Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.

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Amit Rajput said: (Feb 2, 2021)  
Hi everyone, I am Amit Rajput.

Now, I am here to express my view on the topic dowry system.

We all know that dowry system is ancient time started culture in our society. In my opinion, it is not a good thing. And it had also many bad effects on our society. And many of the marriages will not happen due to this dowry system. In the past time, many brides killed and torcher when they are not paid the dowry. But I think that nowadays very few people ask dowry. Because nowadays every person literate and also understand the dowry system is a crime. And Now talk to how totally banned this system. Nowadays many schemes launched by the governments to this system. But it is not the only the responsibility of government. It is also the responsibility of every citizen to stopped this system. So I think it should be totally banned. And those parent's who want to give anything like furniture, bed or even money so give but not forcefully and not for groom's family enjoy.

Thank you.

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Ajay Yadav said: (May 29, 2020)  
Hello everyone, A very good evening to all of you.

This is Ajay Kumar today my topic is that bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.

I think in my point of view it is totally correct statement. As we all know that dowry system is traditionally started culture in our society but it is not a good thing as it has many bad effects in our society. Many of the marriage will not happen due to the dowry system and many more couple will be not be together due to this.

Many of the bride will threatened in-laws house and sometimes they were killed due to not paid of dowry.

And nowadays the dowry system is also a cause of domestic violence which is not good for us and society.

And finally, I want to say that dowry system should be banned in our society but those parents who want to give dowry in form of anything like furniture, bed or even money can give but not forcefully if he wishes to do so for the welfare of her daughter can give but not too high.

Thank you.

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Princevarma said: (Dec 10, 2019)  
The Dowry system was a major problem that our bridegrooms are facing. In fact, our ancients take dowry. To lack of knowledge and prevention of women. But we are also doing same thing what our elders done! so as by our technology and traditions we need to grown up and stop the present dowry system. When this dowry problem solves is better hiding to our children from this dowry system. (SAY NO TO DOWRY).

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Raju said: (Dec 10, 2019)  
Now it is a crime. Marriage is not a business or money making ritual that dowry should be a compulsion.

Everyone knows that dowry used to be given during marriage but it was for the girls comfort and not for the groom's family to enjoy.

I think this particular generation can bring a lot of change because we are educated and we make sense. Today men and women are treated the same so why not here. It's our duty to abolish this particular system even though we are not an active part of it.

If someone is seen observing the ritual then we should raise voice against it.

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Steffy said: (Jun 6, 2019)  
Dowry has been an integral part of India but not anymore.

Now it is a crime. Marriage is not a business or money making ritual that dowry should be a compulsion.

Everyone knows that dowry used to be given during marriage but it was for the girls comfort and not for the groom's family to enjoy.

I think this particular generation can bring a lot of change because we are educated and we make sense. Today men and women are treated the same so why not here. It's our duty to abolish this particular system even though we are not an active part of it.

If someone is seen observing the ritual then we should raise voice against it.

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Kul Bhushan said: (Jul 24, 2018)  
We all are responsible for this becoming an integral part as we have allowed it to continue. We are all passive members of this sad crime. We feel as long as we are not accepting dowry or paying dowry. We must strongly rise against those who still continue to practice this system and demand punishment for such crimes. There must be more awareness and strict action.

It is true that rich and elite continue to give dowry under the guise of marriage rituals, especially some Hindu communities that have an elaborate ritual of showcasing the gifts bestowed by the bride's family on the wedding day. Is this not dowry too disguised under the pretext of amenities for the bride's comfort?

Let us all wake-up and have the guts to say no.

The only acceptable dowry should be a fruiting tree that can be planted which grows up to provide free shade, oxygen, fruits not just to the family but also birds around us.

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Abhijeet Nandan said: (Jan 23, 2018)  
Bride burning and dowry are not only unlawful but also a very shameful act. Due to dowry, many newly married women are beaten and in some cases, they are tortured so badly that they die. Our culture doesn't support dowry.

In early days girl's father gave some money and ornaments to the bride by his own wish. But slowly it became a tradition. And after that, it has become a social evil now.

The root cause of bride burning and dowry is gender inequality in our society. Our society is dominated by men who in turn tries to dominate over a woman. It creates the gender inequality. Girls are not educated due to this they become illiterate and can't raise her voice against violence occurred against her.

The government has made many rules to discourage dowry system but those rules can be implemented only when society will help to discourage this system. Any reform can't be bought without the help of society. For this, we have to discourage gender inequality firstly. Secondly, we will have to educate girls just like boys so that they can raise their voice against violence.

God has given equal capacity to both men and women. Now women are also coming forward and giving their excellence in every field just like men. Women are going to highest posts in many areas. Our foreign minister, defence minister are also women. So we should give equal chances to women also and create a better society.

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Ashutosh said: (Aug 6, 2017)  
Hi, everyone.

Yes, it is true that burning and dowry system exist in the Indian subcontinent but it can be vanished by us or our next generation. Bride burning is seen in some part of India where the literacy rate is poorer. So we can reduce it by campaigns or awareness program that it is not good for our country and even for you as you have also a daughter in your family.

Dowry is an integral part of India since ancient time. Even king and rural gave their daughter a lot of wealth and ornament. This process continues in this era also. Even if a girl is working then also her father have to pay dowry. It can't be totally uprooted but can be reduced when every family intend to do so. The Government should take more action against whom who take dowry and also who give it. We should also complain about those who demand dowry from a girl's family for marriage.

