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National Institute of Nutrition is located in which of the following place?

[A]. Bangalore
[B]. Kerala
[C]. Gandhinagar
[D]. Hyderabad

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Tasneem Bhaisaheb said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
Nutrition means?

Harry said: (Oct 12, 2012)  
Food and health. The food you eat and the benefits you get out of it or how harmful it is for your body.

Madhavi said: (Dec 5, 2013)  
This NIN is located at tarnaka.

Raju said: (Feb 15, 2014)  
The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) is an Indian Public health, Biotechnology and Translational research center located in Hyderabad, India. The institute is one of the oldest research centers in India, and the largest center.

Mani said: (Feb 9, 2017)  
Where is Tarnaka? @Madhavi.

Lesponi Pradhan said: (Jun 28, 2017)  
Option D is correct answer. I agree.

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