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Which of the following is used in pencils?
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Ishmael Chikeya said:   5 years ago
Graphite form of carbon that is solid at RTP.

Rekha said:   5 years ago
Graphite is mixed with clay and called pencil lead.

Antarjyami behera said:   5 years ago
Why Graphite is used in pencil?

Seyi david said:   6 years ago
Graphite is non metallic substance which is black in colour though it's a good conductor of electricity, pencil and graphite have d same characteristic, their colour and ability to conduct electricity.

Krishna gupta said:   6 years ago
Graphite is used in pencil.

Rudra Patel said:   6 years ago
The graphite can easily cut an ice in half without giving any push and the tip so pencil can also do that without giving push. Try it with a pencil.

Sakura said:   6 years ago
Graphite is a mixture of different gasses so that we can write smoothly.

Gopi said:   6 years ago
Graphite is a combination of clay and carbon.

Agyare Isaac said:   6 years ago
Graphite is used in making pencils because it is soft.

Rana Sabtain said:   6 years ago
As pencil is slippery in touch and the graphite is also slippery in touch. Also, pencil is black in colour as graphite is.

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