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Santosh said: (Mar 2, 2017)  
Why man need a woman? In older days woman was not as educated as a men, because of that only she depended on man. But in 20th century women are not lesser to men. A man can do all what a women can. Then why should one marry. Try to stay without woman. By marry only one totally depend on other, a woman control you life when you get married and a time will come, even a man can't stay without a woman. Now the root cause of dowry is marriage only.

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Sakshita Kashyap said: (Feb 16, 2017)  
Dowry and bride burning is no doubt a dreadful and unacceptable act but the truth is bitter that these are an integral part of India.

Although bride burning is not so common, however, it is still prevailing in many parts, especially in western and northwestern parts of our country.

But dowry is a very usual phenomenon in marriages of almost all regions of our nation. Dowry actually makes those old thoughts true which used to say that women are inferior to men.

It is a matter of shame for all of us that this thought is still clasping the mind of Indian people after 71 years of independence. Furthermore, it is really surprising that even girl's parents also don't oppose this evil. Even educated families understand girl a burden and they pay boy's family for taking away that burden. But in fact boy's family should be thankful to girl's family for giving them an angel to handle their family and their boy. Dowry not only snatches the right to equality but also attacks the dignity of Indian women.

Women are in no way lesser to men, so they are not a bond to bear any noxious act that will happen against them, whether it is a dowry, bride burning or any other old day customs.

So, we all irrespective of caste, creed and gender should take stand against all the immoral acts with females because if we want our nation to become independent in real means then we need to make the mothers of India independent.

Thank you.

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Kiran said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
There are many types of gender inequality but the chief among them are inequalities in the social and economic field.

1. In the social field, the first inequality is the Mortality inequality.

2. The second inequality in the social field is the natality inequality.

3. The third is the household or family inequality.

Factors responsible for gender inequality are.

1] Child marriage.
2] Dowry system.
3] The sati system etc.

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Hariom said: (Nov 29, 2016)  
Hello, everyone.

According to me, Dowry system is really a bad problem in our society.

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Sachin Yadav said: (Nov 22, 2016)  
HI, friends.

I would like to share my view about Dowry System. At present dowry system is a great problem of developing India. We are responsible for this evil activity. In our society, there many families who is standing against this but what they do. Because our mentality have made up following this system. If boys who marries with girls. They stand against the dowry system and refused dowry even who are giving dowry are rich or poor. Boys made their parents understand. According to me, it may be a solution to abolish dowry system.

Thank you.

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Smita Wadher said: (Nov 16, 2016)  
We all are responsible for this becoming an integral part as we have allowed it to continue. We are all passive members of this sad crime. We feel as long as we are not accepting dowry or paying dowry it is ok. But it is not ok. We must strongly rise against those who still continue to practice this system and demand punishment for such crimes. There must be more awareness and strict action.

It is true that rich and elite continue to give dowry under the guise of marriage rituals, especially some Hindu communities that have an elaborate ritual of showcasing the gifts bestowed by the bride's family on the wedding day. Is this not dowry too disguised under the pretext of amenities for the bride's comfort?

Let us all wake-up and have the guts to say no.

The only acceptable dowry should be a fruiting tree that can be planted which grows up to provide free shade, oxygen, fruits not just to the family but also birds around us.

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Maneesha said: (Aug 22, 2016)  

Yes, bride burning and dowry are an integral part of India. Even though will it the satisfactory thing that if women husband die the women along with her husband also has to burn. It is a crucial thing. And coming to the dowry the persons who are rich they are giving as much as a dowry that is asked by bridegroom family. But what about poor people can they give that much of dowry to bridegroom family?

Rich people are making this issue so problematic. One thing I don't know is girls are any things to buy or any product to buy by spending money. These all are should be banned.

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Aishwarya said: (Aug 13, 2016)  
According to my opinion, Yes. Dowry is an integral part of India.

Even if some families are rich though they follow such but poor man can't afford all these. I would like to give one example on this.

Assume that one one person who belongs to the poor family but he has wished to do marriage of his daughter for this he wonders here and there. After a lot of efforts, he gets one person which is best for his daughter as she looking for. Only for his daughter's he gets ready to give dowry even he can't afford that much money. See how we got accepted all these even we can't though we accepted. That indicates an integral part.

I would like to suggest to all my friends to get rid off from all these and become self-independent so that we can face every situation easily and with ours accordingly.

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Raj said: (Jul 24, 2016)  
I totally agree that dowry has become an integral part of India. But we have a false notion about dowry that it is restricted to the uneducated and the villages is our country. Most cases of dowry and bride burning are reported for the so called Elite members of our society. These people belong to the well educated class.

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Abha Kothari said: (Jun 21, 2016)  
As in the present generation male and female working equally and are paid equally, then why the bride families have to pay dowry just for the luxuries of the bridegroom. They can just give gifts as a token of gratitude but not forcefully. Earlier gifts were given with bride so that she can be comfortable but is was misunderstood. As now both the girl and the boy are well educated they should stand against this dowry system so that it gets eliminated from air Indian society.

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Mounika Gundabathina said: (Jun 20, 2016)  
According to me, dowry is a part of INDIA but not bride burning. In our olden days, there is no word of bride burning in fact their family members would treat her as their Goddess Lakshmi so we can't say that bride burning is a part of integral India.

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Smitha said: (Mar 10, 2016)  
Actually, each and every man should take a stern decision that he will not take dowry while getting married if this is done how can his family insist him. Now the majority of them are men in this GD also who are against dowry >>> be frank will you not take dowry when you will get married?

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Pankaj Kumar said: (Feb 25, 2016)  
Hello friends.

In my opinion bride burning and dowry is such a worst things that demand by broom's side. Parent educate their child and giving higher education to live a happy and respectful life in future but the mentality become change they give higher education to take huge amount of dowry from bride side (if they invest 50 lakhs on their son, he expect more).

