Banning of Trade Unions will be Beneficial in Growth of the Economy

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Uttara Deb said: (Aug 7, 2017)  
Trade unions work as the intermediary between the employer and the employee. They deliver the woes demands and needs of the employees to the employer and negotiate for the betterment of the organisation. If trade unions don't exist there will be chaos in the industry. Management will exploit the plight of the employees. So there should be a well-regulated body in the name of trade unions to work for the benefit of the both. But these days we see trade unions be biased towards the employees and treat management as the culprit. It should be a win win situation for both the parties. And trade unions should not provoke employees to go for random strikes against the management. So sole responsibility lies in the hands of the trade union to negotiate deals in a peaceful manner.

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ASWATHY A said: (Apr 14, 2017)  
Trade unions are working for the welfare of workers in firms. The absence of it may lead to exploitation of workers by employers. It put forward the problems of employees to the firms. But trade unions must be transparent. They should not be prone to corruption. It must stand strong for the welfare of employers and also for the growth of the firm.

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Borat said: (Oct 3, 2016)  
Ban them. They destroy competitiveness, productivity, and prosperity. They are easily corruptible, they often (far too often than not) delve into politics and become linked to political parties and breeding grounds of Marxism and other radical anti-business/anti-economic policies. They immobilize protests (loss making activity) and this is despite the fact that many jobs could easily be automated/outsourced or simply replaced (via new employees), thus they're a potential danger/liability to employees (despite claiming otherwise). They radically alter the political environment also, making it difficult for politicians to pass fiscal policies that would genuinely boost prosperity and growth within the economy (ie. Aggressive pro-competitiveness policies), effectively handicapping advanced economies (leveraged nations) to enter a period of inability to adapt to their fiscal/economic needs (ie. Controlling out of control debt, anti-competitive policies, unsustainable pension plans, loss of workers to outsourcing) thus stifling and guaranteeing said nations to a future of "muddling through it" (ie. Europe) and low growth (which in turn only then increases populism/social and political volatility, thus creating a repeating cycle/downward spiral of declining competitiveness and thus declining comparative prosperity). There is a very little real benefit they bring any more. Times (and the business environment) have changed and so have trade unions. The world is now truly global. Most modern trade unions are more a disservice and hindrance to national prosperity and growth than they are beneficial. Thus they should be eliminated. Either that or reformed immensely to reflect the now truly global nature of the business and the absolute importance of competitiveness. In a world of free-trade (or low WTO tariffs) competitiveness is King.

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Zeel Thakkar said: (Jul 13, 2016)  
Let me make few quick points.

When India got the freedom the world had already experienced the failure of socialism and capitalism both therefore we adopted a notion focusing on socialism and moving towards capitalism.

Till the date, the bargaining power of labor's is very low.

Rationalizing the idea of banning trade union in India will be a mistake.

Though there should we strict supervision of trade unions that the don't blackmail the employers and let industry function smoothly.

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Jeremy Corbyn said: (Jan 31, 2016)  
Trade unions should undoubtedly be banned. Now, before you jump to the conclusion I am a far right tycoon, I certainly am not. The problem with trade unionists is their mentality. Many of them have the mentality that employees deserve this and deserve that, yet should do the least possible for the business (including the least possible work). And the fact is that a number of employees simply do not work hard enough. A far more practical and positive way is for the employers show the right ethics and hard work, and to give the employees a decent salary - the minimum wage should be far higher as employees will feel more included and want to work harder (and the economy will be massively boosted).

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Tanvi said: (Oct 13, 2014)  
Trade union should not be banned in my opinion, because they are the backbone of every industry.

If they are banned, then the industries will be highly effected.

The industries should give equal justice to their trade unions, employees and other workers as they are working with an intention of a common goal.

The work given to them should not be in a way that they have to protest against theses industries.

We have to understand the trade unions are equally important in the growth of the economy.

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Sarthak said: (Mar 29, 2014)  
Trade union may be a hurdle. In a situation, trade union leaders may not put the difficulty of a labour due to personal grudge. Similarly, if the industry is without trade union, labourers will be in a position to directly put their problems to the management.

