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Light year is a unit of
intensity of light
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Desalegn Degu said:   5 years ago
A light year is the unit of actual distance.

Yesvanth said:   6 years ago
Unit described as a distances between objects in the universe.

Alok yadav said:   7 years ago
It might be light also because distance is a scalar quantity.

MIMIE said:   7 years ago
B is correct. I agree.

Sai manoj@sm said:   7 years ago
Light year means a light is the distance travelled in one year is 1 light year and it is used to measure distance so, one light is equal to 9.4 *10^15.

Sathiya said:   7 years ago
Distance travelled by a light in one year in vacuum.
Distance travelled = velocity of light * one year
1 light year = 9.467 *10^15 m.

Preangka said:   8 years ago
Light year is normally a distance.

Lokesh said:   8 years ago
Distance travelled by a light in one year in vaccum.

Daniel said:   8 years ago
Yes, a light year is a distance travelled by light in a year.

Abc said:   9 years ago
1 light year = 1.0 cm/m square.

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