In India girls treat as goddess Lakshmi but on the other hand she burn by broom family just for a shake of money.

Today girls also stand on their feet and live independently, take responsibility of herself but still she follow a dowry system just because of that they don't get a partner who fulfilled her need without taken any type of dowry comon man grow up.

Earlier days parent gives gift to their daughter because she live and feel different type of environment so it help her to feel comfortable in different atmosphere but tradition goes change, its convert it in dowry system.

So the time comes and take decision man you don't take any type of dowry, don't sell yourself for the couple of money.

Thank you.

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Bablu Kumr Singh said: (Feb 15, 2016)  
Hey friends.

According to me If we talking about ancient time, on that time dowry was a type of gift that is given by bride family on the occasion of her marriage with happily. According to me, It has been changed into business. As we know that without money we can get anything just like dowry. According to me now a days marriage is depend on dowry. We all are well educated so we should stop it.

Thank you.

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Raghunath said: (Nov 4, 2015)  
For what shake dowry will be given? Let us compare man and woman education, salary, property, height and handsome/beauty.

How many women will marry boy without asking boy's above things that to women look high in everything?

Problem lies with women and women selfish expectations men start you too look for every thing equally. Let me bare 50% finance responsibilities. Many men doing house work too.

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Roselyn Kaur said: (Oct 8, 2015)  

Gone through the whole discussion and what I have analysed is that we are only discussing the social problem 'Dowry' which is already prevailing in our society. We are talking about what happened in the past and what is happening at present with the groom and bridegroom. I think we all are here to take out some positive solutions for our children so, that atleast we and they should not suffer in future (what is gone is gone).

Whether it is a girl's family or boy's family both have gone through the same phases and hardships in bringing up the child. If girl's parents had saved their hard-earn money for their daughter then same is done by the boy's parents too. Yes, today society has changed girls are equally educated as boys, both can earn good for their living. But as parents we too have responsibilities and love towards our children. I feel that both the parents desires and dream for the beautiful life of their children after marriage.

Both the parents must teach the lessons of adjustments, patience and co-operation to their children for their married life. Both the parents should equally be present for their children like financial, physical and moral support. We cannot expect our children to start their new life all by themselves and for new life they really need finance. Why not lets both the parents give finance equally instead of putting the burdon on girls parents. Couple can choose to live seperately or with any parents by their choice. AS parents are responsible for the well-being of both the children, same way children must take care of both the parents equally.

Thank you.

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Simran said: (Sep 26, 2015)  
In many parts of India people ask for dowry and the poor people who can't give dowry they are always in worry and they do the marriage of their daughter in wrong and illegal ways. So dowry's demand should not be happen then the crime will be reduced. And people will celebrate their happiness for daughter as they do for son's.

Thank you.

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Simran said: (Sep 26, 2015)  
Hi friends,

In many Indian families woman are burned by their in-laws if girls parents refused for giving dowry. This should not happen. According to me strict rules should be made for the people who ask for dowry, so before demanding dowry people should think twice.

Thank you.

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Hema said: (Sep 25, 2015)  
Hi friends.

According to me when a girl leaves her parents home and goes to a new house, she has lots of dreams which one can see through the brightness of her eyes. In the return of those dreams her parents have to expend their hard earned money without thinking about their old age when that money can help them in many ways but groom and his parents think not even for a single moment about them they just need to fulfill their future demands which they complete by pushing other family's future to dark.

Only bride's parents can understand the pain of sending their daughter to a new home. If one demands dowry before marriage there are very rare chances that girl will be happy in that house. So it is also a job of parents to look a groom who can keep their daughter always happy. And yes dowry should never be taken and given. If one can't understand it just keep yourself in place of that girl's parent.

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Simran said: (Sep 23, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I also agree that dowry is integral part of India like olden days, in these days also 50% of people don't wants daughter because of dowry. People think daughters are burden because of dowry. So I think so dowry should be strictly band, because god has given you 2 hands, 2 legs and a mind. So use it and don't ask for dowry.

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Febru said: (Aug 2, 2015)  
Men who doesn't have backbone asks dowry. Why, can't they earn of their own? The women are like burden to men now-a-days. You may know that, in olden days parents used to kill girls because they are considered as a burden since they have to give dowry. Actually men have to be killed for asking dowry not women. Dowry has to be banned.

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Naresh said: (Jul 19, 2015)  
Hi friends,

In my view dowry system is a caused to a society. Why because it is to reduce our relationships? But in present days most of people to entrusted on dowry.

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Raghunath Reddy said: (Jun 23, 2015)  
Bridegrooms treated as ATM machines. Unless boy has higher salary, and huge property no women will marry the boy. First question during proposal asked by women parents how much salary boy is getting and how much property boy has. Boy is in on H1B visa.

When taking dowry is wrong, selecting boy based on money equally wrong. Why same women not taking the property from her parents. Show me many women said to husband, saying that wife will share in loan as wife also staying in home.

How many said, wife said rent will be shared and as well as food. Men are not getting any thing from any one free. How much dowry will be given, is it more than boy's property and salary. Remember also men also doing house work.

For the women, job is optional, property is also optional. Who is saying against dowry, first stop this discrimination. See the stress men facing.

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Anuj Tomar said: (Jun 10, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I am fully against bride burning and dowry because there is a reason behind it. Suppose, in a family there is three boys and one girl and their father has a property of about 20 lakhs then if we divided his property, girl will have a part of 5 lakh from his fathers wealth but the boys's family asked for 20 lakhs that is the whole property of his father's wealth so in result the relationship breaks.

I think dowry system should be banned in India.

Thank you.

