Are Peace and Non-Violence Outdated Concepts?

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Pulkit Sehra said:   1 decade ago
Definition : Nonviolence is the personal practice of being harmless to self and others under every condition. It comes from the belief that hurting people, animals or the environment is unnecessary to achieve an outcome and refers to a general philosophy of abstention from violence based on moral, religious or spiritual principles.


1. A big example where non-violence was easily applicable, Muzaffarnagar riots. A muslim youngster teasing a Hindu Jaat girl. This issue could have been resolved by filing an FIR against the youngster and getting him penalized. Instead he was murder and one thing led to another and eventuating into inter-communal violence. Over 1000 people died, 2500 injured and around 50,000 displaced.

2. Non-Violence is applicable to every contentious issue provided the people are ready to amicably resolve it.

3. Violence and vandalizing does not bring about any result rather aggravates the situation further.

The widespread destruction in due course eventually costs huge to the bearer.

4. Many sensitive inter-religious issues can be contained peacefully without use of violence which is better for both the people and the environment.

KAVYA said:   1 decade ago
Dear friends I don't think that peace & non-violence can ever be outdated concepts.

You may have observed it yourself that if we put up our views peacefully & talk politely.

It really makes some difference, rather than we waste our time in shouting & fighting.

Even the rudest person in this world will listen to you and try to understand what you are saying if you are non-violent n peaceful. Everyone will enjoy your company & would like to talk to you.

Although in the present scenario with so much destruction &unrest it sometimes appears that these terms are forgotten, but trust me friends in the end you will come back to this place only.

Guruprasad said:   6 years ago
Peace and non-violence is not an outdated concept but we can't use this concept in every case. We can't understand some antisocial people by peacely.

Shailesh kumar dubey said:   7 years ago
Peace and nonviolence are interrelated each other. Without non violence we can not expect peace. Peace and nonviolence help in growth of society and county.

Anshumaan said:   5 years ago
According to me, peace and non-violence are outdated topics because what happened earlier was if people or leaders cannot make higher authorities agree on any issue the leaders use peace protest for as long as possible but if we compare the situation in the present people want instant results there are many issues like mob lynching, honour killing etc in which people lose temper to such an extent which result in loss of life recently an incident happens in a place near to Ranchi. We need to help people who are suffering and being compassionate towards them will definitely bring back peace and non-violence. We cannot take law in our hands simply because opinion varies from people to people and using the internet sometimes misleading information is shared which leads to violence.

Ashwin Kumar said:   1 decade ago
Peace and non-violence are definitely not outdated concepts. Like some people here have mentioned, you just need to look at the example of Mahatma Gandhi who won us independence from a mighty Empire through truth and non-violence. Also see how the peaceful Jasmine Revolution in the Arab World has relieved the people of Egypt and Tunisia (and probably more to follow) of corrupt and autocratic leaders.

It depends on the situation also. Like Sugu mentioned, we cannot deal with terrorists entering our country in a peaceful way. They must be dealt with ruthlessly. And in a democratic country like India, problems can be solved peacefully. If you are disillusioned with the government and the standard of life, you need not take to arms like the Naxalites. Instead, you can help some of the people suffering like how Dr. Binayak Sen the great human rights activist helped the tribals.

Subham said:   9 years ago

To me peace and nonviolence are the evergreen principles over which the world is based on. The Devastations of two world war realized us the need of world peace. The formation of the united nation also based on the nonviolence principles in order to avoid a third nuclear war.

Manthan dave said:   1 decade ago
Hello friends!. This is Manthan and I have just completed my 12th. According to me peace and non violence can never be outdated but violence also can never be eradicated. Because in today world, there some things which can be solved only by non violent and peaceful means but sometimes the person or community with whom you are treating may not believe in the same concepts and so at those time you have to use violent means instead of peace and nonviolence.

So one cannot only stick to peace and non violent concept instead everyone should react according to the situation as nobles and ideals may sometime don't work as you have thought. Many of my friends here gave the example of Gandhiji but no one seen the blood shedded because of that, so our approach to the problems depends on the nature of problems. So my conclusion is peace and non violence are not outdated but also not the must do concept.

Aastha Parekh said:   8 years ago

According to me peace and nonviolence are the basic things in one's life. With the help of this one is able to think positive do the work with full of enthusiasm. This is possible with the strong family support and positive nature. By this we can make our work schedule and able to follow this.

Sneha said:   1 decade ago
Peace and non violence can and will occur from time to time. As a coin have two side in the same way we have two types of situation dealing people. One who will actually take a path of violence to make his/her work done or the one who will take a path of peace.

Some situation can be dealt in a peaceful way and some needs to be dealt with harsh step.

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