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Plants absorb most part of water needed by them through their
embryonic zone
growing point
root hairs
zone of elongation
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Sindhuja.m said:   1 decade ago
Does root hairs contains pores to absorb water?

Kanhaiya said:   1 decade ago
Yes, and root contain xylem which transport water from root to different part of plant. Root hair help to absorb water from soil.

Vasan said:   1 decade ago
Yes root very impartant of plant parts which transport water from the root to various part.

Bhavana said:   1 decade ago
Root is base of a plant. So it absorb most part of water needed naa. Is it right.

Avinsh said:   1 decade ago
Yes they contain pores and root hairs consists of vascular tissues so root hairs so they conduct water from soil.

R.Pavani reddy said:   1 decade ago
Root hairs are important to plants they absorb water and nutrients through the root hairs.

B.Jayasree said:   1 decade ago
Root hairs have pores and vascular tissues and they are elongated in the soil and absorb soil.

Vaishu said:   1 decade ago
In general, root hairs are made up of cellulose and cellulose is hydrophilic in nature. Hydrophilic means a compound which has attraction of water. So root hair absorb water.

Nitish singh said:   1 decade ago
What is embryonic zone?

Sin said:   9 years ago
Root hairs are primary site for absorption.

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