Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing?

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Suhothra said:   3 days ago
Cricketers are to be blamed for match-fixing only if they have been found guilty…!

There are some media to get hype or spread hate to an individual.

They will keep on trying to expose a particular Individual for false allegations.

Sia said:   2 months ago
Match fixing is totally wrong and it must be banned as cricket is sports which is worshipped in India and going on since a long time. But we actually don't know whose involved maybe players are not at fault inside team people or management are involved in match fixing. IPL involves lot of match fixing, if players are involved then they must be punished for same. Team must be setup to check if any malpractices going on in game.

Vignesh pavan said:   5 months ago
Match-fixing in a cricket match affects many.

Despite of winning the game with skill and patience, some players tend to do match-fixing or spot-fixing. There is nothing gained by winning a match by fixing but great guilt and having to face the after-effects. Anyday winning legally has a great impact on the player's confidence.

Harsh Dev Tyagi said:   11 months ago
Good Morning Everyone,

Today's Topic is very interesting "Are Cricketers to be blamed for Match Fixing or not".

In my point of view blaming for match-fixing in not good because if any player does not perform well then everybody blamed the cricketer but it is wrong,

Sometimes it happens that cricketers can not handle the stress and pressure and they do not perform well. It is not right to blame any cricketer for match-fixing just like.

In 2019 Virat scored around 77 runs and this man is play a major role in the victory in that situation anyone can not say how much stress on Virat and he perform well.

And if in any match any cricketer does not perform well that we blamed the cricketer without remembering the performance in previous matches.

That is why in my point of view, Blamed cricketer for match-fixing is not correct.

Shivraj Todkar said:   2 years ago

I totally agree with this topic, from my point of view, match-fixing should be totally banned. This is the worst thing players do just for the little money and they are losing their respects. ICC should make a special squad for such types of activities to show they can easily be traced.

Venkat said:   4 years ago
There are so many ways to show devotee to our nation. In that, cricket also one of the way to show devotion and respect to our country. It should be treated as a golden chance. But the cricketers who agreed for match-fixing should feel that they are surrendering their nation to become as slaves.

Anil said:   5 years ago
Hello friends.

In my perspective, in this world, everything is being treated like a business. Everyone wants to earn a lot of money. Here Education treated like a business, cricket treated like a business and who one is being match-fixing is cheating their self and their nation. All these decreased the talent of cricketers to buy them.

So the conclusion is that we have to finish this problem to increase the talent of our nation and ourself.

Thank you.

Shivam said:   5 years ago
I think that cricketers to be blamed for the match fixing because its them who sell the trust of their people for sake of money.

Chetan Patil said:   5 years ago
Yes, I think cricketers who are involved in match-fixing should be blamed for it. As cricket is the most popular sport in our country (India) it is like religion and it should be worshipped and not destroy the beauty of these sports.

Neeraj Tanwar said:   6 years ago
In my opinion, cricketers play an important role in match-fixing although it's a very shameful act that they do not think of the respect of one's country before doing such a thing. Cricketers must be understood that they are at a place for representing one's nation and they should not ruin the sportsmanship of cricket. As they are paid well for their services and this kind of act led for a shame for one's country and nation. Authorities cannot control the bookies in fact it's the decision of the cricketer itself whether he wants to get linked through it or not. As a sportsman, this is very shameful incident for the spirit of cricket. One must always play with a sportsmanship and avoid this kind of things. If this goes on then people who loved cricket so much might avoid the game.

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