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Harmony said: (Jun 4, 2015)  
The society keeps on changing from time to time. And we have to keep amending the ritual's. We need to see things in a broader perspective. There is always a reason behind a certain ritual.

For example, bride burning used to take in those times and in those places where a woman was completely dependent on her husband. Once her husband dies life becomes hopeless for her.

She has to face all the pains given to her by the society, and re-marriage was not allowed. A married woman had no right to live without her husband. That was the mentality, once upon a time.

Same thing goes for dowry too. But it is not that they are integral part of India. There is no mention of such practices in our holy scriptures. We cannot just cling to old rituals in changing times. It will do more harm than good.

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Abhishek Pushkar said: (Jun 1, 2015)  
I think dowry was started in India at a time when there was a vast difference in the social status of a man and a woman. This practice is still prevalent in India because people have not been able to rise above the superstitious beliefs and practices completely.

As a result it has been an integral part of India for a long time now. Following such practices even in the 21st century taints the image of India as a whole. Empowering the women by providing them equal rights as men and providing empowerment centers in the rural parts of the country combined with girl-child education and making them aware of their rights are some of the options which can help women rise up in the social hierarchy.

If we have to rise up together as a developed nation then we have to treat each other equally first and only then with mutual understanding we can arise and shine in the 21st century. Let us not get bogged down by a few false beliefs and practices and present a powerful picture of a rejuvenated India before the whole world.

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Vidhika Mahecha said: (May 25, 2015)  
I also agree with the fact that dowry is an integral part of India. Sometimes when brides family do not give dowry to grooms father then marriage should not take place doesn't it is unfair. And sometimes after marriage the husband tortured to his wife for more dowry and wife became to act suicide doesn't it unfair. Guys we are educated don't do this types of silly mistakes. Raise against the dowry.


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Vidhika Mahecha said: (May 21, 2015)  
I also agree with you friends that dowry is an integral part of our society. We should stop all those things that give or take dowry. Sometimes if girl parents don't give dowry marriage will not take place. If they give dowry and after marriage girls in laws often demand to more money and if girls parents can't effort it then the girl will become to do a secrets. The girls parents spend their whole for saving money to give dowry girl in laws. We should stop all this thing.

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Ratna said: (Mar 24, 2015)  
Hai everybody, good evening.

According to me dowry a social evil became a part of our marriage. Before entering the wedding hall the bridegroom should pay the money/property to the bride in the form of dowry. It seems to be same as entering a cinema theater with a ticket in his hand.

If she didn't pay to him he his not willing to marry. But his/her mindset should be changed, that marriage is not a business to do such activities. So, one should be keep away from taking/giving dowry.

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Mirza said: (Dec 15, 2014)  
This is very big problem in our country. The people is torched their daughter-in-law for dowry. I think this was old customs of people because of their superstition they were living in their beliefs.

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Aman Meena said: (Dec 6, 2014)  
Dowry is one of the most abominable customs prevailing in our society. It refers to the money or gift given to the girl by her parents at the time of her marriage but now it has became a social evil.

Boy and his family ask for large sums of money from the girls parents. For this reason birth of the girl is often considered as a curse on the society. Girls are often burnt if the girl brings insufficient amount of money. We all should come together and take steps to uproot this problem before it is too late.


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Randhir said: (Dec 3, 2014)  
Dowry is one of the awful evil in the developing country like India. We everyday see many cases like torturing their wives for dowry. Don't they earn their own money?Don't they have any self respect? For money how can they behave such a cruel with their wives who came to them by scarifying everything they owned. Guys as we are all educated and well cultured just think before acting.

In my view the persons who tortures their wives for dowry is not less than beggars. If the bride's family is ready to give dowry then I don't disobey them to take it am just telling you not to demand it.

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Shreya Bhattacharya said: (Oct 31, 2014)  
I totally oppose this topic because taking the life of a girl doesn't enrich or increase the value of our Indian culture. They are, rather the black spots of our culture.

In one hand we consider the girls as goddess Lakshmi and on they other we support bride burning and dowry system. Does it really makes our Indian culture an unique one?

Yeah, it makes it so by showing that how cheap mentality we Indians posses. After all how can we expect the improvement of a nation without women?

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Amin said: (Aug 16, 2014)  
It is inhumane & uncivilized act. This shows how cruel we are, hard hearted rather no hearted. For money & wealth man will step down to such an extent. I think these are all the result of following our age old rotten traditions. I don't know why people given so much importance to old is gold, old is gold. There is no understanding in it.

Every minute everything is changing but we never changed our thinking. We learned how to fly on air, how to swim in the water but never learned how to walk on the earth! People give lecture & talk of love, peace, god, religion etc but never transformed themselves good.

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Shankey Kumar said: (Jul 29, 2014)  
Hello friends, according to my point of view it is wrong to say that bride burning and dowry is an integral part of India. I am totally against the dowry system. I think that the government should completely banned the dowry system in marriage because we all see that instead of enacted of law against whom demand dowry in marriage, the peoples are still demanded and the only way to completely end this is to ban it.

I think that the incident of bride burning and dowry are mostly happen because of girls are not consider equally to boys. The peoples thinking is that boys are more superior than that of boys and they not treated well to girls and maintain a difference between boys & girls and same is happen with girl after marriage. Also the girls are not still totally independent today.

So if we really want that such type of incident like bride burning and dowry are not happen, then there is a need of change. The change is needed in our mindset that the boys are not superior than girls because we have lots of example of brave girls like Mother Teresa, Sunita williams, Kalpana Chawla etc who could bright the name of nation. Also there is a need of change in the law. The government make more strict law against bride burning and dowry so that peoples thing thousand times before doing such type of crime and make fast track court for the completion of such type case earlier.

