Advertising is a Waste of Resources

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Paawni Patel said:   8 months ago
Yes, advertising is a waste of resources as advertising any food product wastes food a lot. In spite of wasting the food, they could give the food to the poor, who are starving from hunger.

Bekhruz said:   9 months ago
Definitely yes .The advertising is fairly waste of resources for everything which the humanity needs.

SOMYA said:   2 years ago
In my opinion, Advertising is not a waste of resources. Advertising means, showing the features of a product to the customers. Advertising should be in a very attractive manner that can be easily grasped the mind of consumers. With the help of advertisements, the consumer is aware of their needs and what they want, they can also be able to differentiate the product and select the best one. But at the time of advertising customers should be aware while focusing on the features of a particular product.

Yukti said:   3 years ago
Advertising is a paid form of non personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services. According to me, advertisement is an investment toward the building of goodwill and brand image in the market. The most creative advertisement is the one that ultimately proves itself in the market. There is no correlation between amount of money spent on advertisement and increase in sales volume. Money must be spent effectively whatever budget. If spent well even a small advertising expenditure can have a lot of impact.

Pranshu said:   3 years ago
Advertising is as a waste of resources in my point of view, because the people who make advertising they use the audience brains and make advertising in a manner that we get used to that product they are filming.

And its a bitter truth but its fact that we the audience only pay the price of advertising on the price of the product.

The company adds all the cost of advertising they make and take all the cost from the consumer.

But we don't know the bitter truth of this industry but its a fact that we are paying for the product but as well the price of advertising we see on television.

Yes, advertising does aware of the product a company launches but the price of the product increases by its advertising.

So we intend to pay the price of the product which we actually don't.

Monika said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

According to my opinion, Advertising is not a waste of resources rather it provides information about product & awareness among the consumers, So that consumers can easily compare the products and choose that product according to their Requirement. It will be helpful to spread information about the products and makes Market Competitive.


Akash said:   4 years ago
Advertisement is a waste of resources because the very big poster are made of large amount of paper and use the large amount of paper we cut very trees.

TEJASRI said:   5 years ago
Good morning.

Some people usually says advertisement is waste of resources but in my point of view stopping advertisement to save money is like stopping our watch to save time. The main motto of advertisement is to create awareness about product. It is not only helpful to producers to increase their business but also helpful to the customers to know more features and offers of the product. Then only they can compare our products with other other brands and they can decide which brand to buy. Sometimes, Advertisement emotionally connects the product with the customers. It creates a face value in cutomers mind. We can use brand ambassadors to promote our products so that people can blindly remember our product. But as a human, we should remember our responsibilities towards the nation and do the advertisement in a legal way. We can attract people but we shouldn't affect the people. Even healthy food acts as poison if we take more than a level. We shouldn't find cutomers for products instead we should find products for our customers. In my view advertise our products by using digital ways is the best strategy instead of using handouts. Which indirectly saves our resources by saving the paper.

Naveena D said:   5 years ago
Good Evening Friends,

According to me, Advertisement is not waste of resources. It is crucial one. It is one of the communication with people over the world. Because without any advertisement people can not know what will be going on the world. It will helpful for people what they are requirement for their future. So, it is very helpful and needed one. Advertise is one of the source for communication with environment.

Thank You.

Mani said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, advertising is some what useful and dangerous. It may attracts the children with waste (or) fast foods and may affect children. It is useful for consumers or customers to know about new products or gadgets.

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