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Rajeev said: (Feb 25, 2014)  
There is a wrong notion that trade unions are problem makers and they do not contribute anything for the progress of the industry or organization. It is true that the main objective of trade union is to ensure the welfare of its members as a whole. But most of the trade unions believe that Industry is first and the welfare of workers could be made possible only through the organic growth of the mother industry. They could give many positive suggestions for the betterment of the organization to which their members belong. Hence I strongly believe that trade unions should not be banned.

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Megha said: (Dec 22, 2013)  
According to me, trade union should not be banned. Now a days, industries are increasing in size in order to make country developed one. This enlargement also leading to employement to large no of workers. Hence, as the organisations are increasing so, there is need for an intermediate medium between the management and workers to convey the problems to management. As, management itself can take care of the implementation of policies and securities and comfort of workers. So, in that case, Trade unions play an important role in conveying the problems to the management so that workers do not face any problem and will do their best in order for the development of the organisation.

But one thing is also to be noted that, it can work only if the trade unions do their work honestly.

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Mohd Hakeem Shawali said: (Sep 24, 2013)  
Well according to me I say. Trade union should work only for the development of the employee. They should only act as a medium between the employee and the employer.

And its organization right to have a look on the activities of trade unions, so that they can assure that the unions are not misusing their powers.

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Poonam said: (Dec 4, 2012)  
Hi friends,

According to me trade union couldn't be banned. It is a communication link between employee and employer. Organization is increasing day by day so employer not able to communicate with every employee in a organization. Trade union in that way take the problems of employee and put in front of employer. They help they help the labour in solving their wages, working hour and many more problems. But trade union should know their limits also. They don't think like employer. Communication between organization and trade union should be in proper and right way.

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Sandeep said: (Oct 31, 2012)  
Trade union are also necessary for the protection of their worker but they should know their limit and they should also work for protection of company right. And employer also understand the requirement of their workers and maintain the fair wage policy so both should do their business with mutual understanding by take and give policy.

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YPrabakara Rao said: (Oct 12, 2012)  
Trade Unions must know their limits of demanding for the rights of their members. They should not find the Trade Union arena to 'blind-fold' the Employer into accepting all their requests. Moreover most Employers are fair im giving out fair wages, etc to their staff. There must always be a 'give and take policy' between the Employer and the Trade Union. It will definitely pave way for good industrial relations.

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Abhishek Shrivastava said: (Sep 27, 2012)  
I think banning of trade unions will not be a wise decision as they are the medium of communication for a large pool of employees, particularly laborers, wage earners and other sections of employees who don't have a large influential power on management. Thus trade unions are helpful in putting their demands like hike in wages, leave issues, hire and fire directly to the management. AS the industrialization is increasing, organizations are increasing in size, therefore its not possible for management to approach each and every employee to solve their grievances and therefore trade unions are suitable platforms for such people but simultaneously these trade unions should have tighter control so that they don't become power houses of some few people only pursuing for their personal goals rather than common benefit as we can nowadays trade unions are not realizing goals for what they are meant. With good relationship between management and trade unions, an organisation can grow.

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Suchismita said: (Sep 22, 2012)  
Yes I think banning of trade unions will mar the development of the country as I believe that the trade unions have selfish personal motives of their leaders and the don't work for the general members. The members are forced to work accordin their ideas as they are easily manipulted to do not know what is right and wrong. More over it is because of these trade unions that we get so many transort strikes.

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Thamizhmani said: (Feb 28, 2012)  
I agree with Mr DSK. The topic of the blog should have been control of trade unions rather than banning al together, as the formation of Trade union itslef in a way is to share the powers in an organisation indirectly. Such a thing is required as the workers who produces the products finally and also large in number in a factory kind of organisation should get involved in the decisioin making systems by voicing their views for which the existence of Trade Union is a must. But today what happens in Labour Intense organisations like railways for eg Multiplicity of unioins leads to fight amongst them insteaqd of contributing constrcutively to the organ and get the legitimate demands by negotiations. This sitaution is mostly due to the lavish life style of the union leaders and fiannly end up in manhandling amongst the laboureres. By this the power had gone from the Management to unioin leaders and getting mis used without possibility of fixing responsibility on unioin leaders. Whereas in case of Management mis use of powers can be fixed on the violaters. To come up, some of the unioin leaders mis inform the workers too. In some sitautions, such self motive leaders do join their hands with Management to divide the workesr to rule for their personal benefits of unioin leaders or the Authorties of the Management or both. Instead of service to workesr, it is true that the corrcuption also plays a role in unioinism (no unioin leader can be fixed on corrupt activities) to get some legitimate things done for the wrokers. With the result the purpose of unioin gets de3feated. Therfore proper controled unioin is a must in the Labour intensive production units etc.