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Angel said: (Jul 18, 2014)  
Hi Friends. I m Totally against Dowry system in India. It is a social ls evil. This problem is deep rooted in India. This is due to wrong mentality of society that boys are more superior to girls. They think boys are bread winners of their family. But nowdays girls has proved their worth. They are neither weak and inferior to nor dependent on anyone. Sunita Williams, Saina nehwal, Marrykom etc. Are the best examples.

Bridegroom's parents thinks that they do some favour on bride's family or we can say they are selling their boy (smart, educated) to bride.

Parents must encourage their daughters to be independent, to be educated.

Law enforces some stringent measures to curb this menace but nothing is going to be changed until society has changed their mentality.

Women has a very religious place in india's traditions. Denigration of women has ruined our society.

No security is provided to girls. Women cannot enjoy their freedom. Society's mentality forces them to live in boundaries. But why? both men and women are God's creatures. Both have their own rights. Restrictions on women are due to only society norms made by human. So these norms must be put to an end.

One question to girls.

Why are parents of educated and independent girls giving dowry? they must take stand against it.

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Rajesh said: (Jul 12, 2014)  
Good afternoon everyone.

Yes I do agree with the fact that dowry and bride burning are integral part of India in these days also.

In India the mentality of families is such that they spend lots of money on their boy and most importantly they think boys are superior race as compared to girls. So just to get a superior thing you ll have to pay money. Its like selling a material in the market where.

The family of girls are the buyers.

Now just because of this mentality of considering boys as the superior race it became a tradition in India where the more more branded boys are sold at higher price.

This dowry system made the family of bridegroom greedy. They start asking for more money or materialistic things out of greed. When these creeds are not fulfilled they just forget the humanity and out of anger they burn the bride.

I want to conclude that this was and would be an integral part of our country till the time we won't change our mentality toward girls. It won't change till we don't start seeing boys and girls as equal races.

Thank you.

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Vasanth said: (Jul 11, 2014)  
I am completely against dowry system. In ancient times, only men were working. But now both are working and earning. Apart from that after marriage she looks after her husband, children, treat husbands parents as her own parents, and do all household activities. So actually, dowry should be given to women for doing all these things. Around 65% of work has done by women, but what does she get?

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Binu said: (Feb 8, 2014)  
Hi friends.

This is a very aggressive topic.

The parents of groom are taking dowry for the below reasons.

1. They are selling their boy with a good and handsome money. And the boy is sold to the girl which will pay the highest pack.

2. They are having no confidence on their boy and neither the boy is able to collect all the necessities of his daily life by himself. So they are asking some other person to fulfill it.

3. Till today they have lived up their life by like beggars so they are doing the same now.

Its about boys, but what about the girl's families which are so rich that they made it a tradition for all to give dowry.

Why they can't just say NO for that family which is greedy.

See that family will never be able to keep your daughter happy.

And one example would be.

That if the boy want to watch TV and the wife will say its mine you can't watch it now.

Than what would be the self respect of that boy. Its just a humiliation on their part to take dowry.

You should both have to earn what you need in your life.


She will be doing much more than you even by being a housewife. So why are you just not ready to understand it that its you who owe something to your lady. So you just stop it and be human.

And the other bride burning in many houses is only for dowry. But there are many strict laws in India so this practice has stopped somewhat. But for those who are still burning the bride, they are the shameless people. And they also have to pay for it giving their life. As its the right of god only to give and take someones life. We are not god, so we don't have any right.


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Neha said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
Good afternoon everyone.

I am totally against the social evil - dowry system.

In India girls are seen as a symbol of glory and wealth.

Still when a girl child is born parents are sad. Why?

Dowry. From that day onwards their time starts to start their savings. They live their whole life saving each penny for their kid, For giving dowry so that their daughter won't be ill treated in her husband's home.

In olden days after marrying a girl her husband was supposed to look after her. He was the only one to earn.

But Today women are educated. They work and earn money. They can live without financially depending on their husband. Still they are supposed to take dowry with them. Think about parents who have only girl children!They give their life time's earning to their child! And you know today's system right. After marriage a girl is not allowed to give money to their parents. She have to stay in her husband's house and look after his parents. Then who will look after her parents who couldn't save anything for them in their life because of her? Don't you think this is totally unfair!

Guys please please don't take money as dowry when you marry.

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Emma said: (Dec 11, 2013)  
While I am not an Indian national I have often been very interested in the rites of other countries. India has always fascinated me and I have traveled there twice - once as tourist and on another occasion to celebrate my brothers wedding. (He is Australian and married a Sikh lady - no dowry was exchanged).

What I find interesting is that there is often media coverage about the rising rate of abortions of female infants in India. This is mainly due to the ability to access ultrasounds - and that there is a stigma that the family will have to pay a dowry for the girl. What I don't understand is that if you are killing off a portion of women this will cause an inequity in the gender balance and therefore you will be making women a scarcer commodity. (Sorry to use such commercial terms) It has often been proven in economics that once you make an item scarcer people will need to reassess the value of that item. I am assuming that Indian families would like their abundance of "sons" to marry and have children and continue the family name? If there are not enough women to procreate with their sons would it be possible, that at some stage in the future, the women may hold the upper hand and that a reversal may been seen that families would ask the male side to pay a dowry to ensure that they have a wife that will bare children? It is just food for thought.

If you look to China you only have to see that they are struggling with the gender imbalance and that there are not enough women per males.

On that note I must say it is refreshing to see that there are so many people who oppose the dowry system and bride burning. Good on you and continue your plight raise women to an equal standing.

