Capitalism is a very Flawed System but the others are so much worse

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Anisha said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism is a flawed system but every system has its flaws. Example-in communism everything is controlled by government so sometimes people are forced to things which they are against of. Example in china nowadays there are revolts taking place were people are revolting against the government as they are not satisfied with it. There is no transparency in media so world dosen't know about the happenings in the country.

Nikuk said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism have it's advantages over flaws so this system become more suitable than the others, and so most of the world accept this kind of. In case of capitalism person may be look selfish but he always struggles for improvment and self progress so the it enhances the life in every way. Unlike it in secularism person think that, he will not get any profit if he will do that work with thwt much work and so took it as causal.

Prateek said:   1 decade ago
There always are certain merits and demerits in any form of government. Capitalistic government implies power being in the hands of every individual (not in the true sense as there are players who try to maximise their profits, but there atleast is more transparency).
And in case of a democratic government there is no transparency, even though it is said that we choose our own leaders but we know in our country, India, the scenario is different.
Comparing China with India, China's population is way ahead of India in figures in population, but the development they r having is pretty ahead of India.
So u don't have to wait for all the procedures in a capitalistic government, like we have to.
So m not saying that capitalism is free from flaws, but its the best compared to the rest.

Chrissypinto said:   1 decade ago
Socialism is the opposite of capitalism and is problematic in its own right. If there is redistribution of wealth and social equality there is no profit motive. Even if your creative and work hard you'll probably still earn the same amount as a person whose not creative or lazy. Without the profit motive the economy stagnates due to lack of innovation and lethargy.

Bushra said:   1 decade ago
Although Capitalism gives the people their freedom and their say and rights to everything, it is not the system that helps a country develop.

Equality is the best way to rule. That is a way every single person feels his own importance, the part he has to play for the development of his country. Of course, living in a Communist country is not that easy so why not choose Socialism, which is between the the two, capitalism and communism?

When every man is forced to work, and live as humbly as his poor neighbour, it will incur diligence and humility, in other words, get rid of most of the unwanted qualities of the people such as laze and pride.

Kumar ashish said:   1 decade ago
I think that, capitalism promotes only a special category people, and create a bridge between the rich and poor people, so that become the main reason of reduction in the growth of country. We look upon the glimpse of country like china, why the people of china are more developed than us in-spite of that they are having more population in number, because they promote equality and bring transparency in their system, capitalism also does not mitigate bribe. So, for become developed country, we should promote communal-ism and not capitalism.

Biswajit said:   1 decade ago
From my point of view I also think that for the countries like INDIA capitalism is most important. Because it provides every single person to give their effort towards the betterment of the country. He can feel his importance&the role in his country. Developed countries adopt capitalism because it promote equality & bring transparency in their system.

Ravinder Singh said:   1 decade ago
Capitalism can be good for the nation if the government running that nation doesn't favour the rich industrialists who are acquiring good contol in the market because it can widen the gap between rich and poor. On the other hand socialism can be stressed side by side to favour lower class people which are deprieved sections of the society. On the other hand China is a good example of communalism because the nation is progressing fast on its way to become a developed nation. Thus it simply implies that a nation can definately progress in communalism if the government cares for its people and plays an important role in the development of the nation unlike the countries such as myanmar etc. I don't agree with what Mis Anisha has said about the riots taking place in the country. Small things happen everywhere and they can be controlled. And I have read from a guy above that China is having more population than India but still its progressing fast thats okay but its not the only reason because the China is three times larger than India in terms of area and it has little more population than India. The communist government there has strictly made the rules for families to not to have more than one child and with this rule they have successfully controlled the increasing population there whereas in India this rule can never be implemented in a democracy because the politicians only see the votebanks here and nothing else. This will result in the declining of resources and so lot of inflation. So we see here the communist government is better than democratic government for the progress of countries like India.

Muzaffar said:   1 decade ago
Capitalistic goverment is not good for developing country like India. In capatalistic type government corruption increases at very fast rate. I think it will be better of developing country to be communist. China I the best exam of communist govt china is rapid very fastly thn other capatalistic govt because they have less coprruption in system.

Ramakrishna said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion both capitalism and socialism has it's own flaws, if a country is a capitalism based company, the main aim of system is to earn profit, if it is communism the people are restricted to do the things they want, here the knowledge and power of individuals is restricted. In capitalism there is no such restrictions the individuals are doing wonders, for example take Dhiru bhai ambani, how this great man created the wealth, jobs to many graduates, etc. It is not possible in communism. So whatever may be the system when there is no awareness in the people to choose the government that system fails.

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