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The drop hammer H has a weight of 900 lb and falls from rest. H has a weight of 900 lb and falls from rest h = 3 ft onto a forged anvil plate P that has a weight of 500 lb. The plate is mounted on a set of springs which have a combined stiffness of kT = 500 lb/ft. Determine (a) the velocity of P and H just after collision and (b) the maximum compression in the springs caused by the impact. The coefficient of restitution between the hammer and the plate is e = 0.6. Neglect friction along the vertical guide posts A and B.

[A]. vH2 = 3.97 ft/s, vP2 = 17.87 ft/s, x = 4.15 ft
[B]. vH2 = 8.94 ft/s, vP2 = 8.94 ft/s, x = 2.57 ft
[C]. vH2 = 5.96 ft/s, vP2 = 14.30 ft/s, x = 3.52 ft
[D]. vH2 = 20.8 ft/s, vP2 = 12.51 ft/s, x = 3.20 ft

Answer: Option C


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