Are beauty contests degrading womanhood?

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Rajeshwarlalwani said:   2 years ago
Not at all beauty contest is specially performed foe physical beauty. They have every right to look beautiful and what for is that beauty blessed by god you must show their physical beauty. But this I was talking about in other context and that beauty when a lady under normal conditions looks automatically beautiful and lovable that is a universal fact and truth behind this phenomen—author or jane Austin in her novel Mr. Darcy fell in love with an ordinary look but why she likes is described as the innocence on Elizabeth Benne and how beautifully she hatolded about the ultimate character. You are mistaken when I talk about the expressions describing the overall individuality. So far, beauty contest is all about your figure or shaping the facial response of the viewers. So I never say that beauty contests are degrading womanhood. Thanks.

Anchal singh said:   2 years ago
It is wrong to say that beauty pageants degrade womanhood. Because the women that choose to participate in these pageants are empowered and not demolished. The concept of beauty pageants was original to give women.

A platform to showcase themselves onto make the name for themselves. Beauty in this is providing jobs to women. It is providing a platform to make her own identity. Have a great day ahead.

Vikas said:   2 years ago
Beauty contest itself a beautiful feeling of women's smartness, gesture and expression. In my opinion, beauty contest give a good platform and immense confidence where they can show their talent all around the world.

In our ancient days, women used to consider just for house hold chores and take care of their families but nowadays, situation are very different. Women have lots of rights, desire and ability to do something in all fields.

Through such contest they would become self dependent and build a huge network in society to get lots of opportunities like jobs, fitness and self respect.

On the other hand, there is also disadvantages. Women who are really interested to take part in such contest have to pass many tests regarding fitness, mental ability and showing their beauty in front of the crowd. On the other hand, it is their compulsion to spend a big amount to look beautiful and get back to their shape like plastic surgery, parsonal yoga trainer ect.

Once who does not win the contest goes to depression and other consequences. Unfortunately many girls who have great desire to remain in fashion shows have to give up their religion, families cultures and education so on.

Moreover, I think instead of helding such shows we should more emphasis over education education and other aspects.

Believe or not, every women should be respected equally and crowned instead of only one.

Rakesh malakar said:   3 years ago
As we know that everything has its merits and demerits.

Likewise, beauty contest also has merits and demerits.

In my opinion, beauty contest gives a platform where women can show their talent and skills.

Beauty contests show that women are not only housewife and mother but also they can show their potential.

These contests promote equality.

But there are some disadvantages like.

In these contests, women are considered saleable.

These contests spread vulgarity etc.

So overall if we see; We are living in modern times. And people should give up their conservative faith and encourage women to join these types of contests.

Navneet said:   3 years ago
Hello all.

I would like to discuss about the topic beauty pageant.

Beauty pageant is a beauty contest where women show their talent all over the world.

But is has an advantage as well as some disadvantage like;


With beauty pageant women take the part in miss world and miss universe competition and women take care of her fitness and women will be self-dependent and they have a lot of experience in social work.


Many women spend lots of money in hairstyle and take medicine for their physical beauty and promote cosmetic surgery and with the influence of beauty pageants many young girl focus more on physical beauty instead of building life skill and career.

So, lastly, we can say that we cannot say beauty pageant is gold or bad it depends how we see the whole thing and we can also see that many people boycott the beauty pageant add some are big fans of Beauty pageant.

Thank you.

Firoj khan said:   3 years ago
Hi everyone.

The beauty contest is a platform to show their talent in front of all over the world. It helps them realise their inner self, confidence, and they are not weak and gives them new opportunities.

An ordinary girl gets a celebrity status like that 2017 miss world winner Manushi chiller.

It is not only physical beauty contest but also show their real beauty and inner talent.


Many women give up their religious and cultural sentiments to win the contest.

Many young girls leave their education for such a contest.

Priyanka sati said:   3 years ago
I believe that it's not as much as its shown because the platform modelling, fashioning etc are very very different. And if we relate this with our personal life so, I think that's very wrong because the common housewife is not the part of that platform she is happy in her own world so, why are we comparing this platform to the normal ladies.

Pranathi said:   3 years ago
Now I will explain to you why?

Every woman is beautiful in her own way. So in these beauty contests, the judges judge women on their beauty and I strongly say that they have no right to judge a woman's beauty. Because woman itself is a beauty and we all are not born the same. God has given a different kind of beauty to each one of us.

So, I feel that these beauty contests degrade womanhood.

Wondare said:   4 years ago
Hello and thank you for the chance to comment on this topic.

My opinion is a beauty contest by definition involves an element of competition between the women who take part. And since the women are to be compared and evaluated by the judges, it's important that all aspects of their beauty are taken into consideration.

In relation to physical beauty, therefore, it's natural for the women to parade in swimsuits (either one-piece or bikini). Only in this way can the judges evaluate each contestant. For this, to be done fairly and fully, each contestant should present herself facing the judges, sideways to them and with her back turned.

Thank you.

Sakshi pokharna said:   4 years ago
Hi everyone.

I am Sakshi Pokharna.

I completely agree with this topic and the fact I am saying this is because firstly what beauty is being projected by the media and mostly the people around us. Is fair looking, tall, good figure etc. So even if a woman is happy with having a particular type of her body which is not found good conventionally but over the time these beauty standards make her feel that way you have something less. And then comes the beauty pageants I completely agree that it's more than a beauty you also have to be confident and smart. But moreover, there is a lot of showcasing of being slim, beautiful. So, it really does affect woman self-esteem and moreover to question her womanhood.

I think it's not about not conducting beauty contest but there should be more emphasis on being intellectual and other things than just beauty.

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