In case of the services sector, the situation is ending up with poor customer service to the customers and fellow citizen, the purpose for which the company is in existence. The behaviour of the employye3s esp the PSU or govt employye3s for eg in Electricity, transports, public distribution systems, telephones etc with the customers stands as best examples. No citizen of this country would be have got a good interaction experience with the employyees. The organisation could not control them as a mighty unioins will come into picture if any employye is merely asked by the Management anything about his unexpected behaviour with the customer. If any such consumer reports to the Management and by chnace the Management makes a query on the employye not only it will ende up n unioin unrest but that particular customer will be furyehr harassed. Therfore in services sector a more strict control is required for which the unioin leaders should be given proper trainings by the Management to make them understand that the customer only pays for all of us to live in a better way in the country in whatever fashion they will understand. If the unioin leaders takes a satnd that no compromise on the quality and timly output etc and if any employee violates that thejn unioin will not protect then the sitaution will improve a lot. Of course this is nothing to do with voicing their views in the betterement of service provisioning functions, to mmet their demands etc.

Therefore teh unioins need be controlled and shoulkd not be banneed.

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Sneha Ghosh said: (Feb 15, 2012)  
Trade union is an association for protecting the socio-economic condition of the workers through collective action. Trade union is the important players in today's industrialized world. The Industrial relation atmosphere depend heavily on trade union activism.

Workers may have various issues related to the work and it is not possible for the management to reach each and every workers. So, if the Trade union is banned, then the workers won't be able to put their problems which may result in the dissatisfaction in doing work, resulting in the loss of profitability of the company.

So, instead of banning trade union, if the relation and approach should be changed. That may result in healthy relationship between the two in an effective and productive manner.

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ASIT KUMAR SAHOO said: (Jan 8, 2012)  
Trdae union shoul not be banned, because this is platform where workers can represent their issues, problems & demands, but it should be in a proper way. currently what happen to maruti issue at haryana, now by a strike union every thing will be achieved, ther should be some policy to be adopded by gov limiting the activities of trade union.

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Samrat said: (Jan 6, 2012)  
Trade union is a weapon of the disrupted workers. Whenever industrial authority tortures workers to work inhumanly and deprive them from their financial support, helpless workers will be speechless audience due to social and financial impact of the management authority. Growth of economy does mean growth of garner of country with people from different sectors. If workers are deprive of their financial justice, their children will suffer from lack of nutrition, education etc. Food, cloth, home is man's primitive demand. If they deprived of it, they can not work most efficiently. Then also industrial product will be less than the previous. So growth of economy will be victim of it.

We also keep in mind that workers are not like commodities sold in the market. They also have their right to protest against injustice. Besides growth of economy does not mean only growth of the financial garner of country as well as people from the upper rank of society. It is because government of the the people, by the people, for the people. If people from different sectors can live with sufficient financial support, then manpower can be utilized better for the growth of economy.

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Anitha said: (Jan 2, 2012)  
I feel that trade unions should not be banned because they are the ones who let management to about their workers. managers will try to solve those problems, which inturn leads to efficency in the work, which overall lead to growth of the company.

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Neha Jain said: (Dec 19, 2011)  
One thing I observe here is that everyone is speaking same thing but in different way.

I think trade unionism is good when it really work for the employee but now a days there are many trade unions in India who are more involved on Politics rather than the problem related to their own Employees. So if Trade Union is really doing there own work then its definitely very good for the success of Employee as well Industry but if they are not doing it then Banning the Trade Union is a good Idea.

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Ganesh said: (Nov 15, 2011)  
Agree with most of your views. However lets examine our Defence set up which is not having any trade union and has wonderfully functioning. The welfare is looked after better than any organisation in the world there. the satisfaction among enployees(soldiers) are also high.It is a fact that most trade unions exploit workers.

