Censorship in Movies & Our Culture

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Mohammad Armaan said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone,

According to me, the Censor board is not working truthful work. Because In the past few years, they provide green flag on those movies they affected our Society, I also agree that India is developing very fast, But In my view, India is developing in all of the sector except religious. Because Everywhere rioting In India Because of religion So, If Censor board banned all of the movies those gives the message for hating. When our Society mind developing.

Satish Kumar said:   5 years ago
In my view, there is no need to censorship in movies & our culture. Present time India is a developing country and Indian cinema is play a very important role in human life and youngest life. There is only need is that movie should be motivated by good story and avoid the religion part of society. Parents impart the good knowledge his children regarding good society and control the children in his childhood. I know that all parent worried about his children about his family but this not the solution to censor the movie. The only solution is know give the good knowledge and tell him about good company. The only thing if required that is the supervision of movie by Indian sensor board before releasing and publics the show. Board should be remove all untrusted (porn) seen and religion violated seen, terrorist support activities, those seen give the bad effect on youngster. These clip should be banned or remove from the movie. Always they show the goodness of society and Show the Indian talent on screen.

But in Last few year, we can see that Indian sensor board give the permission to many religious picture and they cause violation in society because the insulting the religion of society but our sensor board give the green flag. The only thing is required that is our govt take initiative on this topic and guide the Censored board as per democratic nature.

Supriya said:   5 years ago
Censor board for internet is must. Nowadays both parents are working, so they may not have time to watch their children. "whether what she/he is doing". So their future may be affected if there is no censor board. In these days, there are many children are being affected or addicted due to this.

So, I think it is necessary to have a censor board for internet for a bright future.

Amit parida said:   6 years ago
Censorship in movies in India is like a juggler, means they will decide what the movie will depict n what people will see regardless of what the movie tries to portray. Its' too much in India as our country is known as a so-called religious country so people stick to that mindset that this adult or violent type or content should not be on the big screens. But why? everyone infact in this generation know about the adult contents, they have the knowledge about it.

Uttara said:   6 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I read all your comments and I respect your individual perspectives. So I have few lines to share. Movies are made to reflect the reality though mass media only. Directors and producers make movies yo convey some message. In this process, they have to use few lines or scenes which are need of the cinema. The role of censorship is to filter bad and obscene contents of the movies but by doing so they are hurting the sentiments of the maker. So instead of eliminating contents from the movies. They must certify the movies and leave them to the viewers to decide whether to go and watch the movies or make it a big flop. Thank you.

Alia said:   6 years ago
Anything which exceeds a certain limit is not good at all. The same applies to censorship in movies. The view about a particular movie is personal and in no way imposable. The Censor board is also made up of a group of human beings given the specific task of approving a movie weighing it in all aspects. These few people cannot decide what the others can see. Views and interests vary from person to person and cannot be thrust upon them. If this happens censorship amounts to dictatorship in the movie industry. Often many producers have to cut various painstakingly shot scenes which may also have cost much. This may also ruin the beauty of the movie and make the audience disinterested to watch it.

Kareena said:   7 years ago
According to me, censorship should not be out on movies.

1) Firstly it spoils the meaning and lesson given by the movie.

2) Censoring of content hides the reality from people and make them see fiction stuff.

3) Relating to adult scene the movie broadcaster help to rate the movie adult or universal or both.

4) One of the most important things is that parents should talk to their children about sex education. They should not make them fall into the wrong direction by ignoring the topic. Such scene attracts children if they are not told they make go in the wrong directions.

Raj said:   7 years ago
Hi guys,

I think movies shouldn't be censored because there are some people who enjoy watching such scenes. Some people who don't want to view sex, violence or use of a certain word should not watch at all.

Children should be banned from watching A rated movies, because it will make them feel disturbed and also they might get curious and search up words or porn sites or disturbing pictures on the internet as these days the younger generation is very good at handling electronic gadgets. 18 years and above should be allowed only as the younger people are not completely mature.

Name said:   7 years ago
Why is censorship wrong?

The arguments I've heard so far would be that it goes against "our" culture, it is too vulgar for "us", and also that it would be bad for the kids. Now, the "our", and "us" is more like your. Okay. Fine. These scenes offend you, don't go see them. We can't call ourselves a democracy if we ban everything that we don't agree with. There is a reason we have PG, or UA, or some other type of ratings with the movies in our theaters. If you don't want nudity, don't watch A rated movies. It's your choice, as it should be for someone who lives in a democracy. What is not okay, however, is to take that choice away from someone else, just because you don't agree with the contents of a cinema, or, completely unrelated, what someone chooses to eat.

Thank you.

Vishnu said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone.

I am assuming from my point of view that most of these opinions come from middle-aged men and women who are overprotective of their beloved sons and daughters. I m myself in my early 20s right now and I think our censor board is really overdoing it. What I m saying is what is the point of watching a movie in the theater if we are not gonna see half of it. We can wait a few months to get a rip off from the internet. Sometimes the censoring destroys the continuity of the story, destroys the humour and several other things. I really don't believe a person (let it be a late teen) who watch an A rated film gonna have his mind completely altered to negative mentality. There is a thing called porn if you are worried about nudity and a thing called GTA if you're gonna puke on seeing a person head blown off by a shotgun. I just elaborated on the reality of the situation happening around us right now, censoring a few minutes of a film is never gonna change that. Each one of us gets to decide what we should become.

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