role in the quality of todays movies. Nowadays movie makers are targetting for money only not for giving a good movie or message to society. They showing more glamor and attracting youth and making profits.

Censor Boards are nominated for providing certificates to the movie whether it suit for all age or for adults. So it helps to know what kind of movie it is one important thing is it slowly decrease the quality of films and spoiling youths and culture.

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Arun said: (Jun 23, 2010)  
According to me vulgar scene is vulgar depending upon the perception of the viewer and its relevence in the movie. If a movie plot is such that it has to show a love making scene then they will show it and the censor board will certify it as A grade.

The A grade itself tells people that it will have some sensual scenes, so why see it if one is not comfortable with such scenes. yes i agree to shanker and teja if the scene is totally irrelevent in the movie like a bar dance or something like that. its time to accept the changes that are occuring in the society and our culture.

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Shanker said: (Jun 21, 2010)  
Today most of the movies do not give meaningful context rather concentrating on social activities, concentrating on vulgarity.And i dont think so even censor board also playing complete role,depending on the industry the role has been playing. when it comes to censor board do not consider whether it is bollywood or kollywood or any other industry.
I think this is the time for delivering rightful message to the people.

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Teja said: (Jun 15, 2010)  
Censor board plays a pivotal role in the outcome of a cinema in a good way.In olden days there rarely used to be vulgar scenes in a cinema. But things have drastically changed now. More time has been allocated for the scenes which effect human sentiments and which effect our culture. More number of vulgar scenes have been put up by the directors so as to collect high revenues for the movie.

I think this is high time for taking strict steps in the censorship board to save our future generation going in a wrong way.

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Censorship in Movies & Our Culture

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