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In an atomic explosion, enormous energy is released which is due to
conversion of chemical energy into heat energy
conversion of mechanical energy into nuclear energy
conversion of mass into energy
conversion of neutrons into protons
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Shiv said:   12 months ago
Thanks, everyone for the great explanations.

Hrushikesh said:   5 years ago
It's right energy can't converted into mass but mass can converted into energy.

Hrushikesh said:   5 years ago
According to Albert Einstein, Mass Energy relationship E=mc^2.

Sarita said:   6 years ago
According to Einstein's mass-energy theory mass and energy are interconvertible in nature.

But, the energy can be converted into mass.

Shreyas said:   7 years ago
It's according to the Einstein's equation E = mc^2.

G sahu said:   7 years ago
The Life of sun is five billion year.

Praveen said:   7 years ago
So, how long the sun will emit the energy?

How much Hydrogen is present in the sun to make the energy continuously?

Arjun said:   7 years ago
How the sun make itself as heat?

Anwar said:   8 years ago
Sun is itself a energy not a mass. It does not contain matter It is a ball of fire. Sun released energy due to conversion of hydrogen into helium called fusion reaction. Thus in case of sun there is not conversion of mass into energy.

Srinivas said:   8 years ago
Because it is a renewable energy source.

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