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Sreeja said: (Nov 22, 2013)  
Hello friends.

In my view, present burning problems for women are 99% decreased but other problem is DOWRY, It is also problem for girls parents (for normal people, not rich) although they didn't express their feeling in front of the children.

From childhood on wards they earn money and spend it for studies as equally spending for boys, At the time of marriage also they provide all the things for marriage even though girls parents need to give dowry. Why?

To decrease this dowry system, it is mainly depends on us (boys and girls also). Because at the time of marriage, Sometimes Groom demands for dowry and sometimes grooms mother demands for dowry.

Its better to marry a good girl/boy instead of dowry giving girl. Then both the families can leave happily.

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Kan said: (Sep 17, 2013)  
Hello everyone.

According to me dowry is the most serious problem which the Indian brides are facing. The girl is not only tortured mentally but sometimes physically as well. She bears a lot of pain just because of the greediness of her in laws. And sometimes even the husband also supports his family. This makes it even more difficult for the wife to stay there. And the typical Indian mentally also forces her to stay at her in laws place because we Indians have a belief that a girls real home is her in laws place. The society further blames her and make rumors about her. At the end the girl has no option except suiciding.

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Gourab said: (Aug 19, 2013)  
I am surprised to see so many people have written that, "dowry system is very prevalent in India".

I would suggest all of them to retrospect once again, forget about what you have been shown in media! Just look into your family and close relative and find is it a real problem in 21st century?

There is other side of the story, 'False Dowry Case 498A' to harass husband and its family, as the law is women-friendly (anti-men) , if a women just complain about husband, his sister, father, mother, small kid if husband family put behind bar, and later if the complain is found false, no action against the 498A girl.

Supreme court has 'Legal Terrorism', and asked government take action, but govt is silent!

Do you know that 50-60K men are suiciding every year, because of these gender baised law! Do you know that, there is no law which can protect man from DV (mental torture/Financial torture/ Threatening for dowry case etc).

Don't believe? Google "dowry law misuse"!

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Tolulope said: (Aug 19, 2013)  
Tolulope, from Nigeria. I have grown to know that India has it's foundation on LOVE, but with what I see that love is no more. How a parent fill when their child comes of age to marry and his day was filled with sadness instead of joy. Should marriage be for worldly possessions instead of love? when parent get scare and abort their daughter because of dowry, time will come India would be fill with just male, then we would see who will pay the dowry. Or India would rather grow to a gay nation. When all the female run away. Show some love.

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Harshika said: (Aug 15, 2013)  
About 70% of the population in India are indulge in practising these two things. Strong actions needs to be taken so that women can be protected after and before marriage. These women helpline numbers are working along with women police force, and ngos etc which are useful for securing the future of women before and after marriage.

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Rajdeep Sukhwal said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
Hello! I'd like to tell everyone that the form in which we understand the concept of dowry is not what is was at the time this concept was formulated and incorporated into our culture. In the ancient times when a woman moved to her in-laws' house, she was sent with items and accessories of daily use so that she might feel comfortable in the new environment. Also, another girl (usually unmarried) was sent with her so that the bride would not feel alone and uncomfortable. This girl used to return after the bride would get well-acquainted with her new place.

But now the scene has completely changed. Dowry is considered to be an inseparable part of our institution of marriages. This distortion and misinterpretation of our customs must be condemned.

Let's all stand against this social evil.

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Richa said: (Jul 12, 2013)  
Hi friends, in my opinion prevalent patriarchy system of our society, mean mindedness of boys parents, silent consent of boys regarding accepting dowry, paralysed law and order system to check any kind of discrimination or misbehaviour specially related to dowry and dowry deaths, some affluent families of girls who promote this evil by providing abundance amount of money and gifts and some extent to peoples orthodoxy nature of not accepting the changes are the factors which are responsible for this prevalent system in our society. Present situation is so bad that even an IAS officer who might write and speak against this system in his written or interview exam also like to get money in his marriage for sake of his name and fame.

So in my opinion present scenario can be changed only when youth especially boys will learn true meaning of being civilized, and give equal importance to girls, when girls will learn their own values, and above all when government will start to take initiative and implement effective laws in this regard considering women issues important.

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Ishita said: (Jul 11, 2013)  
According to me Dowry is a curse for our society. It is the worst culture of our society. Dowry is another name of greediness which has no end. Now a day, dowry system is at its highest point. The boy's family demands for a lot of cash, jewelry, vehicles, household articles etc. In form of dowry to girl's family. And if the girl's family is not able to pay such a great amount, they break the relation.

I want to say, why girl's family give dowry to boy's family. Only because of this, that they have a daughter. On one side we are talking about women empowerment and another side we are downwarding the position of women in our society by doing this type of activity. These are the things that bring women down and make a feel to woman that they are less than boys in every manner.

Some people are agree for dowry issue and giving logic that girls should have a partition in her father's property.

But this is not correct. When the boy's family demands for dowry, they never think about the limitation of girl's family. If girl's father has a property of 20 lakh and the girl is 4 brother or sister, then what is the part of that girl in property? Only 5 lakh! But the boy's family demand for 20 lakh that is the whole property of girl's father.

Finally what is the result? The relationship breaks. In many cases, the girl can't bear such a big insult and go to depression.

When, when we Indians wake and say no to dowry!

We should try to stop the dowry system. We are the future of India. Everything depends on our thought.

