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Most highly intelligent mammals are
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Tanvir Kaur said:   3 months ago
Option B is correct.

Shaswata said:   3 years ago
I think the descending order of intelligence of mammals Will be:-.

1) Human.
2) Chimpanzees (as they use tools like a human).
3) Dolphins.

Tani said:   5 years ago
Some of the most amazing thing about a dolphin in order to prove it's intelligence are that sense of their empathy-altruism and attachment. The habit of helping injured individuals as evidence by many accounts of a dolphin carrying humans to the surface to breathe. And like human dolphins mourn over their dead.

Noureen said:   5 years ago
Dolphins not only have intelligence but also gives love to any animal or human compared to any other animals. Not even human gives that much love.

Mohit Sharma said:   6 years ago
Dolphines have their own natural sonar which highly advance sonar as compare to any man made sonar. One thing more dolphin uses 20% of their cerebral capacity even human being uses approx 15 % of their cerebral capacity.

Pappu said:   6 years ago
Why dolphin has high intelligent power as compare to whale and elephant?

Mahesh said:   7 years ago
Yes after human, dolphin has high intelligence, that's why they have a role in AJOOBA.

Gunjan said:   7 years ago
Dolphins are the intelligent mammals but the most important intelligent mammals are humans with more advancement of mammalian group.

Vishav said:   7 years ago
Yes, dolphins has more power of brain than other animals.

Megha said:   7 years ago
I think dolphins are the intelligent one, as compare to others because they survive their life from under the water.

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