Are Peace and Non-Violence Outdated Concepts?

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Ashwin Kumar said:   1 decade ago
Peace and non-violence are definitely not outdated concepts. Like some people here have mentioned, you just need to look at the example of Mahatma Gandhi who won us independence from a mighty Empire through truth and non-violence. Also see how the peaceful Jasmine Revolution in the Arab World has relieved the people of Egypt and Tunisia (and probably more to follow) of corrupt and autocratic leaders.

It depends on the situation also. Like Sugu mentioned, we cannot deal with terrorists entering our country in a peaceful way. They must be dealt with ruthlessly. And in a democratic country like India, problems can be solved peacefully. If you are disillusioned with the government and the standard of life, you need not take to arms like the Naxalites. Instead, you can help some of the people suffering like how Dr. Binayak Sen the great human rights activist helped the tribals.

Yedhusree said:   5 years ago
We belong to a country whose history reverberates peace and non violence in its freedom fight movement. Well, it is to be admitted that the path to this liberation was not enveloped with peace alone. We had had sacrifice of many Martyrs whose names may not be carved in Golden letters. We always tend to follow the path of non violence to achieve our needs and demands. But most of the time it becomes non pragmatic. A peaceful demonstration hardly meets the target.

If we consider the case of our own country, we have had a lot of pressures and threats in our border in-spite of the peaceful alliance we keep with our neighbors. But nothing tend to change this trend. Our soldiers continue to become Martyrs.

I would say that the act violence should not trigger from our side, but when the situation demands us, we have no plans to retreat.

Anshumaan said:   5 years ago
According to me, peace and non-violence are outdated topics because what happened earlier was if people or leaders cannot make higher authorities agree on any issue the leaders use peace protest for as long as possible but if we compare the situation in the present people want instant results there are many issues like mob lynching, honour killing etc in which people lose temper to such an extent which result in loss of life recently an incident happens in a place near to Ranchi. We need to help people who are suffering and being compassionate towards them will definitely bring back peace and non-violence. We cannot take law in our hands simply because opinion varies from people to people and using the internet sometimes misleading information is shared which leads to violence.

Mukesh said:   7 years ago
For me, Peace and non-violence are all about Respecting everyone use of peaceful means to bring changes.

Peace and non-violence will never be an outdated concept. They are important for the survival of mankind on earth.

We can take the example of Anna Hazare who took a strong stand for Lokpal bill through peace and non-violence.

The youth today knows his/her limits and they know that how to fight for their rights provided no one gets hurt. We know that there is much more than religion, we know that less we interfere in others life, more will be the peace in the society.

There is nothing in this world which can't be settled through talks. Doklam issue is the best example, where our PM settled the issue through talks to maintain peace and harmony between the countries.

Uttara deb said:   7 years ago
Peace and nonviolence can never be outdated. By nonviolence situations only exacerbate. While people are disturbed and resort to violence they don't understand the harm they are causing to others. But after momentary anxiety people repent about what they have done. Peace talks are a way better solution to come to an agreement. Through peace and negotiation, people get to know each other's faults and good. But at times harsh steps needed to bring to books the perpetrators. Like terrorists. They can't be defeated by peace talk cause they don't understand the meaning of it. There needed strong military actions. But when and wherever peaceful talking can resolve a situation people must follow the path of it. Thank you.

Saurabh said:   8 years ago
Peace and non-violence are never the outdated systems. Peace is all about our religion. KARUNA is the base of DHARMA said by Lord Krishna in Gita. Non-violence cannot get success.

These are movements which conducted by gurjar, jat etc another caste never get success because their movements were placed in the nonviolence. They fired everywhere & public suffered by their nonviolence.

So I think nonviolence cannot be a solution of any kind of situations.

The youth of India come forward &move according to our religion that teaches us a lesson of KARUNA.

Our country got independence by the outfit of nonviolence & peace.

Great say by someone:nonviolence doesn't mean our weakness its show our power.

KAVYA said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends I don't think that peace & non-violence can ever be outdated concepts.

You may have observed it yourself that if we put up our views peacefully & talk politely.

It really makes some difference, rather than we waste our time in shouting & fighting.

Even the rudest person in this world will listen to you and try to understand what you are saying if you are non-violent n peaceful. Everyone will enjoy your company & would like to talk to you.

Although in the present scenario with so much destruction &unrest it sometimes appears that these terms are forgotten, but trust me friends in the end you will come back to this place only.

Minnie said:   9 years ago
Peace And Violence are the terms we are used to hear since childhood, but do we really know what their real meaning is. No absolutely not. We just know that peace and violence are the terms related to wars, or else Mahatma Gandhi time.

Peace is having different a meaning now, peace means calmness and tranquility, a person who is calm, unbiased can really understand the meaning of peace. Hot headed people like violence and to them everything can be overcome by violence. So according to me peace can be there when a person clear his or her head and think properly with every aspect to form his/her opinions, then only peace can overcome the huge term 'VIOLENCE'.

Minty said:   1 decade ago
Poor minds or half literate men can go for non-violence..One who is literate and matured enough would opt for ethical fight(win-win).Only this can improve you and help others improve.Real joy and peace can be found only with non-violence undoubtedly...otherwise why wouldn't people be just happy and contented with what the world is now(rat race).I'm sure people who strive in rat race would definitely go for a peaceful meditation in their daily life and some how manage like being contented..Cause we cant be totally out of race..No other go we must race but in our way we search for a morning walk peace,going for pleasant outing..

Saloni modi said:   7 years ago
Many of us, think that we need to have a Gandhian attitude to develop India.


Just think once more. Will this really be helpful? It's very difficult for us today to adopt this attitude when we always need fast results.

I ain't saying that we should go for violence but we just need to put our argument in a really really strong manner.

As you all know about the things happening in India. Also, you know our drawbacks. Just the thing we need to so is to keep our voice low and arguments high.

It doesn't mean violence or any waiting activity (non-violence).

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