Advantages of Co-education

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Ankit Sharma said:   7 years ago
Hello Everyone!

According to me, to study in Co education is not a problem or I can say had bad effect on child's mentality as after all they will have to interact with the external environment in coming future even though by studying in Co Education there morale will boost and they will come to know how to behave and the biggest advantage of this is that it will remove hesitation among boys and girls which act as a hurdle at later stage when you have express your thoughts.

So I guess study in Co Education is the better idea for bright future of children.

Susmita gulve said:   7 years ago
Being from a Co-ed school, I totally support it because it helps for the children to know that no gender is superior and that girls and boys are equal in every aspect whether it be academics, sports that both the gender deserve equal chances. And falling in love with them is a secondary thing, not every child falls in love in school, Yes expectations are there due to the scenes are shown in movies and serials but clearly it depends up on one's own ambition or thinking. Coeducation is necessary to build the competitive nature among children.

Rahul Jha said:   7 years ago
I am Rahul Jha.

We ought to get rid of the orthodox beliefs such as Co-Ed is not a good idea because it increases the chance of falling in love and destroying the future of both girls and boys. Today times have changed and these don't matter much and after all whatever the child does is related to the values taught by the parents in formative years.

VIKASH KUMAR said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends. My name is Vikash Kumar. As per my view co-education is very important and useful in our society. There are lots of benefits of CO-Education system and it has proved their importance. It enhances our knowledge and our skills.

It increases the competition between two particular genders. It also causes improving one's behavior while in the classroom if they are insulted before other gender people for their misbehavior. Yeah, there is also some disadvantage of Co-education that Some peoples fall in love with other gender and they spoil their career but the advantages of co-education system dominate over its disadvantage. So there must be co-education system in every institute.

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