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Preeti said: (Mar 19, 2013)  
According to me when a girl leaves her parents home and goes to a new house, she has lots of dreams which one can see through the brightness of her eyes. In the return of those dreams her parents have to expend their hard earned money without thinking about their old age when that money can help them in many ways but groom and his parents think not even for a single moment about them they just need to fulfill their future demands which they complete by pushing other family's future to dark. Only bride's parents can understand the pain of sending their daughter to a new home. If one demands dowry before marriage there are very rare chances that girl will be happy in that house. So it is also a job of parents to look a groom who can keep their daughter always happy. And yes dowry should never be taken and given. If one can't understand it just keep yourself in place of that girl's parent.

Rate this: +32 -2

Manoj Sharma said: (Feb 25, 2013)  
I will say that please finish it because all of families have sons and daughters. If you take dowry to other family one day you will also have to give dowry to other family in this way it is equal and finish it, give freedom to girls.

Rate this: +12 -7

Athul A L said: (Jan 18, 2013)  
I really think that dowry system has a strong relation with our culture and tradition. But we should follow it on that sense. Our legal provisions against dowry should be more rigid and effective. Our civic sense also can be play a vital role.

Rate this: +6 -14

Naresh Lohar said: (Nov 28, 2012)  
As per my thinks and dowry should not be give because after getting married her husband may be lazy and her husband will not earn and after sometimes they will become beggars.

Rate this: +10 -39

Mohseen Khan said: (Oct 1, 2012)  
Nowadays everybody wants to be against of dowry system but only in front of society only, they just want to show themselves that they are also a good citizen of India but actually they just say it and don't mean it, when they get married that time only their parents are decision maker not the groom, and in reality the groom also want money from bride side so that he can get something without any effort.

Nowadays parents are selling their son, because they demand for their son, I know many families who claimed that they spent a lot money on their son and helped him to get a position so that he can earn and now they want to sell a quality product in front of bride's parent.

There was family, I know them personally, father of son said to bride's father that "I spent minimum 50 lakhs rupees on my son to make him a doctor and now he's doctor and on family is giving us 80 lakhs and one car and 1 kg gold, so if you can give us more that them then we can talk ahead", so that's the real scenario and nowadays this is happening in many families so I want to ask you people that firstly 1. Is a father is selling his son 2. Did bride's family not spend money on their daughter's education and many other things? 3. If they are selling their son then son should stay at bride's house and live like a servant because their parents sold him out and I want to ask that Is it crime to being a girl in society so that we are accepting her with money, precious things and many other things.

Can't we accept a girl with her only a good heart without any dowry ?

Please don't sell your son and say no to dowry and accept girl with love, not with worthless money.

I am saying a Big No to dowry, I won't take even my mom dad are against of it, so listen to your heart not your mean mind all time.

Rate this: +148 -4

Kumar Satyam (Say) said: (Aug 30, 2012)  
I think dowry is pernicious or vicious system who is eating the vital of our society &
hamper the growth of development of our society's womanhood on the right way.If it is
right so,why it taking & it giving is a cognizable illegal or punishable .As a gift it
is little right but as a fulfill of demand to boy's family is not right of any angle of
society this cause many parents don't want to have, please raise your voice
against dowry & boycott it with unity for extermination of dowry system from society.say...............

Rate this: +7 -2

Jai said: (Aug 5, 2012)  
Dowry has taken a bad shape today what started with a good cause. Firstly from parents view, It was to secure their daughters in case of something bad happens with their son-in-law. Secondly Daughters also has rights in their father's wealth. As boy and girl are of equal importance, Girl should also get their part. This was given to girls when their daughter get married. So all in all it was right and for good.

What shape today it has taken is due to hungriness of MEN.

Rate this: +14 -6

Balasubrahmanyam S said: (Jul 25, 2012)  
Speaking of the present situation, dowry is still prevalant in India while bride burning isn't thanks to the better media coverage these days. One of the biggest impacts that media has brought in our country is bringing down remarkably the evil social practices of the past.

However the practice of dowry is still there in India owing to mindset of bride's parents themselves. This might be due to fear or desire to show their status or any other.

Whatever the reason might be the feeling of equality is being lost due to dowry. So apart from implementing tougher laws the mindset of people needs to be changed for the wrong social practices to get eradicated.

Rate this: +13 -3

Manoj Yadav said: (Mar 30, 2012)  
Dowry is evil of our society and this is real true, all boy discussed on dowry and they say I am against dowry but in real life they boy's are not against dowry and say, I will accept only gift not dowry but this is indirectly dowry. So I fully against dowry and I will be never give and never take dowry.

Rate this: +28 -12

Shubham said: (Feb 29, 2012)  
According to me, dowry is that devil which is still ruining lives of many brides. Not only.

Small town people are demanding it, even richer family are involved in such things. The most ridiculous and shameful thing is killing the bride in case not getting demanded amount. I recently attended a wedding of my relative in which I came to know that groom's father returned all the things given by bride side and demanded cash instead of it.

This dowry is that problem which make me feel that India is still a under developed country in terms of thinking and respect to women.

Rate this: +28 -8

Deepankar said: (Feb 22, 2012)  
Dowry system is not only aginst female section of our society but also for the male as well;they firstly think that by taking dowry they are in a better position but when they become the father of a girl then they also become the victm of this evils so its an evil aginst humanity and both male and female should try to endavour such evils from our society and make a healthy socity wher both male and female has equal right.

Rate this: +10 -6

Deep said: (Feb 14, 2012)  
I don't feel like dowry system and bride burning should belong to our culture. Eventhough measures are taken to bring an end to the dowry system, families in many parts of India consider that as a social custom demanding dowry from the bride. There are many cases where the marriages were cancelled as the brides' family was not able to produce the dowry demanded. Even if all the criteria are satisfied such as matching of horoscopes, family status and all, dowry issue would become a crucial factor to decide whether the marriage should happen.

