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One of the following is not a function of bones.
Place for muscle attachment
Protection of vital organs
Secretion of hormones for calcium regulation in blood and bones
Production of blood corpuscles
Answer: Option
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Madhu said:   4 years ago
It will be B.

Because main function of bones are to protect vital organs.

Omotayo iyanuoluwa said:   5 years ago
Bones does not secrete hormones because they are not endocrine glands.

Sangeeth Simon said:   6 years ago
The regulation of calcium is done by hormone namely calcitonin secreted from the thyroid gland and parathormone from parathyroid gland. In which calcitonin reduces the calcium level in the blood whereas parathormone increases the calcium level. Due to the deficiency of parathormone, disease Tetany occurs.

So, bones have no significance in the regulation of calcium level in our body.

Anveshita said:   6 years ago
Will you please explain this question to me?

Jaibhagwan said:   6 years ago
Thanks for the given information.

Sri rupa said:   6 years ago
Generally hormones released from endocrine glands so option C is correct.

Girdharimeghwani said:   7 years ago
Very good description. Thank you all.

Vipin said:   8 years ago
Because bones provide protection to vital organs as well as muscles are attached to bones. Also, bone consists of bone marrow tissue where RBC formed.

So option A, B, D are correct so only option left which is incorrect is C.

Love chala pyar said:   8 years ago
Secreting hormone is not a function of bones rather than it is a function of different body glands.

SAMIRON said:   8 years ago
Hormone release from any gland as external/internal/mixed.

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