Advertisements Cheat People, Hence Should Be Banned

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JKay said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends.

Advertisements never fool the people infact there are some advertisement Like Tobacco Chewing is injurious to health they are highly appreciable because younster's are more grasped by TV and Add so if they watch once these kinds of advrtise there even chances for them to change slowly.

And ads like HIV, ESIC info are made for people evn at the rural areas so that they would benefited polio droops and all is explained by celeb like Mr. Amitabh so people would keenly watch those and get beneficial.

But there are sum add Like Condomns And another Deo's rubbish add which parents cannot watch in front of small children these should be aired only after 11pm and not on the family channels.

Latinoheat_Arun said:   1 decade ago
Advertisement is the legalised form of lie-ing.. But it is about an individual's mind set to believe those lieing... The products come to the market with such advertisements are for getting the customers' intrest in buying those product.. Every customer should know the purpose of the product... He should not rely only on the advertisement.. Banning is not the only way to stop those advertisement.

Sai Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Advertisements are important not only to the companies but also the the consumers. We can't go directly to all the companies and inquire about new products. Advertisements do it for us. We not only know about a single product bit also all the substitutes and competitors of that product.

Banning advertisements would serve no mans purpose. Instead they should be regulated and moderated such that deceiving advertisements don't reach the customers.

Khushbu Agarwal said:   1 decade ago
I think advertisement is very essential for consumer because, we can know very well about every commodity through advertisements.At present time, competition is very high level exist in market and advertisement is essential for businessman.Advertisement is very advantageous unless not use for wrong purpose.

SNEHASISH said:   1 decade ago
According to my opinion adverstisements should not be banned. As we know very well that there were two sides of a coin so do advertisement does. The positive impact of advertisement is that it acts as the medium of communication between a company and the common masses. In this fast world people don't have the time to search for a product's details but a 30-50 seconds ad make us aware of not only the product's quality but also the technology it is providing us. I think common masses are nt so foolish that they should be easily cheated by this ads. Again the ads made by renowned companies like bajaj, herohonda, tata are not making vague ads as we know the quality of products they deliver to us. Again the ad made by tourism department of government of India endorsing amir khan showing the hospitality of India to foreigners is it cheating people? again certain ads also proved to be a boon of social awareness like eradication of polio, aids awareness, sarbha sikha abhijan. Recently the ads made by tata tea help to create awarness about discouraging bribes. Again shikha abhijan ads help to educate millions of poor girls.

So I think advertisement are not a bunch of lies.

Uma said:   1 decade ago
Advertisement is very important to us, because without advertisement we don't know the product details and how to use the product.

In this competitive world we are able to marketing product only through advertisement.

Through advertisement only world peoples about all product and its brand&cost.

Piyush said:   1 decade ago
Hello Friends, According to my perception, Ads should not be banned at all. Though they intervene in our interest in TV shows, yet they are of great importance. A person cannot directly approach the company to take stock of the new products launched. It's the advertisement only that act as a middleman for making the new product info. Reach upto the common man.

Advertisements are not only confined to TV ads. Even the company's launch their vacancies in the form of advertisements only. It is the best, cheapest and the fastest way of making people aware of the job. SO I never perceive ads as a bane to the society.

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