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Geethu said: (Oct 27, 2011)  
I think that trade union is good for the economic development of a firm. If there is a good trade union, the workers can interact with the head of the firm more effectively. And as a psychological point of view, if there is some body to help and support the workers will have a self confidence and ca contribute to the development of the company.

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Silpa said: (Oct 16, 2011)  
Employers can't understand the problems of their workers unless there is a trade union. They can't go to each of of their employees to solve their problems regarding their work. So trade union is a good medium for them to interact with their employees for the betterment of their company.

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Suman Garg said: (Sep 24, 2011)  
Hi friends.

No trade union should not be banned as trade union is a intermediate between the workers and employees and an easy way to solve the consequencies and easy way to put their demands or any other problem in front of the management so that they can listen properly and give a solution so that there will be no effect on the position of company. If there will be no trade union then a big problem can rise for the company as all the workers together talk and reputation of company can be low because it is possible that this news will spread in the market.

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Rohan said: (Jul 17, 2011)  
I don't think banning of trade unions is a good decision because trade uniouns are a channel through which the workers. Employers can communicate and put forth thier problems in front of the managemnet. But is is seen that most of the times the trade unioun take unfair advantage of such situation and try to manhandle the management. Which is not acceptable. So thus a governing body should be kept over these trade uniouns and let them perform in the right manner. But banning of trade uniouns is a bit unfair to the employees.

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NABANITA said: (Jul 2, 2011)  
Yes it is very necessary in all fields to have an intermediate who can listen to the problems, be the bridge between the workers and employers, that is the main task of trade union. Without them it is like breaking the back bone and asking the person to run faster which is impossible in this area.

Trade union improvises on the workers technique, provides them with a better working conditions, ensures the wages obtained are correct and also helps in providing the bonuses.

There is a major lot of unemployed people in INDIA who do not have the educational qualification to work in high profiled jobs. These union leaders provide them with the mechanical jobs where not much innovative work is required and the labour can earn a minimum wages through shear hard work.

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Ajay said: (May 25, 2011)  
No I think its wrong because if there is no trade union how the management knows the requirements of workers. How the management send message to workers. There is a tremendous communication gap is formed between workers and management.

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Arushi Gupta said: (May 5, 2011)  
Trade union is the only mode of communication between the superiors and workers. So I am totally in support of trade union groups. Workers should participate in the working of the companies and they can do this only through there trade unions power. It will help in better and good relations between the workers and the top management. Workers can easily share there problems with high authorities. Hence, this will also motivate workers and leads to increase in working efficiency.

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Jaideep Kotnis said: (Apr 27, 2011)  
I think we should have a hire and fire policy which is very successful in many economies with a strict Govt. authority that ensures that all govt. regulations are followed. I can very postively bet that those who are speaking so positively about the Unions have never worked in an IR profile in a unionized plant.

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Satadru said: (Apr 19, 2011)  
I totally disagree with banning of trade union. Trade union or labour unions are the medium of employee, through trade union employee can articulate their ideas before management. Trade union can bargain with management regarding wages, hire and fire situation, overtime-etc problems. According to me if management and labour unions are work together, company will definitely progress.

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Swarnali Chanda said: (Apr 9, 2011)  
No I don't agree fully with that banning of trade union will be supportive for the growth of economy. Because trade unions are the only media that employees can articulate their ideas and problems in front of managers and that is beneficial growth of economy.

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DSK said: (Mar 19, 2011)  
I agree with Shally. Trade Union or labour union is the group of employees that makes bargaining with employer to solve the problems of the labours like wages , hiring or firing conditions , work rules , safety ,etc. These unions are the communication links between the employees & employers. So if banning is done workers can't put forward their problems easily & effectively which may leads to work inefficiencies or dissatisfaction in doing work , which finally leads to loss of company. So Trade Unions shouldn't be completely banned but management can put some control over them in order to avoid misuse of power by Trade Unions. If Management & Trade Unions both work together then speed of progress can increase.

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Shally said: (Mar 6, 2011)  
No. I don't think so because there is someone to communicate between higher authority to talk their problems and consequences of workers.

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Banning of Trade Unions will be Beneficial in Growth of the Economy

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