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Bharat Jha said: (Aug 30, 2011)  
No doubt about that the bride burning and dowry are bad. Whereas I think bride burning is almost stopped in the country. But the problems like dowry is increasing rapidly. This problem is very difficult to solve because all across the country well educated peoples are also supporting this, although in front they shows that they are against the dowry but in background they looks more hungry for dowry, as we have seen many cases in news papers and TV. However the medium class families are now little bit avoiding the dowry.

Friend think about the role of women in our families. In 2000th century women's are kept away from educations. Even though they are uneducated they played a vital role in our family as house wife.

Now a day girls are overtaking the boys in most of the fields. And had shown that they can do better than boys if they have freedom to do so. So its time to give respect to them by stopping the dowry.

Rate this: +45 -4

Akriti said: (Jun 28, 2011)  
It is said that gradually dowry system has lessen but it's not like that, dwry system still exist in huge amount. Earlier, parents use to give dowry to thier daughter for her comfort but peaple take it in a wrong way and use it in wrong way and demand for huge amount and like this way it is become an integral part of India. Now a days girls are more educated than earlier time, now they are not dependent on their husband. So they can take step against these bad things and fight for these.

Rate this: +26 -2

Vishnu said: (Apr 29, 2011)  
I do agree with Jaan that dowry system was a generous thought by our ancestors and with passing time it has take a new form. Both the dowry system and the sati system is indeed ridiculous, and it is a shame that that the dormer is still carried on in a country of old and rich culture.

Even though India has a male dominated society it doesn't mean that female has no place in India. In india, today, women appear to rule the roost. But its is quite sad to know that they being sold rather than handing over safely to a man of her choice.

"To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”. -Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Rate this: +12 -2

Shalini said: (Feb 28, 2011)  
In my opinion dowry is something which is never / was never a part of culture of India. what i feel is giving gifts to there daughters at the time of marriage originated this and slowly and eventually it took the form we see today.

parents can give their daughters according to their financial status and wishes but dowry never was and will be an integral part of the Indian culture.

Talking about bride burning , it never was and will be justified in any of the civilizations or culture.

Rate this: +10 -5

Divya said: (Feb 2, 2011)  
Now world has changed every woman's are growing well in their education as well in all fields. So they has the ability to standalone to look after their families. So dowry is not important in 2days world. When every woman's became educated. Wealthy accept dowry where poor they struggle. So dowry should not be compulsory.

We know sati is abolished. So we no need to discuss about that.

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Soujanya said: (Dec 20, 2010)  
Once upon a time,dowry may be for the security of women because women are not educated and they were dependent on their husbands.But now-a-days women are equally qualified as men and many are at a higher position than the men.Then why should one arise the question of security?

Rate this: +14 -3

Najeem said: (Nov 9, 2010)  
The parents have right to give their wealth to daughter. Its gives security for girls after marriage. So the groom do not tell dowry, if the pleasure of the parents give as a daughter wealth then no problem.

Rate this: +7 -11

Mansi said: (Oct 24, 2010)  
Its not good to say as these are integral part of our culture. Our culture has given us a lot many great things bt its the human tendency to grasp the wrong given.

Its definitely not our culture. Its been made by some people or group for their purpose on the name of Indian culture.

So these ill evils must be definitely removed from the society for further development of the country as well as an individual.

Rate this: +7 -7

Jaan said: (Jul 7, 2010)  
First here we need to understand what is dowry system, dowry was a belief in ancient time, that time women means to look after her family and her husband, woman didnt use to work so didnt use to earn money, So women were dependent on their husband, dowry was given to women so if anything mis fortunate befell to her husband and she left alone with her children then she can take care of her and her children with that money which was given in dowry, it was given for the security of women, sorry to say but people who are ignorant about the dowry system are making useless comments about dowry and the generous thought of our ancestors.

Today the meaning of dowry has completely changed because we have forgot our great culture and history today dowry means to extract money out of women's parents.

As far as sati system is concerned ,no where in Hindu scriptures it is mentioned that a woman has to set herself blaze after death of her husband,After the death of Pandu raja ,Kunti didnt becaome sati,after the death of Dastrath raja ,His not a single wife became sati.

Rate this: +30 -13

Thilaga said: (Jun 26, 2010)  
According to my view,though these rituals are an integral part of our nation, there is nothing wrong to raise our voice towards social evils.As women are considered as most powerful creations of God,we must behave in such a way to make those words true.

In those days because of ignorance and lack of education,they followed these crucial practises.But right now we are enriched with knowledge and technologies.Also by many sense we are equal to a we must be bold enough to oppose these social evils.

Rate this: +6 -10

Harshith said: (Jun 23, 2010)  
They are simply superstitions. They have to be eliminated. If they still prevail in the society , how can one say that women are given equal importance as men.

I don't understand why highly qualified girls also have to give dowry to even uneducated men. I simply oppose these bad evils. Let's destroy them , by non-co-operating .

Rate this: +18 -1

Jammi said: (Jun 22, 2010)  
I think dowry make the girls families to go to an utter position. Actually if they are not able to pay the dowry for the girl ,they have to lend some money from others. After that for repaying that money most of the families are being suicided.

Rate this: +11 -3

Kamalika said: (Jun 12, 2010)  
According to me women is an integral part of our nation burning bride or dowry is not necessary but marriages are considered as pious in India so if marriage take place at a young age or among poor people they are bound to dowry system or evil practices like burning the bride after the death of her India there was a time when women were considered as holy and was given a prestigious place but after so much of advancement yet there is no security is provided to is a shame for the nation as without women the world will come to an end.

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Bride burning and dowry may look bad, but are an integral part of India.

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