Banning of Trade Unions will be Beneficial in Growth of the Economy

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Uttara deb said:   6 years ago
Trade unions work as the intermediary between the employer and the employee. They deliver the woes demands and needs of the employees to the employer and negotiate for the betterment of the organisation. If trade unions don't exist there will be chaos in the industry. Management will exploit the plight of the employees. So there should be a well-regulated body in the name of trade unions to work for the benefit of the both. But these days we see trade unions be biased towards the employees and treat management as the culprit. It should be a win win situation for both the parties. And trade unions should not provoke employees to go for random strikes against the management. So sole responsibility lies in the hands of the trade union to negotiate deals in a peaceful manner.

ASWATHY A said:   6 years ago
Trade unions are working for the welfare of workers in firms. The absence of it may lead to exploitation of workers by employers. It put forward the problems of employees to the firms. But trade unions must be transparent. They should not be prone to corruption. It must stand strong for the welfare of employers and also for the growth of the firm.

Borat said:   7 years ago
Ban them. They destroy competitiveness, productivity, and prosperity. They are easily corruptible, they often (far too often than not) delve into politics and become linked to political parties and breeding grounds of Marxism and other radical anti-business/anti-economic policies. They immobilize protests (loss making activity) and this is despite the fact that many jobs could easily be automated/outsourced or simply replaced (via new employees), thus they're a potential danger/liability to employees (despite claiming otherwise). They radically alter the political environment also, making it difficult for politicians to pass fiscal policies that would genuinely boost prosperity and growth within the economy (ie. Aggressive pro-competitiveness policies), effectively handicapping advanced economies (leveraged nations) to enter a period of inability to adapt to their fiscal/economic needs (ie. Controlling out of control debt, anti-competitive policies, unsustainable pension plans, loss of workers to outsourcing) thus stifling and guaranteeing said nations to a future of "muddling through it" (ie. Europe) and low growth (which in turn only then increases populism/social and political volatility, thus creating a repeating cycle/downward spiral of declining competitiveness and thus declining comparative prosperity). There is a very little real benefit they bring any more. Times (and the business environment) have changed and so have trade unions. The world is now truly global. Most modern trade unions are more a disservice and hindrance to national prosperity and growth than they are beneficial. Thus they should be eliminated. Either that or reformed immensely to reflect the now truly global nature of the business and the absolute importance of competitiveness. In a world of free-trade (or low WTO tariffs) competitiveness is King.

Zeel Thakkar said:   7 years ago
Let me make few quick points.

When India got the freedom the world had already experienced the failure of socialism and capitalism both therefore we adopted a notion focusing on socialism and moving towards capitalism.

Till the date, the bargaining power of labor's is very low.

Rationalizing the idea of banning trade union in India will be a mistake.

Though there should we strict supervision of trade unions that the don't blackmail the employers and let industry function smoothly.

Jeremy Corbyn said:   8 years ago
Trade unions should undoubtedly be banned. Now, before you jump to the conclusion I am a far right tycoon, I certainly am not. The problem with trade unionists is their mentality. Many of them have the mentality that employees deserve this and deserve that, yet should do the least possible for the business (including the least possible work). And the fact is that a number of employees simply do not work hard enough. A far more practical and positive way is for the employers show the right ethics and hard work, and to give the employees a decent salary - the minimum wage should be far higher as employees will feel more included and want to work harder (and the economy will be massively boosted).

Tanvi said:   9 years ago
Trade union should not be banned in my opinion, because they are the backbone of every industry.

If they are banned, then the industries will be highly effected.

The industries should give equal justice to their trade unions, employees and other workers as they are working with an intention of a common goal.

The work given to them should not be in a way that they have to protest against theses industries.

We have to understand the trade unions are equally important in the growth of the economy.

Sarthak said:   9 years ago
Trade union may be a hurdle. In a situation, trade union leaders may not put the difficulty of a labour due to personal grudge. Similarly, if the industry is without trade union, labourers will be in a position to directly put their problems to the management.

Rajeev said:   10 years ago
There is a wrong notion that trade unions are problem makers and they do not contribute anything for the progress of the industry or organization. It is true that the main objective of trade union is to ensure the welfare of its members as a whole. But most of the trade unions believe that Industry is first and the welfare of workers could be made possible only through the organic growth of the mother industry. They could give many positive suggestions for the betterment of the organization to which their members belong. Hence I strongly believe that trade unions should not be banned.

Megha said:   10 years ago
According to me, trade union should not be banned. Now a days, industries are increasing in size in order to make country developed one. This enlargement also leading to employement to large no of workers. Hence, as the organisations are increasing so, there is need for an intermediate medium between the management and workers to convey the problems to management. As, management itself can take care of the implementation of policies and securities and comfort of workers. So, in that case, Trade unions play an important role in conveying the problems to the management so that workers do not face any problem and will do their best in order for the development of the organisation.

But one thing is also to be noted that, it can work only if the trade unions do their work honestly.

Mohd hakeem shawali said:   10 years ago
Well according to me I say. Trade union should work only for the development of the employee. They should only act as a medium between the employee and the employer.

And its organization right to have a look on the activities of trade unions, so that they can assure that the unions are not misusing their powers.

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