Advertisements Cheat People, Hence Should Be Banned

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Harish said:   3 months ago
I think advertising is the only way to reach about the product, In marketing the goods are selling through advertising. Advertising is helps to description and uses about the product, it is the good way to commence the public.

Ketul said:   1 year ago
As I think that adds should not be banned because that is the only medium by we came to know about any new product in market. Nevertheless it is our responsibility to know about fake or real and only necessary products should be bought.

Another reason is childrens are usually attracted by some graphics of adds. So parents should be aware about it.

Balji pandey said:   2 years ago
I think advertisement is an important role of our life and it should not be banned because it gives ideas and information about all products that ' reasons we can choose different products.

But these advertisements should be banned which shows nudity, adultism and they create some other issue.

S. Hema said:   3 years ago
The success of a product depends on the extent it reached the people. Advertisements are the means to spread the knowledge of the product. They should contain the correct information about the product. They provide some information that may be useful in one way or the other. So, they should not be banned but some changes must be done to avoid people from getting affected. The consumers should also think and investigate before they buy the products.

Niranjan upadhyay said:   3 years ago
I think advertisement should not be banned because without advertisements we can't know about the new product. It's our responsibility, we have to know about products.

Tinku Paul said:   3 years ago
According to me, Advertisement means public notice. The advertisement should not be banned. Everything is a good side and bad side as a human being we have to justify otherwise not only an advertisement company anybody can cheat us. Advertisement is thriving in our country. Thousands and thousands of people involved in this industry, if the advertisement businesses banned then many people will be jobless. Advertisement is the media through which we can get the information. What is the product ? How much does it cost ? It's quality we can get all information not only city area people, those are staying in the village area they also understand. Any product launch in the market if there will no publicity then nobody can understand the product then how the company will run the business. The first company has to prepare the market then they can sell their products. So according to me, it should not be banned. According to me, people want to victimize then he will victimize nobody can protect them. They have to justify what is good and what is bad.

Divya said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, advertisements should not be banned because the promotion part of nearly all the industries depends on advertisements. With the help of advertisements companies are able to introduce their product in the market. So they should not be banned completely. Only fake advertisements which are unrealistic should be banned.

Milan said:   3 years ago
Advertisements Cheat People Hence Should Be Banned.

Ajay yadav said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone, this is Ajay Kumar.

My opinion on this topic is that advertisement should not be banned because it helps to bring awareness amongst the people that which product is good to use or which product is bad for us. By the advertisement, we came to know about the variety of different types of products as we want. If we like the product then we purchase it bot if we don't like it then avoid it. Nowadays, somehow people are able to differentiate between the good and the product. Somewhat fake add are still showing but we have careful about that before purchasing.

Thank you for reading my opinion.

Izeba jabeen said:   3 years ago
Yes, the advertisement should be banned in some ways and should not be banned in some ways because it is useful in some ways and not useful in some ways some are harmful and some are useful.

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