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Which of the following is used in pencils?
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Akash Patel said:   1 decade ago
As pencil is slippery in touch and the graphite is also slippery in touch. Also pencil is black in color as graphite is.

Yashasvi said:   1 decade ago
People beleive that mankind in stone age used agraphite stone to write on mud so scientist even tried to do same so pencils were created.

Shanti lal sharma said:   1 decade ago
Graphite is used in pencil

Patel dhaval a said:   1 decade ago
Graphite is very soft to easy sharp and very easy write on paper and its smothly removable.

Aarthi said:   1 decade ago
GRAPHITE is black colour and it is soft and sharp. It is one of carbon. So pencil writes black.

Tin said:   1 decade ago
Of couse graphite is used in making pencil leads but you know that graphite is a soft non metal and gets powdered easily in hand. So in order to make it hard its mixed with a substance. I don't exactly know the substance's name. If any one knows it please post it here as graphite is lustrous so to be used!

Khushbu machiwal said:   1 decade ago
Because graphite is soft & smooth like a pencile.

Khushbu machiwal said:   1 decade ago
Because graphite is soft & smooth like a pencile.

Sonam Singh said:   1 decade ago
Nib of the pencil is of graphite the main part of the pencil by which we write it's a soft non metal and easily removable as well.

Aboothar said:   1 decade ago
Graphit is a non metal.

It is a good conductor.

If a pencil point touch the electirc current.

It we give a spark & chocking smell.

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