Are Live-in Relationships better than Marriage?

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Yugandhar said:   1 decade ago
Well, if I say that live-in is good, m sure many of you are gonna dislike my comment...
(The main point behind this question is to recruit you by checking your sence of humour & this question is not asked for anyone's feedback for giving a message to the people... So give a diplomatic answer so that you can make the impression on the HR.)
I completelly agreed with Radhika's last comment..

Swadesh said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, I am swadesh from bhubaneswar. I totally against in live-in relation because India is a cultural country. It's culture is very old. Indian does not belive live in relation. Indian belive marrage life. Because marrage life is a happy life. It is treated as heaven relationship.

But in westren culture does belive live in relation. They change his\her life partner randdomly. In our culture marrage life is life long but his culture relation is like a pleasure. They broke his relation at one moment also. In our marrage life affection occure&our family is like a heaven place. So don't follow westren culture, in our culture understanding is there I. E both belive's with each other&if some problem aries they solve it good way. In some case after marrage they broke his relation this is not a good signal of our culture.

Radhika said:   1 decade ago
I would say, that what matters is your relation with your partner. Be it a love marriage, arrange marriage or a live-in relation.If there is trust, loyalty and commitment in any relation, it will last long for years! Live-in relations can lead to Marriages, may be like marriages made in heaven! So i would conclude Live-in relations aren't bad at all!

Ankit tiwari said:   1 decade ago
i think live in relationship is better bcoz dere is no case of dowry which is a major problem in our country due to which many gals lost there i can be made bst if some limitations are provided by d government!in live in relationship man and women both have equal responsibilities .like both have to share every thing.we can think for utopain in live in relationship.if we have to make our country developed and controlled populated then this way can be used!in marraige we have to reproduce but it is not neccesary in live in relationship it is not neccesary.

Saurabh said:   1 decade ago
HI.........FRIENDS,In my point of view, i think marriage is better than relationship,bcz whenever u get married with someone than automatically a family will be created where u can find peace,love everything.Also a commitment will be formed in which we should be honest towards our partner.Another thing is u get a huge support of ur relatives in any kind of bad situation,and also our culture is not allowing us in doing so.

So MY dear friends i m totally agree with the marriage in place of live-in-Relationship.

Malli said:   1 decade ago
Good morning friends my name is mallikharjuna, I would like to say few word about marriage I proudly say that our Indian customs is very good about the marriage in our India the relation between wife and husband is very good but some country it is not good I will give one example that if a person say to him I don't say my person properties no one then you ask really you will not your wife also then he replied that my wife is my body. This is our Indian custom thanque.

Varun said:   1 decade ago
According to my views with the help of open relationship we know each other perfectly what he/she likes what they dislike which is necessary in future life.What he thinks about her and what she thinks about him.After know each other than they go for a marriage and that is the perfect time for a marriage.A long share of a people in our country takes wrong means of open relationship.

Kumar ujjawal said:   1 decade ago
well, i think live in relationship is being liked by those people who are very much of western minded, want to stay away from responsibility and go for only joy. marriage is a commitment to remain with each other in every state of life and for that both of them have to sacrifice and their sacrifice results in a happy married life. unfortunately we are very fond showing ourselves modern but can anyone of us kiss his girlfriend or boyfriend before our parents??? no... because we are basically Indians, we know our traditions. no one is perfect and one cannot get a person as per his/her liking, one has to adjust. one who does not adjust, cannot be successful in any walk of life, leave alone the marriage.

Anupriya singh said:   1 decade ago
According to me live in relationship is much better than the marriages because in marriages girls have to follow certain responsibilities and there is an boundary this boundary line like girls have to respect the boys parents and sometime girls sacrifices their life, job,parents these things are not right for any girls.

Parveen said:   1 decade ago
well,i think according to indian culture and customs the live in relations lies no where and marriages are far far better.india is having a name and fame all across the world and for this one of the reason is india's unique cultre. but live in relations are like stigma on the reputation of india.There is no guarantee and no satisfaction in live in relations..

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