Capitalism is a very Flawed System but the others are so much worse

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Bel said:   5 years ago
But real socialism has never existed because the imperialist US and its allies doesn't allow it to develop freely, they fight against it in all fronts and divert its course.

Pavan said:   7 years ago
Capitalism is an inquitous economic system for our country and same applies to communism. In India corporates have peevish mentality and exploit masses at the cost of their benefit and are never concerned about the welfare of them and also people are enslaved in the name of incentives and growth whereas in communism, everything is owned and controlled by the state curtailing liberty and freedom of people. So socialism could do best for the country.

Neeraj said:   7 years ago
Hi Guys,

Having corruption in all sectors is a common way to say because some people are corrupted everywhere get in. Before giving any views let me explain the few words of the topic so that I can give proper views on it. "Capitalism" this is the main word of this topic.

(Capitalism= is an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state.

Flawed= having or characterized by a fundamental weakness or imperfection).

As we all know that making profit always remains the main object of each and every commercial system in which bad things usually go through because without doing fraud making a profit it's very difficult for the business. When people use their capital to run the business so hard people think about the satisfaction of the customers and they blindly offer the services because there are many industries which meet once only with the customers that's why they don't think about the customers and finally, customers have to suffer.

There is a huge difference between private sectors and government sectors, government sectors always follow a particular guideline which is required by the government but it is not fixed that private sectors have the proper guideline or not. If we want to run any system so there is a need of proper management to push the system properly. So overall I'd say that in absence of proper management any system can go badly.


Anamika. said:   7 years ago
Both capitalism and socialism has its own flaws and advantages. Capitalism improves more quality and brings in more technological improvements and competition in the market. However, capitalism increases the gap between rich and poor as so many technological improvements will only lead to increased prices of products and services. In case of socialism exactly the opposite happens in case of advantages and disadvantages. India follows a mixed economy, which I feel is the best as it absorbs the flaws of each other and create a balanced economy for our our country. Thank you.

Anish said:   8 years ago
Let me mention few negative impacts of flawed capitalism- In today's society, many people are ignorant about the socioeconomic system in which we live. This.

Fact can be very upsetting because of people's indifference about what.

People are doing to our planet and what we humans are doing to ourselves. Flawed capitalism is affecting the morals of humanity and the human habitat. Like excessive consumption, Income inequality, Social mobility etc is sustaining and reinforcing the conscious destruction of our planet and humanity.

Uttoran said:   8 years ago
Nothing is perfect in this world, and even the best thing is bound to have some negative features. So capitalism is also not an exception. Capitalism brings more economic liberty than socialism and communism. Moreover, the concept of communism is too much hypothetical or virtual, considering the fact that socio-economic inequality is natural and inevitable. But a country like India has to think something in between. We need to reject the demerits or negative sides of both capitalism and socialism and accept only the positive features. These positive features, coupled with the essence of integral humanism from our Indian culture and traditions, can bring India to that level of socio-economic liberty where each person can at least be self-dependent or even self-employed by utilising their skills.

UDAY chhatre said:   9 years ago
In my opinion the India should have opted socialist, communist economic system as the every 5 years we have the election and that coupled with capitalistic economic system generates the corruption and corruption only and that can generate the crony capitalism which we all see today I f the nation is opting electoral democracy then must opt for the socialist/communist economy since election gives all above.

Acommentor said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism may increase ruthless competition whereas total Communism makes people demotivated. In a Capitalistic society competition is generally unfair (a labourer's daughter will be competing a millionaire's child, for example). A balance could be Progressive OUTlook (PROUT) policy. In PROUT, an individual is encouraged to excel, but reduces ruthlessness by (i) restricting the multiplication of individual property (ii) giving an acceptable minimum to the less fortunate.

Siddu said:   1 decade ago
> Capitalism is flawed in India because consider our Indian political situation they fighting for minister seats, when election comes they spent lot money.

> And lot of illegal money kept in swiss banks nobody can't take that money back till they are depositing money in that bank only.

> Consider socialism democracy not good in india, because reservation of seats.

Biplob said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism is a flawed system can be accounted to the fact that, here it represents the interest of an individual, people think particularly for themselves as industries look into for their profit in any venture they indulge with a very little percent of them working for the benefit of the masses. Every system have their own pro's and con's in handling its issues, its all about how a country can manage its resources, its people and all that moves around it. Though socialism comes with a huge cost of freedom, but in a country like ours where everyday rupee is falling, poor getting even poorer, backward areas gets neglected in respect to the priorities of the other ares which resembles some stature higher than those. So in our country there should be some laws which should be made strict, like those relating to population like china. In the financial sector if it is communalised than there would be less corruption. The government would be the sole authority and the country may rise up.

But these are mere excuses which comes in way because we are also in that population and here we are discussing about it. As the largest democracy we can say that we enjoy freedom like no other citizen of any other country and our country is also rising by leaps and bounds. Thus Capitalism can be considered as a system with less flaws. Its just that we have to act in curbing the population and not just waiting for the government to pass laws. And the government on its path as to check the causes which muster this problem like the educating the literate, strong measures against money embezzler and so on.

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