Capitalism is a very Flawed System but the others are so much worse

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Acommentor said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism may increase ruthless competition whereas total Communism makes people demotivated. In a Capitalistic society competition is generally unfair (a labourer's daughter will be competing a millionaire's child, for example). A balance could be Progressive OUTlook (PROUT) policy. In PROUT, an individual is encouraged to excel, but reduces ruthlessness by (i) restricting the multiplication of individual property (ii) giving an acceptable minimum to the less fortunate.

Anish said:   8 years ago
Let me mention few negative impacts of flawed capitalism- In today's society, many people are ignorant about the socioeconomic system in which we live. This.

Fact can be very upsetting because of people's indifference about what.

People are doing to our planet and what we humans are doing to ourselves. Flawed capitalism is affecting the morals of humanity and the human habitat. Like excessive consumption, Income inequality, Social mobility etc is sustaining and reinforcing the conscious destruction of our planet and humanity.

Priya said:   1 decade ago
India is a mixed economy.India follows a democratic form of government in which people elect their own government.In Capitalist form of government,power is in the hands of every individual which has it own flaws but every system has its own flaws.In a communist form of government every decision is taken over by government and people are not allowed to interfere in their decision but in my view capitalistic form of government is better as compared to other form of government.

Ilusaud said:   1 decade ago
For the correction of the previously stated arguments, capitalist don't care about the growth, development of the country, society etc, there primary focus is to gain high profits and to wipe out competent in whatever manner they choose. For capitalism everything including human are treated as resources (that's why there is post of human resource HR) so they can can exploit it.

This is just a colorful dream that is being projected that, capitalist countries seems to develop faster (of whom? and who pays for it?) , on other sided they face recessions, and also growth by suppressing some other org/institute/etc etc. So we don't need fast development but there is need for sustainable and equitable development.

At-least common man have some role in democratic countries to chose the system the way they want. In capitalist all the power are in some individuals (like in imperialism) and they can control them in whatever manner for their own benefits. In communism anyone can derive equal benefits for whatever he puts in. So don't treat this world as any system, and human as components of it.

Poonam said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends, According to me Capitalism is a flawed system but every system has its pros and cons. In communism everything is controlled by the government sometimes the government forced their people to do that things who they are not really want to do. Even media can't interfere. Nobody can stop them. On the other hand in socialism politicians take the advantage of poor people tried to fulfill their requirements. They forced to think that things only which politicians wants forced to think. In my view capitalism can be good if the government can do things for nation growth not to help rich industrialists.

Bharath said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism puts out new talents but where as socialism doesn't because they know they will not gain much.

Muzaffar said:   1 decade ago
Capitalistic goverment is not good for developing country like India. In capatalistic type government corruption increases at very fast rate. I think it will be better of developing country to be communist. China I the best exam of communist govt china is rapid very fastly thn other capatalistic govt because they have less coprruption in system.

Nikuk said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism have it's advantages over flaws so this system become more suitable than the others, and so most of the world accept this kind of. In case of capitalism person may be look selfish but he always struggles for improvment and self progress so the it enhances the life in every way. Unlike it in secularism person think that, he will not get any profit if he will do that work with thwt much work and so took it as causal.

Mayur said:   1 decade ago
By appreciating the perception of all my friends I would like to say that for India capitalism won't suite but if we see the situation of government I would say that capitalism is good at least it will provide Growth in much faster manner then what today we are going.

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