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India played its first cricket Test Match in
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Lolly said:   1 decade ago
Although cricket was introduced to India by European merchant sailors in the 18th-century and the first cricket club in India was established in Calcutta in 1792, India's national cricket team did not play their first Test match until 25 June 1932 at Lord's. They became the sixth team to be granted Test cricket status.

In 1911, an Indian team went on their first official tour of England, but only played English county teams and not the English cricket team. India was invited into The Imperial Cricket Council in 1926 and made its debut as a Test-cricket-playing-nation in 1932 led by CK Nayudu. The match was given Test status despite being only 3 days in length. The team was not strong in its batting at this point and went on to lose by 158 runs. The Indian team continued to improve throughout the 1930s and '40s but did not achieve an international victory during this period.

Gopi said:   1 decade ago
What are the 5 nations?

DKMahana said:   1 decade ago
England, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, South Africa

Asgahr said:   1 decade ago
When Pakistan played its first cricket test match and against to which team?

Iliya ahmed blh said:   1 decade ago
India play first match against England in 1932.

Sangram said:   1 decade ago
Who was the captain in the 1st test match?

Ishu said:   1 decade ago
First captain of a test match C. K Nayudu in 1932 to Indian captain opposition England.

Manaj said:   1 decade ago
Who was the captain of the Indian cricket team which won its first test match?

FAIZAN HASSAN said:   1 decade ago
Who is the first captain of Pakistani team?

Nikhil said:   10 years ago
Who was the first player who played first ball in cricket?

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