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India played its first cricket Test Match in
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Debashis Das said:   4 years ago
India played first test 1932 vs England, Lords.
First ODI 1974 vs England, Headingley.
First captain C.K. Naidu.

Paresh das said:   6 years ago
Where was first ODI played?

Raziq said:   7 years ago
Why did all cricket players wear white dress during test match?

Meher said:   7 years ago
First ODI AUS VS ENG 1971.

IND First ODI 1974 against England.

Ranjan mohanty said:   8 years ago
When India played one day match?

Safeer said:   9 years ago
When Pakistan beginning of the 1st international match?

Shubham Singhania said:   9 years ago
Who were the two players who did not play in the Indian team in 1932?

Nikhil said:   10 years ago
Who was the first player who played first ball in cricket?

FAIZAN HASSAN said:   1 decade ago
Who is the first captain of Pakistani team?

Manaj said:   1 decade ago
Who was the captain of the Indian cricket team which won its first test match?

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