Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing?

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Nani said:   1 decade ago
Bookies are not the matter. As the bookie approaches the player the player should bang at him. That is the most initial step to be taken by the player if he is truly playing for the (his) country. Players should should not fall into the web of money offered by bookie. If the players devotional towards the game then there will be no raising for bookies, this type of business will not be developed.

Ksangeetha said:   1 decade ago
Yeah they must be banned. They are there to provide the pride to country and they are representing the country for the sport. While people do like this it affect the sport a lot. For a one person doing like this it affect the entire sport. So should be banned and they also be fined. Because they are doing this only for money.

Ksangeetha said:   1 decade ago
The player involved in match fixing should must be banned. Because they are playing in the enjoyment of lot of people who trust him or the team.

Paritosh said:   1 decade ago
Sometimes it happens that cricketers are forced to do match fixing and it is not always for the lure of money. So first of all they must be asked about being forced from bookies. And then the related conclusion must be made.

Kamal Agarwal said:   1 decade ago
Of course those who fixes match are criminals as they did a crime called fraud against audience. But punishment for this should be limited. As fraud is not a very big crime, so player should not be banned for his entire life. Sports is for entertainment and if a person does not follow the rules, he is actually cutting himself from this industry. He definitely pays for his activity whether or not, he is found guilty.

Management should look into the matter with care and stop possibilities of any such activities as it hampers industry but extent of punishment should be limited.

Harshith said:   1 decade ago
Why not ? Even though they are getting millions , even though they have immense fans' support , they are still hungry . I can't understand them . They have struggled for years to gain a place in the team , they stood as the representatives of a historic nation . What more do they need to fell proud of themselves?

In my view , Match - fixing is something like selling our mother to someone as a slave. It's really shame upon their part . Because of such stupid malefactors , the entire team has to face severe criticism & bear many doubtful questions which pain the innocents.

Those who do Match Fixing should be treated as terrorists . On seeing the way , they are being humiliated , no other player should at-least think of Match Fixing.The BCCI should carefully watch the players and remove if there are any weeds in the team .

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