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How much districts are there in Punjab?
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Avirupgoswami said:   1 year ago
In this, the application of 'much' has been done after a countable noun.

But, the adjective 'much' is only applicable to an uncountable noun.

Please correct me, if I am wrong Thanks.

Sunny said:   2 years ago
The 23rd district is Malerkotla announced on 14 May 2021.

Sajan kumar said:   2 years ago
Now 23 districts in Punjab from14 May 2021.

The District name Malerkotla is cut off from Sangrur.

Aakash Khatana said:   3 years ago
Yes, it's 23 districts.

Raman said:   3 years ago
23 districts is the right answer.

Anushka said:   6 years ago
Thank you all for giving an information.

K.Teja phani krishna said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Sanjeev.

Faisal rehman said:   6 years ago
Thanks @Sanjeev.

Jp Gupta said:   7 years ago
Thank you.

Rohit said:   7 years ago
Thanks @Sanjeev.

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