Borderless World: A Threat?

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Umadevi said:   3 years ago
I strongly believe that borderless world can be possible because you want to live like Bird you have to take are risk your safety on your own.

Shubham said:   5 years ago
We cannot say it as threat we say that we are living in democratic country where all people have equal rights as well as we live in a secular nation so by saying this we itself making a gap between people. We should be able to convert this word to opportunity where we can learn from other cultures and make better place to live.

Peacekeeper said:   5 years ago
Who built the borders? Nature didn't do that. It's made by the humans themselves to maintain their ethnicity and develop and look after the welfare of the people. But today the meaning of border has become so different that people are themselves unhappy. There minset has changed to such extend that today a borderless world will be a threat. If the world was borderless from history today we would have been living in a paradise, peaceful life. With all people happy with their lives. No division no war no cruelty. But we would have lost the diversity of culture.

But today it is surely a borderless world is threat. At least due to the people's own mindset to hurt others and loss of brotherhood.

Bhersa said:   5 years ago
The borderless world can exist but there will be a problem of administrating the whole world. Then there will be a race to be king or administrator.

There will not be any competition between countries and there for no development.

Resources and population management will be the toughest work. And no defence forces will exist for safeguarding territories.

There will be a problem of right on resources of a country.

Instead of the borderless world, we can do like India Nepal where borders exist but there is no restrictions for trade and movement of people for jobs between countries. This can be possible if whole countries understand everyone faith in one another.

Sumit Kumar Das said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, the threat due to boarderless system is completely dependent on the fact that how much good the understanding among the people of different countries.

In the modern world, all countries want to become the top in the race of development and for that it is dependent on issue of understanding among the people of neighbouring countries which is being increased by transportation of goods and services, marketing of electronic products.

For example now many people of our country buy the product of China and this creates a positive point for the increasing of understanding but at the same time if we think about the defence system then there is always some hot arguments circulating between two countries like Indo-China war which may create threat in the future so tending to the boarder world. We can see the clashes in the PoK (Pakistan occupied Kashmir) also among the people. And BSF (boarder security force) of India also sacrifice their life for us to save us from many dangerous threats.

From these examples we can create a temporary conclusion that we should think issue from all aspects and if it's ok then there is no hesitation to say that borderless world is good for us.

Saurabh thapa said:   6 years ago
The Border separates different country. If there will be no border terrorism and infiltration will increase. Terrorist will be Free to attack.

At the same time, smuggling of drugs will become easier for smugglers.

The Land dispute will increase as we see that border defines the area possess by the body.

VISHAL SHARMA said:   6 years ago
Hlo friends.

In my point of views, the boderless world is really a threat to all mankind. We are safe at our house because someone protecting us at border it doesnt means that they are seperating the world, they are facing problems, they are facings bullets, they die, they leaves there house for longer time only to secure us and they are soldiers.

I am not agree with those who think that borders are against mankind. If we remove security at our internationl borders then terrorists, smugler do their crimes illegal activites without any restriction.


Nayan said:   7 years ago
"border less world" this idea can be encouraged because in modern countries boundaries or borders are main cause of conflict if we remove these borders there can be free movement, trade, tourism among countries which leads to greater unity of the world.

Pranab majumdar said:   7 years ago
Hi, guys.

First of all, thank you for this good opportunity to express my views on our GD tropic.

Our GD topic is the borderless world is under threat?

Yes. I totally agree with this point. Because border separates the different nations, different religious, different people. So if there is no border then those type of people mixup with each other and lead increase the threat and also increase terrorism.

Let see an example which supports my views.

If you left out you make sure your gate ar property locked. For what?when you don't belive others guys in your locality. Then how we will believe those people they are not our country. That is why border must be there.


Shiv said:   7 years ago
Well, who will not like to live in a borderless world where people live peacefully with each other.

I think borderless world will be threat if there is no mutual understanding between countries or the two countries are enemy of each other. But at the same time if the countries go along with each other well and there are no serious disputes between country than borderless world is a great idea.

So I think borderless society can cause threat to world.

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